Division One Runners-up 1992-93
Division Two Champions 1957-58, 1980-81
Division Two Runners-up 1922-23, 1990-91
FA Cup Winners 1964, 1975, 1980
FA Cup Finalists 1923, 2006
League Cup Finalists 1966, 1981
European Cup Winners  Winners 1965
European Cup Winners Cup Finalists 1976
FA Charity Shield Winners 1964 (shared)



Syd KING 1903-1932
Charlie PAYNTER 1932-1950
Ted FENTON 1950-1961
Ron GREENWOOD 1961-1974
John LYALL 1974-1989
Lou MACARI 1989-1990
Billy BONDS February 1990 - August 1994
Harry REDKNAPP August 1994 - May 2001
Glenn ROEDER June 2001- April 2003
Trevor BROOKING April 2003 - July 2003
Glenn ROEDER July 2003 - August 2003
Trevor BROOKING July 2003 - October 2003 
Alan PARDEW October 2003 - 11 December 2006
?? December 2006 -


League Record

The Division Three South and North leagues were abolished at the end of the 1957-58 season
and Division Three and Four formed from them for the 1958-59 season.
The Original First Division became the Premier League in 1994-95 with the Second Division
 becoming the First Division, the Second Division becoming the First Division, the Third
Division the Second Division and the Fourth Division the Third Division.
The First Division was renamed The Championship from the 2004-05 season,
with the Second Division becoming League One and the Third Division renamed
League Two.

Elected to Division Two 1919
Division Two 1919-1923
Division One 1923-1932
Division Two 1932-1958
Division One 1958-1978
Division Two 1978-1981
Division One 1981-1989
Division Two 1989-1991
Division One 1991-1993
Premier League 1993-2003
Division One 2003-2004
The Championship 2004-2005
Premier League 2005-


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