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 Issue 56  (April 2007) 

The End of Spurs fanzines; The Game That Changed A Season and Craven Haven (Fulham away FA Cup); The Final Nail - Right at the Death (West Ham away); Modern Football Is (Almost Always) Rubbish; A Spurs Fan's View - From 1962; Orange-Boom ... the Future's Bright; 41 years Old and Still Complaining; Come Back All Is Forgiven (lost fans); The Spurs Family; The Game That Saved THFC (Portsmouth away FA Cup 1991); It Started With A Drift (the MEHSTG history); Parting of the Ways (the Double team); When Saturday Comes (fewer Saturday kick offs); Everton

Issue 55  (March 2005) 


Issue 54  (March 2005) 


  Issue 53  (March 2005) 


Issue 52  (March 2005) 


Issue 51  (March 2005) 


Issue 50  (April 2006) 

Jimmy Holmes; Going For The Young (Spurs' young choices); Striker Poser; Tottenham's Tottenham's Number One (Spurs keepers); The Future of Fanzines; The House That Spurs Built; Greatest Ever THFC Foreign XI; Just Champion (Reserves take title); Obsession; Genius of just Jenas ??;  No Way Jose (Boring Chelsea); Review - Tottenham Hotspur - A History in Fifty Classic Matches;  Never Mind The Quality, Look at the Points; It Was Part of My Education (early 1950s)

  Issue 49  (February 2006) 

Worst Ever Spurs XI; Staying At The Lane; Reality Check; Review - Tottenham Hotspur's Greatest FA Cup goals; Larry, Rupert and Meelan (South Coast soaps); A-Z of 2005; What A Fox Hunt and Where Did It All Go Wrong (Leicester away FA Cup); Points In The Bag; Smack My Badge Up (Spurs new logo); Christian Gross back at WHL ?? ; Review - Double Bill; Old MEHSTG's Almanac; Out the Window (transfer movements); I'm Feeling Blue not Mellow Yellow (winnings kits)

 Issue 48  (December 2005) 

Review - White Hart Lane Legends; Michael Carrick; Progressive Football; Spurs at the World Cup; Can Spurs Stop History Repeating Itself ? (reasons to be cheerful); Unsung Heroes; A Premiership Panto; Blue Is The Colour ... Again (new kits); Martin Peters; Torn (fans and expansion); A Loan Voice (Spurs on loan); Aaron Lennon; Not Top Men (Hated Prem XI); Long Time Coming (Spurs progress); Changing Rooms (Highbury redevelopment);

Issue 47  (November 2005) 

Giving Him the Elbow (Campbell on Tainio); Stuck In (From) The Middle (creating goals); Jimmy Holmes; Martin Jol - One Year On; Review - Blokes With Balls; When Two Forwards Clash - Defoe v Owen; Think Of The Future; Ledley King; Spurs video game systems; Arsenal away (League); Comings and Goings; Tony Galvin/Andy Reid

Issue 46  (September 2005) 

ins and outs (transfers); The Premier League and Britpop; Jermaine Jenas; Spurs playing families; Steve Sedgley; Holy Comolli; Rob Styles; Midfield Congestion; Review - Tottenham Hotspur Rough Guide 11s; Kappa Kit and Kaboodle; Fredi Kanoute; Chris Jones; Start to the season; How To Beat Chelsea; Finance in Football

Issue 45  (August 2005) 

Prem Preview Plus; Edgar Davids;  Spurs 2 (a second XI); Ledley King; Fair Play; Review - Mr. Tottenham Hotspur; Sweet and Sour FA (Arnesen); Jamie Redknapp; Missing the Boat (players avoid Mauritius trip); Thimothee Atouba; The New Season; John Pratt; Look Who's Here (new signings)

Issue 44  (March 2005) 

Paul Robinson interview; The World Game (links abroad); Noe Pamarot; The Joy of Spurs; Terry Venables; Striker Heaven (forwards at Spurs since Hoddle left); Pretty Flaming Awful (PFA); David Howells; Pick From Any Four (Champions League and England selection);  Up For the Cup (Spurs A Cup Team ?); Ron Burgess obituary; Nottingham Forest home FA Cup:

Issue 43  (February 2005) 

January signings; When The Magic Died (1986-1992); Mendes' "goal" at Old Trafford; Steve Hodge; A Chance to win back the Popular Support; Little Tottenham; Toon Faced (How the Craig Bellamy affair couldn't happen here); The Demise of Tony Adams; Player's wages; Kasey Keller; Why Are Spurs So Bad At London Derbies; Honour Amongst Thieves (Spurs robbed of decisions); Rangers & Celtic in Premier League - No thanks.

Issue 42  (December 2004)

Bill Brown tribute; Jimmy Neighbour, Little Tottenham; Life With Brian (an optimistic Spurs fan); Alan Mullery; Injuries; Management Styles; What If ... David Pleat had not been sacked as manager in 1987; Spurs comparison to Man City and Everton; Kissing the Shirt; A French Farce ? - a dramatic rendering of Santini's departure; Keith Weller tribute; Jol's new Spurs style; Gordon Smith; David Sullivan's threat to take over at Spurs.

Issue 41  (August 2004)    

Bill Nicholson tributes; Martin Jol interview; Where Are They Now ? - Peter Collins; The latest Transition; Eddie Baily; Remembering Tottenham's History; THFC's popularity in Brazil; Ledley King; The Renaming of the Arsenal Stadium Mystery; Ally Dick; Santini leaves; Too Many Minute's Silences; Keeping Up With The Neighbours. 

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Issue 40  (August 2004) 

The importance of Pace; Stephen Carr; the new management set-up; 1986/87 all over again; Atouba; More new arrivals; Johnny Wallis; Northern Spurs; Brazilian defending; Ronnie Rosenthal; Names on shirts; Rooney v Defoe; England's Spurs; Gary Doherty; The effect of Temporary Managers; Jacques Santini

Issue 39  (August 2004) 

Euro 2004 review; The Worth of Contracts; Helder Postiga; New arrivals and those departing; Review of "We Are Tottenham" (book); Gordon Durie; New management staff; Cecil Poynton; Fans playing at White Hart Lane; Open training day at WHL; Masters Cup 2004; Gary Doherty; 

Issue 38  (April 2004) 

InterToto, Willie Young; Booing; Defoe/Zamora; Following Spurs in Norway; Ricky Villa; "Big" Clubs; The Winter break debate; Benfica (home) 1962; Bad Boys; Who will warm the hot seat ?

Issue 37  (February 2004)  

Managerial candidates; The Red Planet; Spurs Shares; Benfica (away) 1962; Nayim; Save the Fox (in the Box); Anthony Gardner; Optimistic outlook; Money, Money, Money; The 2 year plan; This is Tottenham's Year (for relegation); Why do they always score against us ? 

 Issue 36  (December 2003) 

Espen Baardsen; Pleat's Reign; Premier League Fixture List use banned; Serie B's Yo-yo clubs; Clear the Decks (players to leave in transfer window); Ledley King; AGM 2003; More songs; David Howells; What players do after football

 Issue 35  (November 2003) 

Supporting Spurs, not slagging Arsenal; A Review of Hoddle's management style; John Duncan; Spurs songs; The Pleat/Hoddle relationship; Ralph Coates; Spurs In Europe - Dukla Prague 1962; The Numbers Game - shirt numbering through the years; Life Replicating Art (Sky TV's Dream Team); Ian Duncan Smith -  the man to lead Spurs into a new era ?;  Darren Anderton; What if ... Arsenal were still Woolwich Arsenal ?; Young players misbehaving.

 Issue 34  (October 2003) 

Hoddle's departure; Press involvement in Hoddle's sacking; Stephane Dalmat; The opening of the West Stand 1982; Walter Tull; Who will be the next Spurs manager ? ; Football aids examined; Bleeding football fans dry; Spurs in Europe - Feyenoord 1961/2; Venables//Sugar revisited; Nico Claesen; Christian Gross; The Arsenal Deck of Cards; The Paxton Road end; Stephen Carr's leaving; Coleraine away 1982.

 Issue 33  (August 2003) 

Garry Brooke; Etherington's parting shots; Why I Hate .. .Sam Allardyce; New arrivals and departures; Pat Jennings meets the Cork Spurs Supporters Club); Paolo Tramezzani's current whereabouts; Board to sell up ?; Spurs pessimistic fans; Spurs on "The Big Match"; For and Against Kanoute; Premier League preview; Tottenham's Lost Identity; Spurs in Europe - Gornik (1961);

   Issue 32  (April 2003) 
Klinsmann; Out Came the Leather Boots (Memories of an ex-Spur); Sack Hoddle; Home ground (move ??); Slabba; Worst Time to be a Spurs fan ?; John Lacy; Fantasy Sponsors; Divers; MEHSTG's relegation predictions; Hoddle as manager - Still The King of White Hart Lane ?; Transfer window inaction; Amortisation; Micky Hazard.

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Issue 31  (February 2003)   
Steffen Freund; Transfer targets; Tic Tac Tactics; Following Spurs from Australia; Paolo Tramezzani; Football phone-in talk shows; Late night Spurs on TV; Singing with the Enemy (One year on); Allan Nielsen; Ground development/move; North London football; Terry Naylor.

 Issue 30  (December 2002) 
Fixture mix-up; Ian Moores; Mike England; Reserves latest; Hoddle and the Press; The A-Z of Spurs 2002; Eintracht Frankfurt (away - 1982); Stamping; Simon Davies; You Are The Ref; Archibald & Crooks; Moussa Saib; Bad weather watching; In the Bond Age; All Out of Luck.

Issue 29  (November 2002)    Opta Stats; Oh, Mr. Songwriter (Crowd songs); Venables - Messiah or Pariah ?; Hoddle's media manipulation; John Chiedozie; Impossible comebacks; Crossing the ball; Arsene Wenger - The Seer; Hoddle - Faith, Blind faith or True belief; Cyril Knowles; Academy and new ground; The Spurpranos; Doing a Bosman.

 Issue 28  (September 2002)  
David Pleat; Shares; Film 2002; David Jenkins; How Football Used to be; Autobiographies; Webcasts; Ossie Ardiles; Daniel Levy's Kung Fu adventure; The Transfer window; Oyvind Leonhardsen; Topping the table; Robbie Keane; What a Myth - Part 2; Tony Marchi.


 Issue 27  (August 2002) 
MEHSTG's Premier Predictions; Soccer's "Weakest Link" show; Fantasy Spurs Player sponsorship; Spurs' Bad Press; Dave Mackay; Spurs - A Big Club ?; Offside decisions;  Winter Break; Benfica - 40 years on; What a Myth (mythical footballers); Spurs XI away at Billericay; Transfer inactivity; Gica Popescu; You Are Da Boss; Spurs on Animal Farm; Chris Armstrong.

 Issue 26  (April 2002)
League Cups past; The Unluckiest Team Ever ?; Booze Hounds; Knight Bill Nick; Fool-Backs; Joe Kinnear; Draw Fix ?; Why We Hate Graeme Le Saux; World Cup 2002 Guide; Youth Cup; Lowest of the (Rupert) Lowe; How the New Arsenal ground might look; John Duncan; Monsters Inc (Big clubs cash crisis); Why We Hate Crying fans.


 Issue 25  (January 2002)  
Weakened teams; Why I Hate Referees; Les Allen; Striking Differences; Match Commentators; Singing with the Enemy; Quotes; Port Vale (away 1988); An Evening With Jimmy Greaves; Football & music; Pride & prejudice (Bowyer and Woodgate).

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Issue 24  (December 2001)   
Nicola Berti - Party Man; S.Cumball reaction; You know you are Rupert Lowe when ... ; Member, Season Ticket holder or Non-Member - the debate; Phil Beal; 2 Much 2 Young (young players); Spurs' penalty history; Under-17 latest; Paul Stewart; Why I Hate The Champions League; "It's Only A Game" ... No !! It's Not !!; Team Spirit; Dennis Bond; History Repeating (FA Cup ties).


Issue 23  (November 2001)  
Boo Who ?? (Freund's backlash); Injury curse; Peter Baker;  Youth Development; Soccer coaching courses; Steve Archibald; Under-19 latest; Steffen Freund; The Case for the Defence (Dean Richards); Man. United (home 31.1.1968); Steve Sedgley; Tickets - Ordering and touting; Willem Korsten's retirement; Frank Saul.

Issue 22  (September 2001)  
Why We Hate - TV Football Adverts; Three Lions and a Little Cockerel; Surveys; John White; Spurs fans on TV Quiz show; FA Cup Semi-final v Forest 1967; Spurs fans' songs; Will Spurs Pick The Lock (new ground); Fiorentina (Bill Nicholson's Testimonial); I'm Fed Up With Waiting; Jimmy Robertson. 


Issue 21  (August 2001) 
The Leaving of S.Cumball ; That's Stats - Premier Lives; Alan Gilzean; Anderton's Contract conditions; Spurs shirts through the years; Bible Class - Spurs a Religion ??; Pre-season friendlies; S. Cumball Railways timetable; Arsenal's intervention with Spurs;  Wyart Lane's Premiership 2001-02 preview; Worthless contracts; Scum Wars - Episode Five - A New Hope; New squad - new season. 

Issue 20  (April 2001) 
Graham Roberts; That's Stats - Goal Statistics (Part Two); By George, He's Gone !; My Darkest Secret (a supporter confesses); George Graham's Guide to Success; Transfer Deadline Day; Spurs on the Net; A good squad or a God squad ? (quality); Ronnie Henry; Management School (former Spurs who went on to be bosses); Panel Game (new FA innovations); Seeing Red;  Glenn Hoddle - Player, Manager; Dirty Laundry; George Graham - What did he ever do for us ?  

Issue 19  (February 2001)  
Wembley and Picketts Lock; Young Spurs; Gudni Bersson; Spending policy;  Tottenham Supporters Trust; Lost Boys (Youth players past); Knight Bill Nick; Injury and video evidence; Arsene Embarrassed; ENIC; League sponsorship; Sugar Night on TV; Terry Dyson; Reserve update; What the Hell is Going on at Tottenham Hotspur ?; The Chelsea Whine List; Who is THE RAT ??


Issue 18  (January 2001) 
Big Club or Sleeping Giant;  FA Youth Cup 3rd Round; Jose Dominguez; AGM 2000; Derby Matches; Dome Roamin' (from Greenwich to Tottenham);  Transitional seasons; 1901 FA Cup Final; Fan's Forum; Alfie Conn; State of the Game (Part 2); Bill Brown. 

Issue 17  (November 2000) 
Player power; Reserve report; Eddie Baily; A Spoonful of Saccharine; 1985-86 season; Doing it in style; Footballers in the Olympics; Spurs 93 FA Cup Semi-final mascot; Graham's tenure so far; Conspiracy theories; Nicola Berti; State of the Game (Part 1);  Superstition; Spending money; Spurs on Match of the Day; What sort of players we need.

Issue 16  (September 2000)  
Tony Galvin; THFC Football in the Community; Anderton and Sol - will they go ?; English football - Simply the Best ?; Ruel Fox; Spurs Hall of Fame; The Ballad of Willie K(orsten); GG - splits the fans; Arsenal players contract; Ray Clemence; Moaners; Pires - "Games too tough";  Maurice Norman; Nasty Premier players; Worst Tottenham XI; Betting on the year ending in '1'. 

Issue 15  (August 2000) 
Why we hate - England; Mark Falco; Wyart Lane's Guide to the Premier League 2000/1; Transfer fees; Mark Falco; Best and Worst; Goon Squad; Poll Results; Fans hit back; Bobby Smith; Sergei Rebrov; Spurs Handbook 1950-51; Player's summertime; GG - How's he doing ?


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