A long time ago, there was a young chap who was the envy of many others.  His footballing talent was admired by many and scouts followed him everywhere.

Then one day, a talent spotter came to his house from Arsenal and promised all sorts of inducements should the parents put the boy into their safe hands.

Well, they relented as they thought this was a good chance for their son to break away and make a life of his own.  Oh, how his father would have beaten his chest in anger if he had known what was to become of his boy.

So, off he went to Highbury, where they carried out the most elaborate tests on him and tried out new scientific methods until they achieved some success after a long period being potless.

He did manage to escape to Everton and Aston Villa, but the call of the wild drew him back to Highbury.

This is a story of science being used for the club's own ends and of  genetic mutation on a man who now bears the scars of what he has been moulded into.

MEHSTG says that nobody should have to go through this scheme of DNA dabbling and that is why we are starting up the campaign to SAVE CHIMP.  Whatever happens, DON'T LET ARSENAL WIN !!

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