Letters from Post Box March 2001 to July 2001


Don't know about you but I think the club's official web site is poor.

All we seem to get is bland articles about how so and so wants to stay free of injury this year (doesn't everyone?!), how all the other players in a certain position are great but so and so wants to make the starting line up, and how the latest foreign import misses his family but likes the club, etc, etc, etc.  Really boring!

Then, look at the web-cam - haven't checked today but prior to this the training ground camera has been suffering 'technical difficulties' for ages.

Then, look at transfers - still reference to Andy Booth yet the list misses more recent transfers altogether.

The injuries site is never up to date - still talks about Anderton, even though I believe he's fit and playing in the pre-season friendlies.  The Gardener update hasn't changed for weeks - how about an expected return date?

How about some real debate?!
For example;

* What's the truth behind why we sold an England Under 21 defender for peanuts when we need defenders!   Was it to balance the books?

* The truth about the Chamot fiasco - Hoddle says some people jumped the gun - but the club's own web site announced he was coming for G@@ sake! If they can't get it right what hope is there?

* Why did the Luke Young transfer came out of the blue, as did Campbell signing for the Gooners, yet we never get to login and find a coup like this coming into Tottenham - the last was Klinsmann ! Go on, prove me wrong and sign Effenberg !

* The club's response to our views about the letter which asked us our views on smoking at the lane (who cares) and also told us by the way season ticket holders don't get a discount any more while others do - b***** disgraceful!!

* What is the truth about Rebrov's outburst and the rather transparent and feeble attempts at damage limitation since.

* Who rattled Carr's cage and started him mouthing off?  The club's bought 4 international players for goodness sake - what more does he want? 

* Why, in the light of the Campbell fiasco does the club name a new executive venue after Pat Jennings - another defector?!!   As good as he was, I don't think the timing is very good and there are far better players that could have been chosen - Greaves, MacKay, England, Norman, Gilzean to name but a few, or how about the late, great John White - why not a tribute to him rather than someone who played for the other lot?

I think the club should look at and address some of these issues and try and make the web site a bit more interesting - I feel it lets the club down just at a time when we are on the verge of something great on the pitch. 

Despite the moans, I can't wait for the season to start - Glenn's done well to land Poyet and the others so come on youuuuuu Spurs!!!


Ed : - You don't want much do you ;-)  The club to have some proper debate on the website.  The glorious home of Spurs merchandising.  This is the web equivalent of Spurs Monthly, the official organ of the club, which toes the party line (although there has been some dissention noted in some recent issues).  Like the programme and anything that comes out of the club, you shouldn't expect them to carry any anti-Spurs stuff.  They wouldn't shoot themselves in the foot, as they are pretty good at doing that in other ways, as you have noted.   That is what this site and others like it are for, to give fans their say about the issues that the club cannot comment on.
As for the Pat Jennings Lounge, it's not like he ever said he was going to stay with Tottenham for ever and actually was more or less told the club didn't want him.  A bit different from S. Cumball and Pat always has said that Spurs were his club; that's why he came back.   The opportunity could have been grasped to commemorate John White as you rightly said.
Hope that you are right about Effenberg though !!


Dear Wyart,
Clarence Seedorf ?  Guardiola ?   Gorgonzola ?  Are we so blind that we cannot see that our failures in recent years have come as a result of our failure to take the plunge on British talent ?
We used to snap up Gazzas, Waddles, Mabbutts et al.  Now we play safe and look to the likes of Freund and Tarricco to bring continental flair (?!?).  Has any player in recent times given as much to a club as Gary Mabbutt, David Howells or Graham Roberts ?
If the reports are true, in the past year or two we have passed up the opportunity to sign Robbie Keane, Kieron Dyer, Francis Jeffers and others.  Why are we so afraid to invest in English league players.  Why don't we take a chance on the likes of  a Lee Hughes or Marcus Stewart ? 

Now don't get me wrong,   I am not xenophobic.  I am great defender of Rebrov (when he shuts up) and I was overjoyed when we signed Poyet -  the man marries pure class with a natural vigour and pure love of football.  All I am saying is that THFC should remember the lessons of Dumitrescu, Tremazzani, Berti and Vega (dear god never let us forget Vega) and plunge into the Endsleigh a bit more.   

On the whole, I am optimistic about the new season because we have a lot of young talent and a very under-rated manager.   My three wishes for the new season:  
1. Europe   
2. Viera quits the scum
3. Sol has a 'mare and Spurs win at Highbury
I'm off for a wet dream - see ya in August!
The Dazzler

Ed : - There is a lot of talent around in the English leagues and as you so rightly say, we have missed out on a lot of it.  There is a section of the support that says Spurs should not be buying from the lower leagues, but going for top foreign talent.  Others feel that there should be a good mix.  Whoever the manager brings in should be the right player for the team, regardless of their nationality and it is only when Tottenham start doing this that they will have a "team".  I think Glenn has looked at who he needed and he has brought in players to do a job in those areas.  Let's hope they are the right players.


It's been a long time since I wrote in (maybe Its taken this long to let off Sol steam), though things seem much clearer now. "Campbell, 23, Judas scum". Couldn't have put it better myself.

While I'm on the subject of this man I would just like to add my weight by saying one main thing. Before the Semi-Final with Arsenal, Sky Sports did a light-hearted head-to-head thing with Tony Adams and Judas Iscariot himself. During breaks in recording reporters were allowed to ask both captains there thoughts in small interviews. With Sol being so sheltered about his plans, one particular journalist (much like the rest of us) obviously wanted to know what Sol intended to do. Referring to Arsenal rumours, Judas was asked if he could foresee himself and Tony Adams ever forming a partnership (like their international one), at club level. Sol, looking uneasy but pushed on the point said "well I play for Tottenham and he play's for Arsenal, so that's not going to happen." That's not going to happen eh? 10 years of bonding with 'your club' Sol means nothing mate when you seem so happy to be playing for the enemy. Does MEHSTG agree that Sol's conduct and choice was as much baffling as it was bizarre? Were we all naive where Sol was concerned? George Graham and co clocked this man very early on. Much more could be said about it but its hardly worth it is it? All I know is that the next time I come across him, I will let him know what I for one thing of him. Good riddance to 'not the brightest' of bright sparks. See you in November MATEY! 

Anyway, I'm still hearing and seeing a lot of bad press where THFC are concerned. I for one think whole heartedly that Glenn Hoddle was absolutely the best man for the job, is the best and only man for the job, and has done fantastically well in ALL aspects of things over the last few months. Some Tottenham fans have mildly (only mildly) criticised the age of  our summer signings etc. And while it is true we need a quality central midfield player and a defender (this is being dealt with we hear) absolutely top marks to Glenn Hoddle. He is doing all the right things and even if it takes a good season or two, there will be big waves. The man is a legend, I say sit back and watch it unfold. Come on You Spurs, we all love you and our hearts are with you. 

Just finally, I would like to state that whatever anyone says, Tottenham fans are second to none (Manchester City, Newcastle, Sunderland fans behave yourselves), and welcome back to Teddy Sheringham. It's nice to have you back Teddy, good luck to you though I doubt you'll really need it.

Let the good times roll...
Best regards to all, bjd Canterbury

Ed : - I heard that S.Cumball had said that he would have liked to play with Adams (Oooooh Errrrrr) in club football in that programme and now he has got his dream come true.  Still, it's what he wants so we have to accept it and not get on his back about it, don't we ??  There was only one choice he had to make and that was NOT to go there and he would have had everyone's best wishes. Now he might not.
As for Glenn's wheeling and dealing, the only fault has been that the players he has signed appear to be for a short term fix.  Allied with the youth at the club, it is not a bad thing, but some longer-term prospects might have eased the soul of some Spurs fans.  Personally, I think the money saved this year (although I don't reckon there are bundles of used fivers laying around in the THFC boardroom), will be put to good use in the season or at the end of it, should we have qualified for Europe.


Having just forked out for my first season ticket, after being a Member  for a few years, you can imagine my slight annoyance at receiving a letter this morning telling me that I'm only getting two of the four cup tickets I've been promised and that I don't even get a 10% discount at the store. I imagine that there's some small print somewhere reserving them the right to change the deal, but it's still well out of order to only tell people a month after the tickets have arrived .

   I fail to see how a club with the twelfth(ish) biggest turnover in the world can't afford these things, to me it just seems like the people up stairs taking advantage of the fans again. Isn't it amazing what such fickle fans will put up with.

Robert Jones

Ed : - As we have said on this page and elsewhere on the site, the removal of the discount is narrow minded.  With goods cheaper elsewhere, the club will lose business through the store and should be addressing other aspects of merchandising, like having the shop open at earlier and later times at Christmas to draw the money in.  This and the removal of the cup vouchers are small fry and although the club will say that this is the price the fans have to pay to get top players, the fans might believe it when they arrive.


My concern is the midfield. Agreed, the likes of Ledley are really promising, but I think we need to re enforce it with a real flair player.  Shaggy will not be consistent enough, and his pace is lacking. Gus should add some drive and purpose though.

Stephen Carr - how typical is that - why make the comments he has on the back of signing a new contract? It seems as though it's becoming a bit trendy to slag of your club's ambition. I say get rid of all the whingers and build a squad that is not just waiting for a better club. Contracts mean nothing, it would seem. Such comments are not allowing the club to move forward from the Sol fiasco.

I've got a few mates with season tickets at Anfield, and they argue that Ziege will be a poor signing for us. Defensively he is left wanting - they believe due to his attitude. What chance would Spurs have - considering that he has been refused his first choice - Schalke - and that his attitude was poor in a quality team like the scousers. I wonder. That said, few could have less pace than Young. When did Tarricco die? 


Ed : - The midfield could do with some flair and I personally would like to see Andres D'Allesandro,  who would come (relatively) cheap and could be the player to put the "fantasy" back into the middle of the park.  
Carr has been covered below.  He should get on and play well for Spurs, so the team does well and so he impresses other sides if he does want to move on.
Ziege would be a good experienced addition to the squad.  Hopefully, Glenn could convince him that he needs to prove people wrong and do well for the club in the process.  Think if he can be motivated, he could do well.  As for Taricco, he didn't die, he only laid down in the treatment room for a rest one day ...

The close season disappointments are nearly passed us and the new season upon us. I think the onus is now on Spurs fans around the world. 

The frustration we have felt under Sugar, Francis & GG combined with the passionate feelings we have towards Arse Sol should galvanise us to get off our back sides and really support Glenn Hoddle's Blue & White Army. If we can, this will filter through to the players and adversely affect the opposition. Over the last few years the passion has disappeared from home games at the Lane. This must return. Vociferous support is required from all parts of the ground, including the West Stand. All of us overseas can don our shirts and make sure we support our club with pride. Imagine every day is the 17th November!

Martin, Sydney Spurs 

Ed : - Quite right.  We need to prove that Arse Sol made the wrong choice and that Spurs will be back.  Think next season will see some stabilisation of the situation before we make the move on up.

As Sol has gone and Carr was his best mate, and now he wants Barca, let him go. It strikes me that our squad are getting too big for their boots. What happened to wearing the badge with pride? They just want money, and most of them aren't worth 130k a year let alone a week.
I am sick of players whinging about ambition.  Where are the clubs supposed to get 130k to pay the likes of Mr. very average Campbell? He knew he was going. He chose to lead Spurs up the garden path, because he doesn't have the intelligence to admit it.
And as for Carr, you won't print what I think !!

Ed : - There are pros and cons to letting players say what they want on their own websites ... it's the price of freedom of speech !!  However, Carr has just signed a deal to extend his time at Spurs to five years.  I am aware that contracts are not worth the paper they are printed on, but Spurs do not have to sell him and one day, at one club, a player will be shoved into the reserves to rot rather than be played saying he wants to leave.  I am not advocating this for Carr, as we are not in a position where we have the players in the squad to allow us to do it, but he is probably saying all the things we would want for the team and therefore, hopefully he also shares our wish for the club to do well.  Unlike us he has also had his words interpreted as a "come and get me" plea.

For players to win things they will congregate at the top table and hope for crumbs to fill up their bank accounts.  Not many will want to be playing mid-table and there is nothing wrong with ambition, but sometimes, you just wish they would try and achieve it with the club they are at rather than to move on to achieve greatness.



You do not have to be an accountant to realise that something odd is going on at the Lane if recent news items are to be believed.

According to a report attributed to Glenn Hoddle, it appears that Bunjy was not bought as a replacement for Campbell and that he cost less than 1.5 million. If this is the case with Walker being sold, the club's net outlay on transfers this summer would appear so far to have been minimal, added to which the club no longer has to find 4 million plus a year for its former captain's wages. This of course provides  a very stark contrast to what our two main London rivals have been up to and doesn't compare brilliantly with Fulham either.

Does this then mean that there are still very substantial amounts of money available for the purchase of new players? If it does then maybe some much needed good news is on its way-although any hopes of this must be tempered by the very scary Duberry rumour which if true means the club has learnt nothing from its previous mistakes in purchasing Mersey and  Tyneside reserves.

If these sums are not available not then  a big question mark has to be put against what the new owners intend for the club. However equally worrying is the thought that money may be available but  the players we want simply will not join the club. With regard to this it is difficult not to believe that Guardiola, Shevchenko and Petit were nearer the top of Hoddle's wish list than the resigning of Ferdinand and Sicknote.

Only time will tell but pre-season training has already started........... 
Matthew Joseph

Ed : - I know what you mean.  While ENIC and Mr. Buchler have presented lots of nice words and promises, few have yet to be kept and their actions so far have appeared along the same lines as Sir Al's.  I am willing to give them time, but their track record so far does not exactly set the pulses racing.  Big signings are what we need and while it is hard to attract the without European football, it is particularly galling when Newcastle United are linked with Zenden and we are not.  We can surely raise 7.5 million and his wages.


So, how much were we going to spend in the close season? Was it 20M or even 50M? Did somebody put a 0 in by mistake?

Andrew George Nethersole

Ed : -  With a little spent out on three players so far (total about 8 million max.), there must be some money left in the coffers.  Hoddle said there was an A list and a B list of contingencies, so we must be able to get some of these to come to Tottenham.  Now the 1st of July has passed, the Bosman freebies should be announced, if any of the signings are to be those who are out of contract.  In Spain, the King's Cup has been played and their season has ended, so any Spanish players should be available to buy from now.  With other clubs spending out and being linked with players, Spurs seem now to be slipping back.  However, if they spend out on Shevchenko, that will be the rest of the money gone in one fell swoop !!

Hi mehstg, have you heard about this?
I have heard rumours from a few people saying that season ticket holders don't get any discount in the official spurs shops now.  This would be bad enough, but I hear that members still do! So what's going on, are they punishing us loyal supporters? We shell out 400 + and don't get a discount, but if you pay 25 and go to a few games you do!
I know that it's not the most important thing going on at the club, but I just think they're taking the piss.
Thanx, Neil Boughen

Ed : - We were sworn to secrecy about the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust meeting, but it appears that this matter has been out in the open thanks to the shop staff and others who have found out about this move by the club.  

The discount is supposedly not available from September, but it was not made clear as to who would not get the discount.  The money off is also available to shareholders, but the continuation of this discount has also not been made clear.  

I am afraid it is another move the club has made without proper notification to those involved and it appears that it is designed to hit those who deserve it the most.  There are precious few perks to supporting Spurs and being a season ticket holder.  It looks as though another may just have gone out of the window with the two cup vouchers.


Well, what do you think of the comings and going ?  The way I see it is I think we need a couple more midfielders, left back, defender and another striker.  In should come the like of Gerundial, Effenberg, Ziege, Southgate and Shevchenko would be the icing on the cake. 

Out need to go Armstrong, Sherwood, Freund, Taricco, Leonhardsen and Thatcher for starters. Would love to hear other views. 


PS Ginola should never have gone.             

Ed : - Well, I have not heard of Gerundial. Sounds interesting ?  As for the others, they would all be contributing to the new Tottenham and I think your choice of those to go probably tally with a lot of Spurs fans.  However, to build a squad takes time and while the players who go would save on salaries, the wages of those coming in would more than swamp the money left from those departed.  Also, the money that would be received for those you mention would go nowhere near the funds required to bring in world stars.  ENIC would have to find big bucks to bump up the transfer fees.

I think the next couple of weeks could see some more additions, but as to who they will be, only the club and the players know.


To mehstg,
          what do you think about the news of Sol moving to the Gooners?  Seeing as his spent his whole life at the best club in the world why need to move.  

What do you think about the signing of Poyet?  I think it's great; he's a real top quality player (much better than Sherwood and Freund).  

Don't you think though we need to bring in more talent like King and Doherty?


Ed : - You rightly say that Poyet is a class act and if you go by the Opta Stats he is a top ranking midfielder.  I think his assets will be well utilised by Hoddle.  As will those of King and Doherty.  Glenn will look to bring in more quality in all positions as the squad is still fairly thin, but they will be the right players, not just big signings for the sake of it.

As for Sol, see below, but he's history.  Like Teddy, he will go to further his career, but Tottenham have a bright future and he chose not to be part of it.


Well it looks like Sol is off to Highbury.  If they are paying him anything like what he demanded of us, then he will have completely shattered the pay structure at Goonerville.

Maybe he will sign for them for a lot less than he demanded of us, which will be outrageous.

What do you think?


Ed : - Well, I don't care really.  If he didn't want to play for us why didn't he say so and why didn't he do it two years ago.  Ten years counts for nothing with the "good people of Tottenham" when you go and join the Arse.


If Sol is so upset by claims, released by the club, concerning his wage demands, which he refutes as totally untrue, why doesn't he sue them. 
Hmmmmm........  I think you are right, a move to Arsenal looks on the cards.

Ed : - Reckon that there must be something behind all that. Especially as there was a making of the advert for the FA Cup semi on Sky and I was told he made noises then about playing alongside The Donkey.  Mind you, he will need all that money to hire bodyguards if he does go to Highbury.


If we are to believe "" that Sicknote is about to leave Spurs because they offered him a pay per play deal, then I say well done! He may be a good player and a fine crosser of the ball, but if he is not fit to play how good is he?

For too long Spurs have been a soft touch for players. When a team is winning the treatment room is empty. When a team is losing "an injury jinx" hits the club. John Scales has to be the ultimate example of the injury prone player. He would of been given the tag of "sicknote", but nobody at the club had seen him, the hospital/treatment room/Harley Street yes people at Spurs, NO.

The straw that finally broke the camels back between Anderton and the Spurs board were the comments about Sol.  Will we be sad to see a loyal servant of the club leave to better himself and fill his cabinet with medals? NO!  Because we now know that he is an injury prone, money grabbing, selfish individual.  Let's hope the club learns from these mistakes. As soon as a player has two years left on his contract, if he stalls signing a new one, then he goes on the transfer list. At least then "We won't be fooled again".

Mario Sergides

Ed : - Darren has been a loyal servant to the medical staff at the club and how dare you slur his good name (of "Sicknote").  Scales never came close to Anderton's wonderful status among the medical fraternity.  HE ahs sustained a high level of injury over nine long years at Tottenham, while Scales was nothing but a flash in the pan at three years.  It will be a shame if Anderton does leave, as a testimonial was being arranged with sponsorship already lined up from the Acme Leg Splint Co., with a special appearance by the midwife who delivered Darren as a child and dropped him on his head.
By the way, Who "Won't get fooled again" ??


The most stupid thing done to date was the sale of David Ginola.  Was there much point in signing Rebrov if there is nobody to supply him with the kind of ball he needs to score the quality goals that he is capable of.  Hopefully with the signing of Effenberg or Guardiola we will have someone to fulfill that role and make us contenders for Europe at least. 

Elizabeth Sloan

Ed : - Bringing players who have done it at the top level is a smart move and those who have done it as recently as the two you mention would be a real step in the right direction.  As for losing Ginola, we are still missing a player who can win a match on his own.

Hi Wyart
I would just like to add a few lines to the Darren Anderton saga. 

When the siren call of the Mancs came Darren's way, what five years ago, he, unlike Sheringham and Campbell, showed loyalty and stayed at Spurs.  This remember when he was a regular international before his injury problems and before the emergence of Beckham.  Anyone who has suffered a period of ill health will know that as frustrating and upsetting as it is for those around them for the actual person it is much worse. 

Does anyone seriously believe that Anderton is not the main loser of nearly five of his peak years as a player being ruined by injury.  We have banged on a lot about loyalty on here for the last few days but show scant regard for Darren's.

I also think that in his outburst against the club he says in the last year or two, so clearly he places the majority of blame on the Sugar administration and as such is perfectly in line with most of those people who are attacking him now.

In other words, he's only saying that which many of you have said before.  So I must take this to mean that you recant ?

I think rather than running to the press, these comments were aired on his own web page and were pretty clearly written by him not some ghost writer.  Everyone has at times complained about misrepresentation of the club, fans, players by reporters.

The beauty of these sites is that now you hear the players own voice.  If what you hear is not to your liking is that still not better than reading  some ill informed opinion or unattributed rumour.

Also I'd say that what Anderton said is no worse than what Steve Carr said.  In fact, Stevie's comments could be read as a massive indictment of the club if you wanted them to.  Stevie Carr, however, is a popular player and fan's favourite, whilst people are fed up and frustrated at Anderton's lack of fitness and so is an easy target for people who want to let off some steam over Campbell's treachery.

I think that most of us would hope, expect even, that our employers would look after us if we were injured during the course of our work sadly this very often does not happen in football or the real world.


Ed : - There is something to be said for Darren turning down the lure of the Lancashire club, but then Mabbs and Stevie P managed it all those years ago, when Liverpool came knocking. I know times change, but the realisation that the money that the players are asking for these days is so phenomenal in terms of what the man in the street earns, there will surely be a big backlash when they don't produce the goods.  The fact that Tottenham have stood by Anderton and now he slates them for doing something they have no power over is a little galling.  If a player wants to walk out there is stuff all a club can do about it.  It is just the way it has been handled in this instance that has got many people's backs up, I feel.


Excuse me but what a cheek Darren Anderton has got.

Can I please join the next round of contract negotiations with him.  I would draw up a Performance Related Pay sheet.  On the one side we could list all that he has cost the Club during the season.  In the other column I would invite him to list what he has given to club on the pitch!

Then tell him that we have decided not to give him a pay cut but that he should get his backside off the treatment table and do some business on the pitch!

I forgot to look but was he there with the group of players walking round the pitch after the Man U game?  If not, why not?

John Macaulay
Supporter since 1957 (old enough to remember when Tottenham were a good team)

Ed : - Darren hasn't done himself a great favour with his comments.  Sol wanted to go and his contract said he could.  Sol's story is that Spurs could have offered the earth, but without European football he would have been off.  Surely, if Sicknote is suggesting Spurs should have given Sol what he wanted, is he saying the club should have entered the InterToto Cup ??


Can you believe the comments attributed to Sicknote this morning?
It's beyond belief.  The arrogance and ignorance of your average monosyllabic Premiership footballer is breathtaking.  For that useless bastard to come out and say the Club didn't do enough to keep Campbell is sick.  Like Him.  F*** Off
Why should the club pay you a salary of 30,000 per week upwards to play your average 10 games a season (nine of which your completely off the pace) and still tolerate listing to your unjustified whingeing crap.  Is it any wonder we have struggled over the last few seasons with attitudes like that?
Jeff Horton.

Ed : - It appears that Darren may be getting worried because Sven Goran Eriksson has not told him to join a club who are in the Champions League.  He might have to make do with Chelsea then !!

For more on the Sol situation, click here


What is going to be the final outcome of the contract negotiations with Sol Campbell?

I agree with the views of one of the previous contributors to your Postbox page when he says he is starting to get just a little bit tired of all the innuendo and rumours surrounding him.  If he wants to sign, even for just a year more, then sign.  If not, then his heart is not in it, so move on. Sorry, but even Sol is not bigger than the Club.  I've previously been very critical of the new owners on these pages, but I have to eat humble pie with regards to them over their handling of Sol's new contract.  They seem, to me anyway, to have bent over backwards to accommodate him.  Glenn is back, a reported salary of 80,000 a week is on the table and Glenn himself has said publicly that the new owners are thinking big, so what is stopping Sol from signing?  I think Sol needs to make a decision very quickly as I for one think that his undoubted popularity amongst our fans is going to wane very fast.

I don't believe Sol is holding out for 100,000 a week.  He has said the clubs ambition is above personal gain.  Either he is very two faced and has been telling porkies, which I don't believe for two minutes or Glenn has told it all wrong regarding the new owners ambitions.  If your going to go Sol, at least do us supporters one last service and let us know why.
Jeff Horton

Ed : - It appears that Sol is being very cagey about the whole thing.  In contract to last season, he looked happy going around the pitch on the last day, but the strain has taken it's toll on Spurs fans.  His deadlines for talking to the club have been put back more times than an errant schoolchild.  The time for talking should have been a long time ago, so that Spurs can plan for the future, with or without him.  Bunjevcevic is obviously cover in case he goes, but will feature alongside him if he stays.  The signing of Teddy will not be enough to make him stay on it's own, but maybe by singing a couple of players early on, it will send a message to those who might doubt the club's ambitions.  The only problem with paying exorbitant wages to Ted and Sol (should he stay), is that the money available for signings then diminishes.


It's been a while but I had to write in to talk about the press conference tomorrow. I find hard to believe that Satan (Sheringham) wishes to return to the lane after the reception he got from the crowd last week, but the mounting speculation has got me worried. Surely I'm not the only one who remembers the afore mentioned demonspawn, standing around on the half way line doing sod all, towards the end of his time at the club.  I can remember the opinion going around the stewards was that the plaudits he was getting for his performances for England had gone to his head.  What makes anyone think that he's not after one last signing on fee, and as soon as things don't go his way, he wont start moaning, bitching and unsettling the other players.

I think the Evil One will be a terrible signing and I'm already regretting paying out an exorbitant amount for a season ticket. Nothing like enthusiasm for the coming season, eh?

Ed : - Well, as an astute piece of business, it rates pretty highly.  How often would you get a double Player of the Year for nothing ??  And his experience will be good for the youngsters to learn from, but his age and the wages we will have to pay make the deal look somewhat less attractive.  As you said, the last season he was with Spurs he was going through the motions and didn't really look dedicated to the cause.  Not sure he will rock the boat this time around as he will be looking to get a coaching job at the end of the contract.  However, he and Les bump up the average age of the team and they will surely not play all the games next season.  When he got a big pay rise a couple of seasons before he left, the Spurs crowd gave him stick when it didn't go his way.  What will happen now depends on the effect he has on the team and how many fans have forgotten what went before - and that may not be all of them after the stick he got last week.  Interesting if this encourages Sol to stay, as he was Teddy's most severe critic when he left for Man U.  Now the boot is on the other foot.


if I were to 'go down to the cross roads' and sell my soul to Satan himself, could the afore mentioned Mr. Satan guarantee the continuing services of Sol Campbell, and the acquisition of petit and Guardiola?? if the answers yes - I'll do it ( may just do it anyway to ward off any return of GG).
Eilish Quinn

Ed : - Now, now.  Don't forget to be successful, we must not be a selling club.



Let's be honest.  Isn't Sol starting to take the piss a little ??  Isn't he asking Spurs to love him that little bit too much ??

He's a class player and we all want him to stay, but not at any price surely.  Looking at the table, there are several teams above us who lack a player of Sol's ability at the heart of the defence.  It didn't stop them finishing above us.  We need a team ... a real team.  It has been so long since you got the feeling that a Spurs side would stand or fall for each other.   Sol should be told - make up your mind now or go.  If the rumours about Arsenal are to be believed, then we don't want him anyway.  Having a player with this much power cannot possibly be healthy and it's time we moved on.  

With all the rumours flying around about who we will be signing in the summer, I thought I'd let you know my 'we don't want'  list...... 
Any hammer - They're all lightweight
Kevin Phillips - Too often loses interest.
Christian Ziege - Does he really care who he plays for?
Emmanuel Petit - Do I really need to say why?

The Dazzler

PS.  Am I the only Englishman who wishes that Simon Davies wasn't Welsh ?

Ed : - No, you're not.  Davies is really one for the future and a couple of seasons ago I was told he was the better of the two Posh Kids.  

Sol is not handling this very well.  He might be holding out for the best or most attractive offer to come along, but he should be a bit more upfront about what he intends to do.

As for your don't want list, I would agree, although it might be nice to get one over the Gooners, because they nicked Petit off us just as he was about to sign before.  And Phillips is a Gooner too.


Has "Hangdog" left West Ham because he is upset at the sale of a "midfielder" being sold to Spurs.If not then my reliable source is a p***k !! 
If so, are we getting Lampard, Cole or Sinclair????????


Ed : - I heard he was gutted as they would be down to the bare bones because we were getting all three !!


I have heard from a VERY reliable source that Kev Phillips is to leave Sunderland at the end of this season due to some nasty rumours that are circulating up there and is talking to three London clubs  -  The mighty THFC, the all cheating, spitting, elbowing, gambling, head butting and marriage arranging A*****l and Fulham.  The interest from Spurs is said to be "Very serious" and Kev would like to play for Hod as he feels he has a great ideas on football,  BUT as he and Sergei are similar types of player and both small, is this a good idea ?????? 

Ed : - My good friend Chris and I were discussing this the other day and he thought that it would need a big man up front to play with Rebrov, although not necessarily a typical English type target man, as has been proved with Shevchenko.  Like you, I think two similar players might not hit it off, a la Owen and Shearer, but having said that Owen and Fowler often play alongside each other in the Liverpool side and do alright.  The way it could work is that Phillips is a poacher as well as being able to score from distance, whereas Sergei doesn't always get in the box to finish off moves and could play a little deeper than the Sunderland man.  Most of the forwards we have been linked with are strapping blokes (Bierhoff, for example), so I'm not sure that Glenn would go for Kevin ... and he's a Gooner too !!

I remember when Steve McManerman left Liverpool on a free. He told them and the fans in advance. I think its time Sol and Dazza told us what's going on, even if they say they wish to leave. We've supported them over the last 10 years, so I think they owe us the right to know if they want out.
On the other hand, Sol went public and said he wanted to stay, as did Dazza. I've just read on your website that Sol has told the players he's off to Arsenal. I'd like to know how that come about. Sol says he's Spurs through and through. So if he's telling the truth then the Scum should be the last things on his mind.
It's time Sol let know what's going on. He owes that to the club that put him where he is today. As for Dazza, THFC have stuck by him when he's spent most of the past 3 or 4 season's in plaster.

Ed : - The things that have been coming out of the Sol camp have been very confused.  Whether there is an attempt to talk up the stakes for his contract, I don't know, but the rumoured list of players Spurs are trying to attract has apparently not been seen by Campbell.  Not that it would mean much as you can put anyone on a list, it is who actually turns up that matters.  There would be nothing against Sol signing a contract, but with get-out clauses, although this does not allow the manager to plan very far ahead when the star defender might leave at the drop of a hat.  Also, Anderton is probably awaiting a final offer from the club.  He wouldn't want to speak out against what was offered before knowing what it was, but from a fan's point of view, if they both love the club so much they should sign up now.  Not that it works like that of course !!


Dear Wyart,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to see what you were thinking about THFC and how you saw (player) choices that might /should be made next year. There is a hard sorting job to be done at Spurs (one which I'm sure Glenn and his staff can adequately handle), I'm sure you'll agree. Who should go, who should stay, who we should buy etc etc. Who would you have there and why? 

Personally, (I realise now what a hard question I've set myself), I'd base my team comprehensively (for NEXT SEASON, hoping Sol and co will stay), around Sullivan/Walker, Carr, Campbell, Doherty, King, Young, Davies, Anderton, and Ferdinand.  Rebrov (shock horror) and Korsten, I'm particularly uncertain about (nice left foot you know ..!). This is being ruthless, no doubt Glenn will be slightly less ruthless, but it is just an opinion.

What does everyone else think ??
bjd, Canterbury.

Ed :- It will be difficult for Hoddle as he will not have seen too many of his "first choice" XI out on the pitch, but he will know which areas need strengthening.  Think Rebrov really needs someone to set up the chances for him and any other striker will too, so maybe Teddy Sheringham could be that player.  A creative midfielder is what the side is crying out for.  Another forward and maybe an "enforcer" in midfield to fight to run that area of the game.  It will be interesting to see who arrives ... and indeed who might go from the club.  If Sol goes, we at least have good stand-ins, but might need someone of Premiership stock to step in for the short term.


Great Site....great times ahead for us too...the debate about how much money we have to spend is never ending. We will be acquiring new players -that's for certain ! Several players in the frame will be on Bosmans ... it helps us to meet their wage demands. (And lure them with a decent signing-on fee). I believe the 20-30 million was misquoted and was used in reference to 'stupid amounts being paid for individual players' (e.g. We are not going to sign Shevchenko for 35 million but could easily spend 25 to 30 mill on several players if they are the right ones and are available).



Ed : - I believe you are right in the way the money should be spent.  The question is about how much is available, whether that be for transfers or for wages.  Top players don't come cheap and we will be spending quite a lot in just keeping Sol, Les and Dazza.  How much that will leave for paying the rest I don't know.  However, I hope that Glenn can attract some class players starting with Effenburg as we really need someone like him to run the midfield for us ... it's an area were we get over-run an awful lot.  And anyway, I thought that Pleat had said that Shevchenko was coming to White Hart Lane ;-)



I found the report mainly accurate, 'Arsenal Scum's typical lewd hand signs to young kids' (my 11 year old son had some ape leaning out of his zoo van window gesticulating to him on the way back; it makes you cringe at their mentality). But regarding the Ticket Office I must praise the young lad who works there (I can get his name if required),  who went out of his way to get me and my son our tickets after the good old Post Office even managed to lose our recorded mail application, he contacted us out of hours to resolve the problem, well done !

I was  appalled at the lack of facilities available at 'England's Premier
Ground'.  Made the Lane look bloody good, with their only advantage being the size of the place. 

Good journey there and back, we had Chirpy on our coach, and his alter ego is one top man, a Spur through and through. Did you know he doesn't get paid for that ? Only a seat in the stands !


Ed :  - Must admit, I was lucky enough to get out before most Gooners (and no I didn't leave before the end ... my season ticket is not in the West Stand ;-)), so was spared their motorway antics.  Anyone who wears a synthetic chicken costume on every other Saturday would have to be a Spurs fan and why doesn't it surprise me that he doesn't get paid for his afternoon's entertaining ??  As for the ticket office, it is good to hear that they have had one success.  One mate phoned tried to phone them in the week leading up to the semi, as he hadn't got his ticket, only eventually to be told that they did not have his application.  He didn't get a ticket.  You must be blessed by the one they call Hod !!

Hoddle needs to spend, but it seems unlikely that he'll make a move in the transfer market until the summer. But who will he buy? More to the point how much money will he have to spend? Well someone like Larsen of Celtic would be good or Alen Boksic of  Boro; maybe Francis Jeffers of Everton could be persuaded to move South.  Lampard of West Ham is wasting his time with them and Glen could turn him into a great player. At the back young Bramble of Ipswich and Gareth Southgate of Villa have got to be worth a look but I can't see that happening can you? Maybe the truth is they'll never move to a Club like Spurs. I don't actually think it matters that much because Spurs will never have a team like the classic 1961 side ever again. It was April 17th 1961 that the Glory Glory team won the League and that's exactly 40 years to the day. Gooners everywhere wish to join in celebrating Spurs 40 years of failure and to do so have built a website at the following address go there now - it's even funnier than Spurs abject display at Old Trafford in the Semi Final.

Danny B

Ed : - Times have changed Danny.  It is not 1961 anymore and most fans realise that.  Larsen wants to stay where he can score a hatful of goals each season.  Boksic is finished and is only picking up his pension at Boro.  Jeffers is a possibility.  Southgate is more likely than Bramble and Lampard wouldn't cross London for fear of his life.  It will be interesting to see who he does spend his money on, but the website plug could be an indication that your are redder in the face than even Spurs fans were after Old Trafford.  
PS Are you a very quiet person Danny ?? 


Will someone please shut Rupert Lowe up!  He gave permission for Spurs and Glenn to speak and he allowed the get-out clause in the contract.  Maybe he wouldn't be so naive next time.

Victoria Evans

Ed : - I agree.  The man obviously should be out egg-chasing with a name like that as he knows stuff all about football.  Just to emphasise that he will appoint Kevin Keegan as the next Southampton manager and welcome him to his "big club".  Perhaps by that he means the baseball bats that Kevin Keegan keeps in his car (if you don't remember that story, ask your Dad !!).

Lingering in my distress so many miles away. What a debacle. Perhaps this is the 'bottom' that one has to hit sometimes. Thanks Sugar, what a legacy you left us. Still, I don't understand Glenn's decisions to play an un-match fit Sherwood. Clemence was back to his dreadful self. Why change Thewell, Davies & King? Ledley was great when he came on. The only good thing is that we did not capitulate ... we could have lost by 6 or 7. I won't say enjoy the remainder of the season although we may scrape a UEFA place. Big deal.
 See you in the new season.
 Martin, Sydney Spurs 

Ed : - Things couldn't have gone much more wrong, could they ??  Luckily Sullivan was in top form and the defence stuck at it.  I think that the UEFA Cup place might be out of our reach as we have a pretty tough run-in to the end of the season, but you never know.  Surely everything will come right now Hoddle is back ??  Keep the faith !!


Never did I regard GG as the devil incarnate.  He wasn't a bad old stick but he was never ever going to be Spurs was he? I didn't want him to go unless the right replacement was parking his motor outside. And so it came to pass.

In the early 80s (v Notts County) I stood at WHL, jaw agape, and watched the man they call Hod take down a high ball down on his chest and then his knee, drop it to the ground, send three County players the wrong way with a little shuffle, and then send a thirty yard ball onto Archibald's boot.    That day I believed that I had witnessed the one true messiah who would lead us to the promised land. Back to the Glory days my dad had told me about.   Years went by and Hod moved on to warmer climes.  He done his managerial penance in Swindon, before really hitting the bottom of the barrel in the seedy corridors of Batesville (Chelsea are such a wannabe club aren't they - the Blackburn of the south).  England was a shame and he had to rebuild his reputation at Southampton. 


He shall bring forth attacking, flair driven, push and run football.  He shall scour the depths for footballers who can pass the ball forward.  He shall heal the sickness of the  7-2-1 formation and lead us into the temptation that is (remember this) exciting footie that you might want to applaud with feeling. 

Fear not ye cynics.  No more shall ye hear the sound of a pin dropping at WHL as the whistle blows on yet another drab 0-0.

Stand back and watch as Hod parts the waves for Moses Sol to step forward and sign on the dotted line 

The George is Dead
Long Live the Hod!!  

DPW, Milton Keynes.

Ed:- Well, there can be no greater reference than that.  Give him time though, give the man time.

Dear Wyart,  
"Hoddle. Hoddle,Hodddlle, Hodddlle, Born Is The King Of White Hart Lane..."(repeat for 90 mins)
So, is Glenn the Messiah we all hope for, to lead us onto European and World domination?
I hope so with all the hope/hype that has been going on since the departure of, erm, what's his name, oh yes, Graham George.
So shall I start saving up for a season ticket, oops out of my price range, maybe I shall become a member again and make a very rare pilgrimage to the Lane, (us Northerners are poorly paid, cue violins) to see the influx of highly paid European stars who will be flocking to play for Glenn. Let me play for free they will be shouting at the top of their voices. Well may be not.
I hope Glenn is given the time and money to build a team and complete his work, before he is spirited away to an even bigger European club. As his history is of being able to build very good foundations and then moving on/poached  to other clubs.
Yes, he will stay, he loves Tottenham and he believes he can bring back the Glory, Glory Days and Nights, but lets not expect over night success, lets get into Europe by winning the FA Cup and that will be the start of World Domination Hoddle Style.
Come On You Spurs....
Regards Colin Rutherford

Ed : - It's all about time and money.  The fans must give him time, and ENIC must give him the time and the money.  The perhaps things might go in the right direction for a change.


Hello Wyart
It's been a while since I've been in touch but the events of the last few days have forced me from my slumber.  Having taken that time to let events sink in, therefore not allowing immediate reaction to prejudice common sense I feel now is the time to condemn ENIC in the strongest possible terms for the sacking of George Graham.  If ever there was a purely political decision made regarding the future of a manager then this is it.  The excuse given by our new masters is pathetic.  Make no mistake, George, in going to the press to reveal that, "surprisingly", our new owners have only limited funds to spend on building a team to give us a realistic chance of being competitive, has exposed these people for what they are: a money grabbing set of opportunist business sharks who have seen Spurs return the highest percentage increase in turnover (37%) in the Premiership and in doing so propelling the club to the 15th wealthiest in world football, despite winning only one Mickey Mouse trophy and having just one season in Europe in ten, and who want some of the financial action that Spurs amazing support will give them.  They have no love of THFC.  Money is their God.

How can a company that have just taken over, given these facts, say we only have limited funds for buying players?  They have been suspicious and secretive from the start and George telling it how it is (and I believe George, not them) made them act in the most appalling way possible.  The timing alone is terrible with the semi final coming up.  But to say George was not a "team" player and spoke out of turn is, frankly, crap. What do they think he is...a 16 year old schoolboy?  He has got nearly 40 years experience in the game, and they accuse him of speaking out of turn?  He was doing his job, talking to the press and, in turn, letting the fans know what was going on.  Any football person would know that George Graham had done a pretty decent job bearing in mind the financial restraints of the previous regime when you consider the huge amounts clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool have spent, and, are they really that far ahead of us?  I don't think so.  He's brought on a lot of very good young lads and I feel he was not far away from producing a very good side of home grown players with blue & white blood in their veins.  Players, more importantly who respected George Graham.  If you remember the rubbish he inherited, progress has been made pretty quickly in reality, and we have all seen what Sir Alex has achieved after coming in for early stick. This mafia that now control us mistakenly think that by getting rid of "The Gooner" the fans in return  will be so delighted that they will accept that they won't be splashing the money around and to be honest, the fans will now get what they deserve.  Not, as usual, the silent majority of fans (why do they remain silent?) but the idiots that have had it in for George since day one.

How will they feel when Sol goes, probably to Arsenal, and the havoc wrecked on us by this stupid decision puts the semi final against the Arse in grave danger, when, after West Ham, we had a more than good chance of beating them. Add to that that these people have now told all the players not to
talk in sympathetic terms about George (Ledley King, Steve Clemence and Luke Young have all expressed dismay at his departure). It makes you wonder what kind of intolerant hell we have now inherited.  If you think the Sugar regime was bad this lot are gonna give you all a BIG wake up call pretty soon. 

Which brings me neatly to my final point or perhaps conspiracy theory.  Is there any chance that Sir Al after withstanding years of personal abuse to himself and his family including having his mobile number banded around so any twat could threaten him in secret, being regularly spat at and having paint stripper thrown over his car, knew exactly what the future was likely to hold for THFC under this mob?

Yours...and absolutely choked too
Jeff Horton

Ed : - Jeff, there are many fans who were unhappy with the existing set-up for a number of reasons - some footballing, some personal.  Whatever the reasons, they wanted them out and now they have achieved their ambitions, but as you say this does not coincide with the majority of the fans at the Lane.  On Saturday, there was no celebration of GG's departure by the fans and Buchler's name got a booing at half-time.  Even the vocal minority didn't make themselves heard.  With the removal of the manager who was working to a five year plan, whether or not he got there as fast as he wanted, the new incoming manager will want the same amount of time and is he likely to get it ??  Is he hell.  Tottenham's only hope is that ENIC see that the only way to get a decent return on their investment is to get the team doing the business on the pitch.  There appears little consideration of the time and place for the dismissal of GG and while he probably didn't have a long term future at Tottenham, everything is in the timing, isn't it ??


Hello again, this mail should have been sent a couple of days ago but for some reason it got deleted so you'll have to forgive me if these issues have been done to death.
       Firstly, what crap timing, odds on we'll never know what really happened but then there's nothing new there.  But my main concerns are  the contract negotiations, and most of all what is going to happen to the development of some of our youngsters? Down the years I believe we've lost a few decent players because a new manager couldn't see the potential of them (remember Caskey captaining the England U21's,or more recently Jamie Clapham who's now being touted as an England international, or even Peter Crouch being sold for 80 grand and now allegedly attracting interest from premiership clubs). 
       Lastly I'd like to praise Stephen Clemence for his performances this season as I don't think he gets enough credit. He can't be that bad a player considering out of the team that played on Saturday he was one of the veterans and yet he is only 22/23!

Robert Jones.

Ed : -  The problem of bringing in a new manager is that he not only wants to bring in his own backroom staff, but also tends to bring in his own players, as we have seen over the years.  Whoever it is who comes in might have to play the youngsters as the money may not be there to spend as they wish, but I hope they have a good look at them to see that there is talent enough there already.
    With the players you mentioned, my personal view is that Caskey is an excellent passer of the ball, but lacked the pace required to make it at the very top level.  Interesting to see what happens if he makes a move to a bigger club.  Clapham, I fully agree with you, but Crouch has a long way to go yet.  Could turn out to be a useful player though.
    As for Clem, I thought he went through a little sticky patch recently, when playing at left wing back was getting the better of him, but he has looked much better in the centre in the last couple of matches.  King looks a class apart and with others to come in the future looks good.


Dear Wyart,

Where to start is the main thing ! An amazing week I'm sure you'll agree. George Graham sacked by the new Tottenham Hotspur board and yet a slightly bizarre feeling - the sort of you don't know what you've got till it's not there anymore type thing. Now I've never been a GG fan I mean you've probably worked that one out for yourself right. So I won't pretend that I'm anything other than pretty shocked. I just wondered
whether or not you feel we really HAVE done the right thing here ..?

There is so much that has been banded about in the British media this week that it makes you think all sorts of things about the true reasons for Graham's sacking. Did you see David Buchler's interview on Sky Sports almost straight away afterwards? If yes, what did you think.  Personally I feel that what he said was o.k, and that he had enough reason in his own (importantly) opinion. The facts are these as I see

--  GG Pushed his luck saying what he said the day before and this was indeed bad timing considering the contract negotiations that were going on at the time. 

--  He had in his tenure at White Hart Lane, slated the fans and some of the players, as well as selling Ginola after buying Rebrov.  Ginola was never adequately replaced. 

--  We are, as it stands, still behind Arsenal and let's forget team spirit; Colin Todd organises team spirit. 

--  His team tactics and choice of signings were never that brilliant.  Don't forget Robbie Keane was not a Premiership player.

--  King Glenn will, and I repeat will, make Tottenham great again - should he come back to the Lane.

That said I feel a little sorry for George who was berated (myself included) the whole time he was at the club. So good luck George.

Wow, big news. What d'you think?
Regards,      bjd

Ed : -  I believe that some of his tactical decisions and especially his use of substitutes has been questionable, but then he pulls a tactical master plan out of the draw against West Spam to put one over them.  Some signings have been questionable, but some are yet to show their true potential and without knowing who was responsible for bringing certain players to the club, it is difficult to comment.  Graham's disciplinarian approach didn't really belong in this day and age, but he did get some players to respond and that is what it is all about.  Team spirit can be very important and to ability to generate it should not be underestimated.  Can't imagine GF being very inspiring.  I reckon that a conglomeration of things got GG the sack and the timing is all wrong.  If something was said that we know nothing of, then perhaps it was the right decision.  We might only find out when it comes to court.


This may be a silly question, but if you cast your minds back to the 1999 Semi-finals of the FA Cup you will remember the Spurs fans chanting "your only in Europe coz of us" at the Newcastle fans.

The other two semi finalists were Man Utd and the Scum. My question is if the Scumbags get into Europe via the league do we automatically qualify through the Semi final of the FA Cup.  Liverpool are already there, Wycombe can't get there (or can they?) and the Arse will already be there from there league position.
In 1999, Newcastle got to Europe coz of us, can we get there coz of the Arse?
Also, and more worrying. Is it safe for Pleat to lead us out in the semi this year? I don't feel comfortable with Pleat. I read his program notes and I believe he really is full of s**t!

Ed : - I think I am right in saying that we would have to get through to the final to qualify.  Wycombe would not qualify as Birmingham wouldn't be allowed either as a losing Worthington Cup finalist.  If we get there, then we would get a European place even if we lose.  Should we get knocked out in the semi, then the place would go to the next suitable team by Premier League placing, which probably wouldn't be us !!

As for Pleat being in charge for the semi, the Goons will have  afield day, like they did when they came to the Lane after his exploits hit the papers last time around.  As for his programme notes, I remember him shouting at his Luton Youth team at Cheshunt (when Spurs had a training round there) and using all nature of poncy techno-speak.  The players just looked at him blankly ... and I don't blame them.


I know everyone is having there say, but I think they are crazy to hoof GG out at this moment in time, so another new man, new clear-out, we are no better off than we were three years ago to be fair.  No big money to dish out, Sol will go and when he does I wish him all the best.  I can honestly say now that most fans, including me, realise that we are living in a dream world when we think that we can do this and we can sign him and we will win this, but at the end of the day, we are there just to make up the numbers.  Sorry for being down, but I think next season will be a hard one.

           please reply and tell me things are going to
           be ok, (wishful thinking)
   craig macdonald

Ed : - Don't worry Craig, everything will be alright.  Given time and a lot of money, I'm sure it will all come right.  Maybe we will even live to see it.


Well hello ENIC!! Nice to see where your loyalties lie with George Graham! Two weeks in and he's already out.  Well, he may be a Gooner at heart, but he still definitely wanted to put one up the ARSE Board of directors!!  Very, very bad timing lads; should have waited until the end of the season at least.  And besides, we will have to wait and see whether or not Georgie-boy was telling the there money or not?  What's the matter with them?  Has he told the truth, so now Sol won't stay because there is no money available?  Well, something tells me ENIC are not going to be forthcoming with cash and that we may rue the day George the Gooner was sacked...sometime very near in the future...

Ed : - Steve, it appears that you are not alone.  I think that most Spurs fans were aware that GG might only have lasted to the end of the season, but would have done his job in probably getting us into Europe via the FA Cup.  There is obviously more to this than meets the eye, but timing in this life is everything.  What ENIC's timing is like we are about to find out.


What a game eh? I don't know where you watched it, but I watched it at the Victoria in Cheshunt and the atmosphere couldn't have been better.

Is it just me, or has Gary Doherty at 1million turned into one of Spurs' best signings for quite a while. With his goals in the F.A. Cup alone, he must have paid back his transfer fee a few times over.

And can you settle an argument by telling me what position our Northern Irish U21 International Ciaran Toner plays in? And what ever happened to the young French player who according to The Sun believed he was already good enough for the first team, and allegedly interested Man Utd. at 1million?

Robert Jones

Ed : - I was watching from behind the sofa !! I hate watching on the box, but the superstition got the best of me I'm afraid.  Doherty has looked a lot more assured at the back and scores goals from set plays.  I am not sure he has the deftness of touch to play in the forward line long term - but who cares ! He's doing the business.
Toner plays a defensive midfield role, but can play along side a central defender, as he has done in the reserves from time to time.  He is a hard working young lad and could well play a similar role to Freund, but he does look to get forward too.  And scores the odd goal !!
The French lad you refer to is probably Ludwig Norbert, who left as he thought he should be in the first team at the age of 17 or something.  He went to West Ham after claiming he wanted to return to France and actually turned out for them against our reserves on 5h December 2000.  Not sure what his current status is, but his brother was on Arsenal's books and left at around the same time.  Coincidence or a job for the X-Files ??


I am heartily sick of the continual comments in the media about Spurs fans not accepting GG because of the Arse link.  I know that this applies to some of the fans but I (and many others) do not feels that way.   I have found it hard to accept him because of the way he had us playing!!!   I could not give a flying Lee Dixon where he came from (which is as much Chelsea, Millwall and Scotland as Arsenal) as long as he delivers the goods.

There are good young lads with potential at WHL but they need to be brought
on.  This is something that successive Spurs managers have failed to do with
the likes of Steve Slade, Stuart Nethercott and David Tuttle (remember Scott
Houghton ? - the new Gazza!!.   It may be viewed as treachery by some, but I
say that GG is turning it around and producing real potential genuine first
team regulars in King, Davies et al.  Slow it may be but any progress has got
to be better than none at all !


Ed : - One of the things fans look for in a manager is trophies and instant success at that.  GG delivered that, albeit picking up someone else's team.  The other way at looking at things is the long view and that is what GG said he would do when he first arrived.  That and have the team challenging in the top six in three years.  Well, that time is nearly up, so if you wish to berate him, then this is the thing to use.  Also stats are a weapon to compare and contrast his record against other bosses of the past.  And then there is the sterile football he has produced.  Oh, and the young players he has brought into the team (whether by design or accident) and the two FA Cup semi finals we have reached (surpassing even Francis' record).  When he was being considered as a manager for Spurs, we said that hew as possibly what Tottenham needed, but would always be hammered for his Arsenal connections.  I prefer to judge him on what he has done for Tottenham.


Dear Wyart,

There's always something that seems to bring about pessimism at the Lane these days (our injury situation is unbelievable mate). The thing is, and I will be glued to my seat myself on Sunday, I just don't think that we are good enough to do it - it has to be West Ham for me.  This is just a totally honest footballing opinion and yes it is very sad that I should fancy our opponents in a competition which we as a football club have strong bonds with. Why are we the underdogs, and why are we not got enough to win the trophy this year? Well, the man in charge must be held responsible.

It is all very well sailing through post-match interviews with a breeze of confidence as George Graham does, but come Sunday night (I can see early morning office lights still burning in the ENIC quarters) Georgie Boy might well be feeling the strain.

I hope more than anything in the world that I am wrong and we stuff the Hammers. Of course. But, and it pains me to contemplate it, I can see Claret and Blue and a hell of a lot of bubbles - Stuart Pearce or No Stuart Pearce.

Best regards to all there, Good luck the Yid army Sunday.

Ed : - There is a lot riding on Sunday's game.  London Pride; the "Year ending in a One" omen; and last, but not least - our season.  For once a boring 0-0 might do, although many believe that we stand a better chance of winning at Upton Park than at home.  With West Ham's injuries, it might be a case of who has the least injuries to the most important players.  I'll go for a draw, although it might be a close run thing.


I'd like to know what you, as a die-hard Tottenham supporter think about the Spurs fans who sit in the South-East corner of the stadium, and constantly chant for Georgie Boy's dismissal.

Robert Jones

Ed : - I think MEHSTG's views on chanting against the team are well documented.  We can really see no benefit to the team if it goes on during play.  Players have come out and said that it affects them and in the long run it will make for a poorer Spurs team if results can't be gained because of their own fans.
Everyone has the right to say what they want, so I wouldn't preach to people on what they should and shouldn't do, but it is certainly stirring up some feeling amongst our own fans with the fights that broke out at the Charlton FA Cup game.
Now that Sugar has gone, I suppose one faction of the fans will be pleased.
When GG took over, it was never going to be a love affair, but the fact that fans feel unable to get behind the team is sad.
Fans are fanatical.
Supporters support.
When the fans do get behind the team it seems to have a good effect.  0-0's aren't much fun sometimes, but maybe they are part of the team's development.  So let's hope that there will be enough to cheer from here on in to the end of the season.

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