MEHSTG Vol. 2 - Issue 31  -  February 2003

There are often claims that there is only team in North London.  Tottenham I mean.  So, is this just a vain belief or is there some justification to the song ?

Well, Barnet are there, but being non-league now, they can hardly challenge for the title against Spurs.  Enfield Ö who knows where they will have their next home ground ?  Enfield Town might has some claim to be a North London side, but having had to start near the bottom of the non-league ladder, they are even lower down than Barnet.

As anyone knows, Arsenal cannot hold North London as their home. As they originated in South London in Woolwich, they are not from North of the river and the sooner they disappear back to where they came from the better.  Moving 700 yards nearer their spiritual home is not enough by a long chalk.

So, where do our main rivals for one club in North London come from ?  We can rule out a lot of London clubs straight away.  Millwall hail from South London, Crystal Palace are based in Surrey, as are Wimbledon before they move to Milton Keynes, that is.  Charlton would naturally be local rivals for Arsenal in the SE postcode area.  Chelsea and Fulham canít be considered as being classed as North London, even though they are based on the right side of the river.  Both have SW in their postcodes and that stands for South-West.  Fulham have moved even further west, after moving in with QPR, who have Brentford as their big rivals, just along the Westway and down the A40.

That leaves some of the clubs who are across Hackney Marshes from White Hart Lane.  Leyton Orient are really out in the Far East of London and their true rivals are West Ham United, who are out to the North of them.  However, neither have an N in their postcode, which means that they can battle out for the title of Kings of the East, without troubling Tottenham for a place in the North.

So, it looks to me like Spurs have the North of London to themselves as far as League football is concerned.  However, should we have to play against Barnet and the Enfield sides for the title, you never know what might happen !

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