Letters August to September 2001


Surely Mr. Hoddle can now see the folly of letting Luke Young go.  To contemplate paying 7.5M for at 27 year old, cumbersome and slow, central defender from SCBC having released a Young England defender for a mere  4 million is sheer madness.  What can Hod be thinking about?  Where is the future Sol Cumball  ??  Certainly not Dean Richards.

Where is Anthony Gardner?  Is he fit and if so why is he not given a chance? He could save the club money that could be spent on a much needed replacement for Freund.  Will the club ever again challenge for honours - not with the kind of transfer business Hod is currently bent on.   

Regards  Tony Pawson

Ed : - Gardner is still recovering from his injury in the last game of last season against Manchester United, when he twisted his knee.  He is on the comeback trail, but I think Hoddle might be easing him in gently rather than burn him out at a young age.

As for Young, we heard that towards the end of last season (around April time) that he Hoddle had told Luke to find himself a new club, as he didn't have a future at Spurs.  It is a shame as he would have been a very useful squad player (although not a direct replacement for S.Cumball), although I doubt if Hoddle feels that he would have fitted into his system of play.  The whole point of the matter is that this has cost the club a lot of money, one way or another.  Is it money that the club has or can afford ??


Bearing in mind the cavalier way many historical video records have been discarded - early Steptoe, Hancock etc. Do we know if any of the early Spurs games covered in match of the Day etc. from the sixties on, still exist in vaults somewhere? Would it be possible for us to at least get copies of these - even if copyright is a problem for posting them on a board right now I believe owning an archive copy is not a problem. Do we have contacts at BBC or ITV companies or info where old videos might be stored to get as complete an archive of Spurs games possible.



Ed : - I know for a fact that the BBC are going through a process of burning CD versions of their old video tapes and that the old Match of the Day programmes are on their list.  Therefore, there must be a whole host of Spurs matches there.  The "Football in the Seventies" series they did a while ago showed that they have loads of footage that they could sell to fans in the form of videos.  As for ITV, all the old "Big Match" tapes could be going through the same procedure and the memories of Brian Moore (God Rest his soul) screaming over the visions of sun streaming onto the boys in white beating a hapless team from the lower reach of the First Division still linger.  So what about it Spurs ??  Approach the TV companies and make our treasured memories become something more solid.

Dear Wyart,
A few quick concise points which have probably already been expressed by other MEHSTG readers.
1)    Dean Richards; OK, so we don't really want to give South Coast Big Club much money, but if we paid the sort of 6-8million it would probably take, they'd be worse off and we'd be better off in the long run. He's the only decent defender in the Premiership that seems to be available, so let's make sure we get him.
2)    We need a striker. Four league games now this season and none of our strikers have scored. The only reason we beat South Coast Big Club is that we had midfielders who could hit the target, but that's not really enough. We need a 30-goal striker from somewhere. The likes of Shevchenko are being bandied about, but realistically we're not going to get players of that calibre until we get in the Champions League and we're going to have to score goals to do that. Someone like Robbie Fowler would be perfect, if we can get him, to link up with Teddy, but failing that Hoddle has a reputation for spotting players (Beattie in particular last season springs to mind).  He needs to find another class forward. And if Rebrov can't get into a forward line that hasn't scored in four, it'd probably be worth flogging him.
3) Knight Bill Nick and save Dave Mackay's medals. Nuff said. 
4) Be confident Spurs fans. It's still early doors, and Hoddle is Hoddle, and ENIC must be given a decent chance. It will come right, and sooner rather than later. I predict we'll be in Europe one way or another next season and in the Champions League in 3-5 years.
Phil Drummond, Dorset

Ed : -  I assume (and it's dangerous to assume) that Rebrov didn't play against SCBC as he was on a hiding to nothing against Richards, as he was twice last season.  Not sure where that leaves him though, with Armo and Iversen both out injured.  A poacher should be top of our list rather than a centre half, as goalscorers win matches and our defence doesn't look too bad generally.  Not sure that the money being touted for Richards couldn't be better spent on other players from somewhere else other than the Premiership.  All right, it might be a bit of a risk bringing in a foreign player, but Hoddle hasn't done too bad with Bunji, who looks class.

Agree on Point 3, but on 4, I will give Hoddle time, but ENIC are playing a dangerous game with the fans.  Coming on strong on one hand, but doing what they want on the other without seeming to care about the supporters.


Your article about The Kids sounds as if things have improved for children playing football but I would suggest that a lot of talent will be missed for the following reasons:-
1. Several children I know have given up playing football by the time they reach secondary school because they have been discarded and scarred by amateur parent coaches.
2.  Some children have a natural talent for football whereas others will listen, learn and implement whatever they are taught.
3. Potentially able children do not have access to the required level of coaching which will help them step up from community level to academy level. They are therefore disadvantaged and unable to compete. 
4. Football in the community courses are not cheap, they are few and far between and of varying standards.
Your article implies that persistence and determination should prevail if you are not chosen to attend an academy or if you are rejected from an academy. This is not as easy as it sounds e.g. some children do not play again after leaving an academy.
If a child is to try to stay in the game they are mostly reliant  on parents who have to taxi them around to football practice and matches; listen to their woes about the game - which tend to dominate the atmosphere of the house for the weekend and; pick them up and brush them down and help them to move on when they realise that their dream may be  slipping away.
There is no doubt that if a child gets this far then they become extremely tough mentally, quite ruthless and find it difficult to trust and remain loyal to managers and clubs, because this is what they have learnt from adults from an very young age. And before you say it - yes this experience will stand them in good stead as adults but it still doesn't justify the fact that children are disillusioned at too early an age and for no good reason. 


Ed : - Micky wrote the article you refer to and as a parent of kids going through the system, he probably has a good viewpoint to comment from, but his kids have an advantage in having a famous footballer Dad.  You are right that the lack of quality coaching and the pressure on kids from a very young age ends up leaving them disillusioned or burnt out, but it's like everything else in this world ... you get out what you put in.  The real trick is being able to shape what they put to to get the maximum out of it.

I feel that Spurs could do more in youth development, despite what Mr. Pleat ranted at the Annual General Meeting last season.  We were supposed to have a link up with Ajax a couple of years back and copying their set-up would stand this club in good stead for the future.

Not all youngsters are going to make it.  Some will, some, as you say, might never play again, but what the training should prepare them for, is to enjoy the game at whatever level they can play it.

I read with interest your comments about Anthony Gardner.  You stated that he is not as strong as other centre-halves - I saw him play at Leicester last season and was most impressed with the strength he showed in holding off Akinbiyi  (who may not be skilful, but is certainly a handful).   On top of this, it should be remembered that he is still only a relative youngster.  Aside from this slight difference of opinion, I share your view that he's a cracking prospect.  
Glenn seems to be obsessed with buying a centre-half when we already have King, Doherty, Bunji, Perry and Gardner.   Surely we more urgently need a creative midfielder and a sniffer in the box.  Muzzy Izzet and Marcus Stewart would do me, although it would be nice to have Guardiola and Solskjaer.  
Finally, can I add to the growing disquiet with regard to ENIC.   We're being fobbed off aren't we?   Forget that fact that we wouldn't buy Richards.  Not long ago we were sharing the tag of biggest London club with Arsenal.  Now we've fallen well behind the Arse and Chelsea.  This year may well see us being taken over by Fulham and Charlton.  It's a good job that West Ham keep pressing self-destruct or we'd be slipping even further down the rankings. 
Please, Please Please, will Messrs Levy and Buchler prove us all wrong and spend some bloody money!!
The Dazzler

Ed : - What I meant was that he is slight in build and may have trouble with the centre forwards who are built like brick outhouses.  Having said that I was at Leicester too and he did very well, but did go to sleep on occasion and that will be eradicated with experience.  I also think he will fill out as he gets older and will be a very good buy for Tottenham.

As for ENIC and the lack of money going out of the club, they are saying Hoddle is to blame as they will fund transfers that he wants.  How long this honeymoon period between the two of them remains is to be seen.  The fans will be getting het up if there is no noticeable improvement on the early form and no players being brought in to improve things either.


Right, I have been saying for a number of years now, we seem incapable of getting a manager that can buy.  Only the great Ossie Ardiles was able to get in the players we needed to make Tottenham great, he was cut short by Silus (Sugar) Marner at the last minute, when all we needed was a playmaker and a decent central defender.

Hoddle is a great manager, just look at what he did for Chelsea, where would they be now if it wasn't for him?  So why can't he do it at Spurs?  We don't want to wait 5 years, we want a team that can challenge the Gooners NOW.  What happened to the apparent 30-50 million he had in his kitty, Shevchenko and Seedorf would make great additions to the squad, as would have Stam.  Have ENICs shares dropped and so tightening  purse strings?

Also on to the subject of Dean Richards, a quality player, so why are we faffing around.  Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool wouldn't, the fee is upped they would say fine here you go now give me Richards, but no, same old Spurs haggle, barter and pull out seem to be the buyers motto.  COME ON SPURS SPEND SOME MONEY, SPECULATE TO ACCUMULATE.

You may not think I am a great supporter, but believe me I am. Hoddle, come on, lets get our act together and get a top 6 place this year.  Maybe even make up for the FA cup defeat last year. 


Jason Fairchild

Ed : - Some of the players you mention would not consider coming here without the prospect of European football, but there are class players out there who we could entice if we gave it a go and would pay the fees and wages asked.  I can understand the prudence of those with the club's money in their hands, but as you say a little expenditure now could recoup itself many times over if it means getting into Europe. 

Hi Wyart
The pre season optimism I had regarding Spurs has suddenly vanished.  It's taken just three weeks this season. 

Where is the money?  I've read on a website that David Buchler is about to announce a 20,000,000 loss sometime this month.  The amount ENIC paid for the club. They can't be going to include this as part of THFC's trading figures.  What they paid for the club must be taken from ENIC direct, not from the clubs funds surely.  Have I got the wrong end of the stick or have I read this right?

I don't know where I stand at the moment.  First they sack GG at a terrible time which I've gone into previously.  Then Glenn Hoddle and Jimmy Greaves talk about how they have a better feel for our club than anyone who has owned it for decades.  Suddenly, we're scraping around the lower divisions trying to sign players for 1-2M or Europe's 2nd XI's to get players on free transfers or making ludicrous offers for established players (whether you like Southampton and Dean Richards or not, 4M is an insult in today's market) and it's quite obvious that ENIC have no intention of spending any money.  Yet Ted has stated he wouldn't have come back if he thought the club weren't heading in the right direction.  And what about the story in The Guardian in the summer regarding Shevchenko?  Do ENIC have the power to deceive through the press?  And in the meantime Arsenal and Chelsea are spending 26M  and 32M respectively adding to squads that are already superior to ours
I'm very worried.  Can you enlighten me?

Ed : - I wish I could Jeff, but I'm as bamboozled as you.  ENIC have made lots of big claims and I am awaiting them to make Spurs the flagship of their footballing fleet, but that will take money and big money at that.  Buchler said we would stun the footballing world by making a big big money buy, but that hasn't materialised.  They say the money is thee to spend when Glenn wants it, but this sounds eerily familiar from the previous board about previous managers.  

Nice words and platitudes are easily made.  Making Tottenham successful again is not.  If that money is taken from Spurs then questions certainly need to be asked, especially in view of he money from the new TV deal coming into the game.


Dear Wyart,

I have just read the news posted on White Hot Lines over the weekend regarding Dave Mackay and his medals. I strongly believe that ENIC should do all they possibly can to either ensure that Dave is in a position to keep these medals or bring them to White Hart Lane and display them as a lasting tribute to one of the true Spurs heroes. 

Please ensure that MEHSTG does all it can to guide ENIC in the right direction as I'm positive that you will agree with my sentiments.

This morning I have e-mailed Mr. Levy to offer my opinion and I am encouraging other Yids to do the same. Can MEHSTG instigate a campaign to encourage it's readers and contributors to write to the club to raise it's awareness of the importance of making sure that these medals either remain with Dave or are kept at White Hart Lane.

Yours sincerely
Tony Fletcher

Ed : - Tony, if only MEHSTG had that much sway with the board !!  If only they knew that we existed.  I think it is a matter that could be taken up through the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust to let the board know how we feel and I will certainly be hoping that Dave's medals are preserved in some form or other.  With the campaign to get Bill Nicholson knighted, this should prove that there is some sense of protecting our heritage at White Hart Lane.

Dear Ed,

It gave me great delight to read your comments towards my e-mail. I would just like to point out to some of your other writers that as I'm from Stoke-on-Trent, I get a lot of questions about the former Vale defender Anthony Gardner, who my friend who is a Vale fan thinks could be a ideal replacement for Campbell.  I would be interested to here the views of others on this

                                        Simon Fowlds

Ed : - Gardner looks like a great prospect and hopefully, when he retains fitness, he will get his place back in the side, as I reckon he will be a very good player for Tottenham in the future.  He certainly didn't look out of place when he played at the end of last season and while not physically as strong as other centre-halves, he has the ability to bring the ball out and pass accurately.  What does everyone else reckon to him ??


Dear Wyart
What the hell is going on? 3 games in, 2 points out of 9 and we pull out of a deal for a centre half at 4 million when the manager believes we urgently need one. Are we negotiating or are we going down hill very quickly? I was looking forward to seeing really good football and commitment from Glenn and ENIC. I'm still waiting....and it doesn't make sense. Help!  
Best wishes
(suffering) Martin, Sydney Spurs

Ed : - The money question is not just one of being able to afford players.  I am sure that Spurs did not want to get turned over by SCBC.  They were trying to push up the price to get some money back off Tottenham over the Hoddle departure and if you look at it Stam only cost Lazio 15 million.  I know we are not likely to sign that level of player, but for 10 million, we could probably have the pick of quite a few who would relish the challenge.  Whether or not that sort of money is available to Glenn is a question for Messrs. Buchler and Levy.



I can't help feeling that the fans have been conned by statements put out by the present board re the ambitions for the club. The alleged 4 million offer for Richards was a joke, if they rate him so highly why not offer the market value of the player. It is time for straight talking by Mr. Levy and co. buy us a decent striker and cut out all the flannel.

Ed : - The point that Davy makes is one that has crossed MEHSTG's mind since ENIC took over.  Never trust a company with initials.  Their insistence that they would make some big money signings that would turn a pretty Spurs fan's head have come to nought and now the Richards debacle.  Frankly, I am glad we haven't wasted money on him, as in the first two games, he has cost his side two goals.  If they are talking about 10 million for him, let's get someone decent.  but Davy, you must realise that flannel is an expensive cloth and ENIC must cut it according to their budget (and we all know that doesn't stretch to 20 million, don't we ??).

As a Spurs fan from Stoke on Trent and in the past a shift worker, I was looking forward  to watching Spurs live for the first time in several years.  You can imagine my disappointment at the poor start to our season and apart from Gus Poyet, the new boys have yet to shine.  It is also nice to see Taricco back in the side and performing well.  

As for a certain Mr. Campbell, Spurs are better off without him as he is nothing short of a money grabbing wimp who chose that other team ahead of Europe so he could be near his mummy.

Simon Fowlds

Ed : -  The first few games have not produced the points yield we would have hoped for, but there area number of elements missing from the side.  Carr's absence on the right has made the team a little unbalanced, although Taricco has done well.  The loss of Rebrov and Ferdinand have meant that we are without a recognised goalscorer, as Iversen has been out of sorts.  And the new players have not really fitted in totally.  There are signs that the passing game is coming together, but the need to battle for points must not be forgotten.


I would like to appeal to the Spurs fans who continually chanted Sol " the Gooner" Campbell's name (all be it in a derogatory way) at the Blackburn game.  

Ledley King should be given the  recognition he deserves based on his own merit and ability. He is a better all round player than The Gooner was at the same age. He has composure, speed, strength, reading of the game and ball skills, far in excess of his age. So when we sang "We've got Ledley at the back" with pride as I did at Blackburn, let's leave the Gooner out of it and support our team. All we did is expose our weakness, we feel betrayed and rightly so. No self respecting "Spurs-man" would chose to join the South London nomads; can you imagine Mackay, England, Roberts, Mabbutt or even Vega (we wished) going there. Even Emmanuel Petit realised the disrespect he would have shown, should he have joined us in the summer.

The Blackburn supporters took great delight in singing the Gooners name to taunt us and taunt us they did, so lets let the Gooner go and move on. We have a cracking player in Ledley King and he will more than adequately fill the Gooner's boots.  

Tony Ritson

Paxton Road upper
season ticket holder 

Ed : - There is much to be said for the merits of Ledley.  He has been our outstanding player so far this season an will be for a long time to come.  If we get behind our youngsters it can only do the team good.  As for the other bloke, let him get on with what he is doing until we face him in a match that is.


Get rid of Rebrov, Iversen, Armstrong and Ferdy.  Why, because they can't find the back of the net or they' re injured.  Maybe Sol HAS done the right thing by going.  We need world class goal scorers like Kliuvert, Ronaldo, Batistua, Suker, Rivaldo, Henry, etc, etc or at this rate well be in Div 1 next year.

Stephen Gregoire

Ed : - Stephen's views are a bit early in the season, but do highlight the paucity of depth in our squad.  I think that Rebrov has had a knock in the face, while Les was doing OK for the 12 minutes he played against Villa !!  I agree that we need a poacher style player who will notch 20 odd goals a season (if not more).  As for the player named Rivaldo, Kluivert, Ronaldo, Batistuta and Henry would not come here as we do not have European football, nor would we have the money to buy them.  Suker would come here, but he is nothing more than a mercenary who would not give his all for Spurs as he did not for West ham.



I've been away for a few days.  Caught the highlights of the Everton match the other day.  Apart from obvious comments about the Ref, where was Rebrov.  He wasn't on the bench, and there was no obvious paper comment about his absence.  Have you any news please?

Many thanks

Ed : - Much the same has been asked by nearly everyone.  No official news so far, but it was a shocker to see Sheringham (not fully fit) play alongside Iversen (who's touch was just not there at Goodison).  Let's hope he is back soon and there s nothing more sinister to it.  Perhaps Hod thought he would not prosper against the giant Everton defence ??


Dear mehstg,

I saw the game live against Everton 20.8.001.  I think Iversen is a waste of space - the chances he missed was bad.  Not even on target.  Get rid of him.  Who needs Sol when you've got King, ace player.  King and Doherty best players last night.

Ed : - Your wish about Iversen could come true if SCBC want to take him in part exchange for Dean Richards.  You are right about Ledley and the Doc.  They were outstanding on the night.


Although I am writing this in the full knowledge that what I am writing has been said so many times before, I feel compelled yet again to reiterate it. 

Why do Spurs persist with the mediocre talent of players like Stephen Clemence?  Every home game I sit there with thousands of others despairing at his inadequacies in what should be the powerhouse of the team.

I'm sure Stephen is a lovely lad and this is no slur on his personal character, but the Premiership is not for him.  If we are building a team for the future, then first of all secure your midfield and build around it.  With all the hard work that is going on in other departments of the team why are we using a sewing machine to run a Ferrari.

This lad is an average First Division player who has realised the height of his potential and should now try to understand his limitations, as should Hoddle.  On Saturday against Villa, one of the best talents we have for the midfield sat on the bench twiddling his thumbs. Simon Davies is the future of the club, but he has also proven that he is the present.  He is more than capable of playing with the big boys and oozes confidence and maturity when given the opportunity.  What is it that Hoddle could see at ground level on Saturday that thousands of others couldn't - why did Clemence remain on the pitch? It is very concerning to see the supposedly hugely talented managerial mind of Hoddle, unable to spot that Davies would have made such a difference to that game with his intelligent attacking style.

Rebrov was having a nightmare, Ferdinand was off and Iversen was having another average game.  Where else  was the threat going to come from?

Please, please, please Glenn, do Stephen Clemence a favor and sit him down to tell him he will probably never make the grade at premiership level and certainly not at Spurs.

White Hart Laddie

Ed : - Clem is not one of the favourite players around White Hart Lane, but he has seemed to fit Hod's bill as a player who can pass the ball.  That might only be ten yards, but he can pass the ball to a Spurs shirt.  I agree, he is not the top class ball player we all want to see in the side, but he is left footed and Glenn probably believes that he brings some sort of balance to the side.

I agree about the potential and current ability of Davies and can only think that Hoddle reckons Clemence has more of a defensive nature about his play than Davies.   Perhaps he did not want to risk throwing Simon forward when Villa were coming on strong in the second half.  Just a thought, but then maybe he had other reasons.


I am a part of Spurs fans and I want to decide that Tottenham should buy some youth players in the team.  I can see that Tottenham are using the player who is near 30 or above.  Now Newcastle will put Solano on the sale list, I hope Tottenham will think about him.  If not, Tottenham also can search about others club in Europe including Spain and Italy. I can see that Chelsea and Arsenal is use young player this season and they will play well.  I am very hate about Arsenal

   So, I hope I can see Tottenham in 1 - 5 in the table after the season and qualify to UEFA Champions League.
From,  Davis Tan and Tottenham Hotspur Fans from Malaysia.

Ed : - Davis, the reach of Spurs has made it out to Malaysia and it is nice to see that you feel the same way as many Spurs fans in England.  It is interesting to hear you voice the same opinions about the age of the signings as we all think that a few younger players should be added to the squad too.  I hope that your predictions for the season are correct !!


Dear Wyart,

First things first (by far most importantly), I must mention Billy Nicholson's testimonial game the other night. The football aside (a pleasing, refreshing performance), it was truly great to pay homage to the greatest superstar our club has ever produced in that way. It was nice to see how happy he appeared in his seat at the front of the West Upper, and even nicer to know that he can live the rest of his days knowing that Tottenham is in safe managerial hands. Glenn rightly said it; that if he can achieve half of what Bill did he'd be a very very happy man. And rightly so. Long live SIR Bill.

Travelling back to London Victoria on the tube was an interesting experience. I started to read the excellent match program in more depth than my brisk arrival into the ground had allowed, and was completely moved by the words that had been written. The last thing that I was expecting to do in front of so many like-minded men and boys was start blubbing (I didn't you know), although I came pretty close. After a few seat adjustments and a 'low-key' rub of the old eyes, I regained my composure and was glad that no-one had spotted me. Later, I realised that there was no shame in feeling that way, that it is bloody brilliant that the man who is the purest embodiment of Tottenham Hotspur that there will ever be can make me feel like that about the football team that I support. And it is. Never will I be afraid to cry again! Never will a shirk the opportunity to look a wimp on London's underground!! And never, never ever, will I be more glad to have attended one particular football match in my entire life than that one!!!! (Now I am crying). No, seriously though, a bloody good night for a thoroughly decent man. Nice one to the club for that.

And Kasey Keller arrives. Once again I feel Glenn Hoddle must be given full marks under a little bit of pressure to deliver, for what seems to be a better signing the more I think about it. Keller was a good keeper at Millwall and then particularly at Leicester, so I predict that a healthy competition for the number 1 jersey is alive again. Hoddle himself continues to attract players to the Lane, its arguable whether other personnel would have the same influences. (Glenn, if you're logged on, Spanish fella, about 5 "10, "Pep" I think his name is? Ur.. we'll have him next. If that's ok? Lovely Jubbly.)

Anyhow, 7 days and counting, Can't wait at all! Shame about Stevie'e injury, lucky Dazza's fit to cover. Maybe Taricco who knows! I'm getting over excited already! 

Regards to all, let the good times roll and roll,     

Ed : - Yes, it was a night to remember for Bill and for us.  He deserves everything he gets from the fans of today, who might not remember him and those to whom he is an icon.  More worthy than a million Beckhams for what he has done.

Glad that Glenn sorted out the goalkeeping situation as it was getting a bit close to the wire (as the Americans say).  He will provide good experienced cover for Sully.  Hopefully, he will not be the last to arrive.


Stand up if you hate Campbell...........Stand up if you hate Arsenal................... 

Well in the light of all that has happened, yes, I despise Scumball and I certainly have no love for the Arse but I have no wish to bob up and down like a demented Jack-in-the-box just because some sad moron in the South stand doesn't know the words to any other song!  What on earth Billy Nick made of all that last week I shudder to think, and all that on a night where we came to celebrate his achievements at the club.

The fact that some money grabbing Judas has slunk away to ply his "not so brilliant" trade down the road did not deserve to be mentioned during that game. Nor does it deserve a mention at any other game this season (bar two of course).  The world and his dog must know by now that every Tottenham supporter the world over despises the toad, so why do we need to keep boring everyone with the fact? 

Last season it was "We want our Tottenham back" well judging by the Fiorentina game, Glenn is well on the way to giving us just that!  So why don't we get behind him and the team and give them the support they need rather than pouring bile on a player who may well be found out before the season finishes?  Certainly we can give him stick when he comes to WHL (if he has the balls to play that game) I would expect nothing less, but during the other games GIVE IT A REST!!!! 

Bill MacNamara
P.S. You can stand up if you hate the Pet Shop Boys.

Ed : - There is rightly a backlash against the Pet Shop Boys ... err ... sorry ... S.Cumball (are they one and the same thing ??), but there is a time and a place.  Let's save it all for one big show of strength - that Tottenham are sorry he has gone, but even sorrier that he will come back with them.  November 17th is the date.  Don't be late !!


Like many other Spurs fans, I have been frustrated by the lack of success during the Sugar years.  But I have a genuine feeling of optimism for the clubs future under Hoddle.  But, I think we are more likely to see forward progress this season rather than out and out success. I expect a better style of football, but I would be surprised (and delighted) if we finish above 7th/8th.
During this time it needs the fans to back the club and the manager.  I'm not convinced that the fans will be patient.
Could you please answer a question for me - does Willem Korsten exist or was it just a dream I had.  I have heard no mention of pre-season involvement, injuries or anything about him. Can you shed any light?
Bob Caren

Ed : - It appears that Korsten not only has the ability to disappear from games, but also from clubs.  He does have a squad number, so Glenn must expect him to turn out in at least a couple of games this season !!  He could be resting him after his stunning performance (well two shots) against Man. U.  A good time to sell him would have been after those two goals.
As for the season ahead, I agree whole-heartedly.  It is about steady progress and not just winning things.  A long term strategy is what we want to re-establish the club at the top for a lengthy period, not just a season or two.  It will be hard, take time and patience, but too many managers in a short time have lead us to the position we are now in.  Glenn needs a solid five years and maybe more, with the fans behind him.  Let's prove all our detractors wrong and show that Spurs fans are not fickle - especially as Hoddle is the one that most Spurs fans wanted as manager.



After a lot of thought on the matter of revenging our once loyal captain, I am still at a loss of fully repaying him for what he has done. 

He was our best player for at least five years and to me this situation can only be compared to your wife running off with your worst enemy. I hope for a life-long campaign against him, but to kick it off I would like you to appeal on your website to any one who has tickets for the England game to create a banner. The best I could come up with was "YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE" or something along those lines. Although he won't be there it would guarantee at least back page coverage if not front-page and therefore guarantee him to see it. 

Please, it is the least we can do until he finally comes to White Hart Lane and gives us the chance to give him some proper stick! 

Carl Jones.

Ed : - Hoddle has come out and said he is not happy about the campaign and that we should concentrate on Tottenham rather than anyone else.  I can see his point, as I don't really want to waste any more time on someone who is no longer willing to be at our club.  Any protest will b futile until the 17th November and then (if he actually bothers to play), he will know the feelings of the Spurs fans he has turned his back on.


I'm sickened and feel utterly let down.  I gave up on going to England games because of our 'fans'' inability to have fun at away games, just KILL the opposing supporters.  Since Spurs' 2-2 draw with West Ham on Boxing Day 1984, I have ploughed THOUSANDS of pounds into supporting Spurs. 

Well, NO MORE. I never thought I'd say it, but I've had enough.  I've totally lost interest.  

Campbell, you SICKEN me.  All your big talk and hollow words, but you played it beautifully though. You got just what you wanted.  Money, money, money, isn't it?  No shred of decency.  No, you can't please everyone, but you just chose to make a mortal enemy out of EVERY Spurs fan.  I have never hated Arsenal.  I would much rather a  London team wins the League than anyone else and I want  ALL English clubs to do well in Europe.  I despise the 'Stand up if you hate Arsenal' chant.  We should be supporting our own team, not getting wound up by someone else's.  But Campbell, you have burst the bubble, the one that turned me  into a kid every Saturday.  Your act of joining our closest rivals KNOWING it would gut Spurs fans was just vile.  I've had Arsenal fans tell me I shouldn't give up on my team.  Well why not? Just why NOT?  Campbell gave up on us and it would take me TEN years to earn what he makes in a WEEK! And THAT disgusts me!  I'd LIKE to transfer my allegiance to Arsenal, but it'll never happen.  My heart won't let it happen. 

In seventeen years I've been there to see us win the League Cup once.  That's a pretty lousy return for the thousands I've ploughed into the club.  Yet now, as a former season ticket holder from last year, why should I continue to be shafted?  They've taken our cup games and our 10% discount.  They've introduced a new THIRD strip... WHY?  'Coz they know mugs like me and you will go out and buy it so we can pay Ziege's wages. What is it, 50 000 a week?  Yeah, right.  They take away my miniscule 10% to pay him a fortune every week.  

Don't you think they're just having a good laugh at you?  They'll rip you off left, right and centre, get you to treat them like gods, then send you home broke. I've seen us lose 7-1 at Newcastle TWICE, 6-1 at Bolton, I saw us lose in Kaiserslautern, the most crushing defeat I have EVER known.  I've been to Carlisle for midweek cup games in the sleet and snow and up for friendlies in Glasgow and Dundee.  I've got NOTHING to prove.  

But now, because of you Campbell, because of you and your wage demands Ziege and because of you, THFC PLC and your disgraceful sacking of George Graham only because of his history, taking away our cup games and 10% to satisfy the insatiable greed of your playing staff, I won't be coming back.  But then why should you care when there're plenty more mugs lining up to  take my place? 


Ed : -  I am sure that you are not the only one Philip.  Many fans said to me at the end of last season that they were considering not renewing this season, but the club announce that there are record season ticket sales (although there are still some left !!).  In the seventeen years that you have been supporting the club (and many more that many more of us have been) there has been a change from the game to the business and that is all it is now.  One where the rich survive and the poor can try and fend for themselves.  I can understand your feelings and think that despite it all there will be a good future for Tottenham.  In the past there has been good money thrown after bad (players), but at least Hoddle appears to be shrewd enough to know the value of players.  If only the club's owners realised the value of our support.


Dear Wyart,

It was really good to see such a good crowd for Bill's big night.  It was nice to see Spurs play some neat moves and good passing football.  With better finishing, we could have had more goals.  It was disappointing to see that the crowd could only applaud Bill but not sing his  name.  Maybe most fans are of an age not remembering him.  The inevitable Campbell/Gooner/Manninger reaction showed that most fans only think of the present not the past.  Bill stood for everything that is good.  Fans like me who remember his era as a manager will never forget him and the pleasure he gave us Arise SIR BILL.

richard porter

Ed : - There were some attempts at "Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy Billy Billy Nicholson", but the lack of a decent song for him was a shame.  He did get a number of rounds of applause amongst the Anti-Arsenal stuff, with particular praise to the cameramen who kept putting him in the frame.


I read with interest the proposed sale of the WHL name to inject money into the club, all supporters will relate to the WHL name, but if XYZplc pays for the name what will they want in return? Seats in the ground for the hospitality bandwagon will only mean less seats for supporters who are already paying a high price to watch games.
This latest proposal on the back of the removal of discounts and less matches for season ticket holders and the lack of  any real expenditure in the transfer market has dampened the optimistic words from ENIC post Sugar.
No one expects transformation overnight and GH must be given time with the high expectations of all the fans - lets hope the backing is there.
Keep the Faith
John Chapman

Ed : - When ENIC took over they made it clear that there was not the expected return on the "brand" that they would have expected - i.e. not as much money coming in.  It looks like this may be the way the game is going with all things held sacred sold off like the "family silver" that Sugar talked about.  He did say that he would only sell to those who had the best interests at heart, so are ENIC cashing in on the Tottenham name or staying in the chase with everyone else who are making money from their club's good name ??


My name is Dan Carrier, and I am privileged to be the President of the Guernsey Spurs Supporters Club. 

We have just put on an amazing fundraising gig for a local primary school in Guernsey. They did the double this season, (the first time any school football side has done it here) so we got Chas and Dave over, and laid on a wicked concert. 
It was hilarious - I can hardly talk three days later, we sung our hearts out.  Any way, we bought the school a set of new football kits - blue and white, of course - with Guernsey Spurs across the chest.  We had a raffle and gave away a load of Spurs goodies - including a GSSC shirt signed by the players, and five shirts signed by Guernsey-born Spurs legend Len Duquemin.

I moved here two years ago, and was missing the Lane so much I decided to set the club up.  We charter a plane and take about 30 or so people over to home games. We have got a great following here for a small place, again because of Len Duquemin, Guernsey and Spurs have had a long historical connection.

We have got a huge GSSC flag which we bring to every game, so look out for it and give us a wave.  Anyway, to all supporters clubs, if you want my advice - hold an end of season knees up and get Chas and Dave to do the entertainment. I cannot remember having such a good time - they did all their own classics, and then finished on "Ossie's Dream" - it brought the house down.  An absolute corker.

It costs me an average of around 250 to get to each home game. Me and other yiddos in our club have to pay a fortune to get to the games, so do us a favour and make White Hart Lane the joyous cathedral of football it should be. Get behind the boys. Down your beers and raise your voices. 

All I want to say is despite the relatively disappointing close season - Judas Cumball, and not signing Shevchenko, Effenberg, etc - can we all make the effort to bring back some noise to White Hart Lane.  I have got a lovely voice - and I want to harmonise with all my fellow yiddos, so lets get behind the team and become a twelfth man.  

Hoddle knows what he is doing, the king has returned, the older boys he has bought in will bring on the youngsters. I want to hear 'Hoddle, Hoddle, born to be king of White Hart Lane' echo round the ground.

Lets stop moaning.  Cumball was shit on the deck and has not been the same player since 1998. Lets just get on with supporting the team. It is amazing how quiet we are sometimes. 

Football is all about having fun - and if the performance on the pitch does not live up to your hopes - at 250 a time, my hopes are aimed pretty high - have a laugh about it and give it some banter. 

When the players hear us, they will realise that playing for Spurs is a privilege, and the nippers like Carr will realise how lucky they are. 


Cheers,  Dan Carrier, El Presidento of Guernsey Spurs Supporters Club.

Ed : - It is supporters like you who put most of the Tottenham faithful to shame.  Perhaps we are spoiled by going every week and it is a short trip to White Hart Lane for the majority of the crowd.  Sometimes, the vocal backing is good (Arsenal, Man U), but most of the time the singing is not very loud.  We must concentrate on who we are playing and not on the Woolwich Wanderers (especially when we are not playing them).  Let's get behind the team and perhaps some of you can think of new songs to help us do so.


Dear Wyart,

I am looking forward to the game at Reading tonight to see if we can maintain our good passing game and our winning ways.  I think that our real test will be next week against Fiorentina.  

It seems to have gone really quiet on our transfer front.  What has happened to the big signings anticipated by David Buchler?  I THINK THAT THAT WE STILL NEED A CREATIVE MIDFIELDER.  We also need cover at central defence and maybe one more striker.  However, we have failed to attract two goalkeepers by not offering enough for personal terms and also Jose Chamot did not like the money offered so maybe the purse strings have tightened.  

Do you have any thoughts on this? 

I remain optimistic for the new season and I think that we will score more goals than last season.
Kind regards


Ed : - Richard, agree on the midfielder and goalkeeper, while Glenn has said he wants to bring in two more centre halves.  And I thought it was GG who collected them for fun ??  There is a concern over some financial aspects of the deals rumoured not to have taken place because of either Tottenham's attitude or inability to agree terms, but we will see what comes out over the next two weeks.  At least Hoddle is patient enough to wait for the players he wants to add to the side, who are passing the ball around nicely at the moment.  And long may it continue.

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