Letters from Post Box 1999



I write with interest in response to Andy P’s letter in Vol.2 Issue 10. regarding the Golden Boy. Why does GG persist with Ian Walker ? In the debacle at Newcastle, he let in six of which was directly responsible for one goal and at fault for four others. He fails to command his area and this is particularly evident when Sol is not playing. We certainly need a commanding keeper to lead our defence. Baardsen must be given a chance. The joke is, in "The Sun" the day after the 1-6 defeat, Walker is pictured asking "Where is my defence ?" I suggest he stops making excuses for his own lapses.

GG must also sign a striker soon. The fact that he constantly acknowledges that we need another striker does not offset the fact that he has failed to produce the goods and sign one. In many games this season, we have wasted too many chances and another striker would, by holding up the ball, take some pressure off the defence. When are we going to have a new signing George ??

Richard Porter, Cheshunt.

Ed :- The striker question is covered in depth elsewhere, but the keeper position is also one that courts much debate. Walker has his faults, as I am sure he would admit, but the Sun headline was a writer’s dream - probably not Ian’s own comments. The one thing that has concerned me recently about Walker is the taking of crosses. He seemed to be back in the groove, but the hit by Ricard at Boro seems to have shaken him up like that by Fashanu at Wimbledon some seasons back. He was not as confident for some while after that and it looks as though that may have recurred. Baardsen is not that brilliant on crosses either, for a taller man. His penchant for punching, sometimes backfires and even in the reserves, he can cause problems for the defence by not getting the proper distance on the clearance. However, he is a bit better on one-on-one’s; both goalies being pretty good shot stoppers. There are plus and minus points for Walker and Baardsen, but as to who comes out on top, I wouldn’t like to wager. At the moment, Walker seems to have the boss’ vote and that is what counts.


I am a lifetime supporter of the club. I live in Ireland so I only occasionally get to actually see the team. As a young boy (many years ago !) I was attracted  by Spurs style of play and the magic of the team in the early sixties.
It is most disappointing and disheartening to look at the present and recent teams. It pains me to say that we are now a second rate team with too many second rate players. Are there no youngsters at the club? What is the point of buying more second
rate players in their 30's - Sherwood, Freund . Ramon Vega ought to be ashamed to wear our jersey. He wouldn't get his place in many a lower division side and yet...........
Even our anthem has been taken over by another club (I never mention them).
Having been humiliated in the FA Cup I predict that we will now struggle to avoid relegation unless some drastic steps are taken.
The manager and powers that be need to take a long term view and aspire to bring back  the old playing style: it will still work.

I live in hope
Tom Garry
Have we forgotten our motto   AUDERE EST FACERE

Ed:- The current crop of players are good enough for a mid-table placing, but beyond that it is my opinion that the club will need to spend to go on from there.  The youngsters at Peterborough United are regularly linked with Spurs and indeed the signing of the Swede Jonsson are long-term buys, but they will not be played in the first team in the near future.  Any youngster coming in now will have the weight of expectancy upon them and it could ruin them.  Not that they would get the chance to play anyway.  For all we hear about the youth prospects we have, we don't get to see many of them.  Is Gower really worse than Fox or Dominguez ?? Are Fenn and McVeigh that bad that they don't rank above Piercy in the strikers pecking order ??  When Korsten (not a youngster) doesn't get brought on against Watford when Ginola goes off, then how do these players ever get a chance to prove whether they can make it ??  I am sure the money is there, but when and on whom it is spent is a very moot point.


An Open Letter To Alan Sugar.
I last wrote directly to you shortly after Terry Venables had been dismissed when I asked you to outline your vision for the future of THFC.
After years of unremitting under achievement we have now seen George Graham temporarily actually arrest what was becoming terminal decline and on extremely meagre resources fashion a team capable of at least demanding respect.
The time is now right to ask you the question again - "What is your vision for THFC and how are you going to achieve it". I ask, as if we are to go that further mile, and become challengers for the Premiership and a regular fixture in the Champions League, some fundamental issues need to be resolved:
· The current capacity of the stadium must be increased. When Manchester United and Arsenal are contemplating 60,000+ capacities, and even the likes of West Ham and Coventry are talking of 40,000, it doesn't take a genius to realise we are going to be left behind if we do not take appropriate action. Each extra £20 odd through the turnstiles gives others an ongoing advantage
· The existing wage structure must be reviewed; otherwise our ability to retain what few genuinely saleable assets will be compromised as they decide to seek pastures new. Are you really prepared to risk losing Sol Campbell !! Furthermore if you don't pay the going rate how can you hope to attract top-drawer players. Which brings us on to the transfer policy.
· Our activity in the transfer market has become a farce, and again must be addressed. It has to be realised that we cannot continue to expect George Graham to make "silk purses out of sow's ears". We have to be in the market for proven international class players to address the alarming deficiencies we have in the striking and creative midfield departments as well as strengthening a pitifully small squad.

You will no doubt seek to give me a lesson in economics, and your views on the financial state of the game are well documented, but the likes of Chelsea, once definitely our inferiors, have shown that it can be done. We are now renowned by players, other clubs, supporters and the media for our parsimony. You have to speculate to accumulate if we are to succeed, and its not as if the supporters are not doing their bit, given that we pay more than most for the privilege of watching our team.
Come on Mr. Sugar prove to us all that you are not simply prepared to jog along in the slipstream of teams we were once the equal, if not better of. My vision for the early years of the new Millennium is for a Tottenham team taking all before it on the European stage watched by heaving crowds of supporters. I suspect yours is not the same, or if so not achievable given the current financial strictures in place.
Prove me wrong by showing that the supporters, the lifeblood of the club, are at least equal stakeholders, with the shareholders of the plc.

Dave Chaplin


Firstly, I must state that I am an Australian, but a big Spurs fan.  What I fail to understand is the mediocrity of the professionals in the Premiership.  I see reports where phrases like "poor passing", "doesn't create/run into space" "no back tracking" "not big enough" "tired in the last 15 minutes" are commonplace.  What is the story?  What do the players do all week?  Spend their disposable income in new and more obscene ways?

Here we have the AFL (and I doubt you'll publish this because it holds no interest to your readers) where most players are semi-professional.  Nevertheless, they aren't tired in the last 15 minutes (the grounds are about 4 times the size of a soccer pitch and matches all run past 120 minutes), they are all big enough, defence is usually only broken by good (rather than disorganised) attack or brilliant players, space is always being created.  An AFL player (average annual salary is less than 50,000 pounds) would soon be de-listed if he committed the horrid errors I have been reading in Spurs reports every week of late.
Send the players to gym, make them run 20 miles a week.  How to teach them the simple dynamics of the game, I have no idea.  Buy some youngsters and teach them - get rid of Anderton, who is a greedy over-rated waste of a Spurs shirt, and buy a young up and comer (hopefully with some commitment to more than his bank account).
I see about one hour of highlights (or low-lights) each week, but reckon I would be a bargain for no transfer fee and a room at Sol's place (plus expenses).  At 190cm, 89kg, fit (by Premiership standards anyway) and quick, I think I could put more in the back of the net than Iversen.  The amount of times you see him pull up short, spray wide or get bustled off the ball is absolutely shameful.
GG and Mr. S, buy a decent striker (or gamble on me - I'm cheap and no worse than what you've got) and try to lure one John Quinn away from the Essendon Football Club to get some semblance of fitness and strength into the team.
John Quinn is the fitness guru at Essendon (Australia's premier AFL club) and is just what Spurs need to run out a game.  Please find attached picture of Matthew Lloyd, an Essendon Footballer (aged 19), and see what Mr. Quinn could do for Spurs.

Ed : - I don't know why you thought we wouldn't print your mailing. It has as much validity as any other and although Aussie Rules (as it is called in the UK) is a strange hybrid of rugby and hurling (an Irish sport), the analogy is not without credibility. There are many basic applications of the game which were missing in yesterday's thrashing. GG has come out and said it is his fault as he trains the players and therefore, should ensure they can perform properly. There are many tactical errors being made by the manager which seem to be at odds to his previous incarnations in the Premiership. "A George Graham side would never have folded like that"; "A George Graham defence would never have performed like that"; "A George Graham team would never have showed the lack of heart he demands". But Tottenham are doing these things and where does it leave them ?? A long way behind the average sides in the League and Newcastle United aren't even one of those !! As for the AFL players making it in the League, well I'm not sure that muscle bound lads would have a long career, but the fitness angle is a good point. As you know, Spurs have had a long history of injury problems over the last few years and something needs to be done, but there should be enough players in reserve to cover these eventualities. All in all, even though you are a long way from the Lane, you feel it just as much as those who go every week. It doesn't get any easier, does it ??


Before all and sundry begin the inevitable inquest, remember, losing to Fulham is only the latest in a long line of Cup cock ups. Just off the top of my head Notts Co.,Bolton, Port Vale & Bradford spring to mind & felt just as bad. At least Fulham performed well
to beat us.
They all hurt, but it's not just this one game is it. This was an accident waiting to happen. We usually have 2 or 3 poor performers in most matches. Tonight was one of those nights when all 11 were shite.
It's long been recognised by most people, especially discerning MEHSTG readers, that we've 'got away with it' for a long time now. Well deserved, but ultimately flattering, results against the Arse & Manure hide the fact that we always have 2-3 players playing below par, but not, frustratingly, always the same ones. Who would have thought tonight that both the Solman & Perry could play so badly ??
The underlying problem is the strength and depth of GG's squad and until its addressed we know we'll continue to be, let's be charitable, inconsistent. On this form what chance against Pest Ham or the Barcodes ?? Not a prayer ??

The trouble with this team is that we're just as likely to win as lose and winning the odd 'big one' clouds the issue. If a shite result/performance such as this leads to AS, GG or DP (or whose ever bloody responsibility it is ) bringing in, this time I'll be realistic, a couple of new players then perhaps it'll turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Ed :- Well, Andy, it was one of those Cup shocks that lost Ossie his job, so GG to go ?? I'm sure there are still many who would gladly see him shown the door, but we need stability as well as new players.  The same players who played determinedly against the Arse and Man. U are the same ones who went missing in action (or should that be inaction) last night.  Consistency must be their aim, hopefully consistently successful.  On the showing against Horsfield and Hayles, Sol may reconsider a move to Italy and stay on to continue his education with Spurs.

I am glad to see that one website reads Sport First.  re: the Izzett rumour.  I hope it becomes more than that, however I do think it is only a rumour.  This publication is littered with errors such as when Spurs played Zimbru - the Sunday edition reported we had drawn 0-0 with Brentford. 
Izzett is a class act and deserves to be in the England squad, so once Chris Perry gets the call up he deserves, then hopefully this will persuade Muzzy to move back to London and join the Yid army.
Also what do you think re: Goldbaek as a right winger - replacement for Shaggy?  Old I know but well worth £2m of any one's money.

Ed : seeing as how Sugar/Graham/Pleat are reluctant to spend any money, I think it is unlikely that £2 million on a 30 year old non-international will be considered a good investment.  At the moment it is hard to see where the next incoming player will be from.  GG said at the weekend that we should not expect a striker in the immediate future, so it will be a rush to the "knocked out of the FA Cup" sales to get new faces.  I would hope that Tottenham are aiming a bit higher in class than Goldbaek (even though he got a scorcher against us last season), but Izzett seems more like the player that the current top brass might go for and might consider as a "flair" player.


I think its about time that White Hart Lane's capacity was increased to a satisfactory level i.e. 50,000 or thereabouts . This could easily be achieved by redeveloping the West Stand. The West side of the ground is the only option as it has a large area behind the current West Stand within which Spurs could build a stand to the same size as those big bastards at Old Trafford and Elland Road . We could have an underground
car park, as seen at Stamford Bridge . What are your thoughts ?
Andrew Smith

Ed : - I think that there would be enough demand for a stadium to house around 40,000, especially when you look at the type of growth that clubs like West Ham are considering. Should Spurs get to a position where they are challenging for the title regularly and getting into Europe, then it is feasible the 50,000 crowds could be a reality. The club have permission for the next five years to expand to around the size you mention, but as with all things Tottenham, it is down to Sugar and economics as to whether it comes to fruition. I'm sure if he thinks of the income it would generate, then he might do it.  The important thing is to stay where we are - finding a new site would be problematical and could involve a move well outside the North London area, which would be awful, but would possibly be the only way to grow; what with the local Council not being too enamoured of the club.


Having seen your latest response to Joseph citing reasons why Sol wants to leave.  I do not think he does.  He is and always has been honest & TRUE TO HIS WORD. Sure he would like the squad improved - who doesn't - but I fully understand that he would rather leave the talking after all the football has been played. 
Graham has not signed as many players as the fans want.  Somehow we missed out on Robbie Keane - sorry I still cannot believe he plays for Coventry -  but he has improved the team now almost beyond recognition.  It may not always be attractive but they are a team and very effective 8 times out of 10.
Anyway back to my original point.  Sol is spurs through & through.  Give the man a chance before saying he wants to leave.  I do not recall a transfer request.

Ed :- Not wanting Sol to leave and what may actually happen are two different things.  Maybe it is the pessimist in me, but Sol can have the pick of any club in the world at the moment.  A good Euro 2000 will push his profile and price up even further.  But having sustained his first serious injury in football, he might realise that the game is only as secure as your next tackle.  He has always given his all for the club and nobody can deny that.  Nor would they wish him well if he decided to take his talent elsewhere - as long as it is out of the country, that is.  Let's hope that Tottenham can do enough on and off the pitch before the end  of the season to convince him to stay.
With regard to Keane, I was talking to Doug from Coventry last week and he said that the only reason the Sky Blues have bought Keane is to sell him on for a large profit.  His desire to stay in the Midlands probably helped them attract him, but surely Spurs could have offered him more prospects than the Highfield Road outfit ??


I'm just writing to commend the team on the way they bounced back from the euro heartbreak to beat Arsenal, the performance of the team was excellent. I am also writing to express my concern about the rumours that we are going to buy another midfielder, surely we have enough as it is and I would have thought the lack of firepower would be the first problem to be addressed, I also totally agree with Kevin Coaker when he stresses the calibre of the strikers we are being linked with just aren't good enough.
Joseph Reeve

Ed : - The problem we all thought that existed in bringing a striker to the Lane was going to be sorted out by offering them European football.  That didn't work and the wages on offer are not likely to attract many "world class" players, so what is left ??  Those who are on offer at a  reasonable price and are international players, but not quite out of the top drawer.  Unfortunately, we are still not in that top band of Premiership clubs and won't be until the club regularly are near the top of the table, winning things and are in European action most years.  But then if we did that Sol wouldn't be looking to leave would he ??

I cannot express my horror & shock at last night.   However I never have and never will see the logic in players turning out when they are less than 100% fit.  In the long run who benefits?  Leonhardsen was a shadow of himself last night, and I have seen it in previous regimes especially when Herr Gross was in charge.
Surely these player need rest and recuperation to emphasize the fact the squad is not up to standard and money MUST be spent.NOW.


Ed : - The side do look a bit leg weary, but that is where the benefit of a big squad comes in and we haven't got a big enough one - it's as simple as that !!


Dear Editor,

Yes we battled hard for 90, but not 93 minutes; and yes it was a kick in the teeth. However I have to hold George accountable. Aside from Djorkaeff Kaiserslautern were average, pure and simple. If he'd been more positive and played Ginola, we would have scored an all-important goal. 
George is increasing starting to frustrate as our manger. I'm starting to believe he sees Tottenham as a semi-retirement job conveniently located in London. Why else doesn't he stand up to Sugar and demand the £20m, instead of just 'saying' we need 4 players on auto-repeat.
Tottenham themselves seem more than happy to be 'average'. Gone are the days of Lineker and Klinsmann, instead we sniff around pub players like Hartson, nutters like Collymore and has-beens like Ravanelli. Sol must be packing his bags for Italy as we speak.
Now totally down we have to play Arsenal. Bayern Munich still haven't recovered from Man Utd in May, so we ain't going to do it in 2 days. I fear a 3-0 or a 4-0 whacking as they look to exorcise Batistuta. Only 8 more years to go until we have another go in Europe.

Kevin Coaker

Ed : - Agree in that the game was lost in the home leg, when apart from possession, Kaiserslautern rarely threatened and we should have capitalised.  Cracked record time, but a good striker will pay his fee/wages back in no time. One more round of the UEFA would have been worth ... how much ??  The team have come a long way in a short time, but again, this result is an indication of how far we have to go.


I'm writing in response to rumours that UEFA are considering removing the European place on offer to the winners of the cup due to lack of interest shown in the competition. In my opinion there are three options 
(1)Keep it as it is and let certain premiership teams continue to make a mockery of the competition by fielding under-strength teams. 
(2) Scrap the competition completely as there is no point in adding to the already crowded fixture list with a competition that offers no incentive at the end of it. 
(3) Merge the English and Scottish competitions to install a different edge to the competition and if teams took it seriously perhaps we could finally prove that the Scottish league is, when it comes down to it, second rate besides the two top teams. 
Anyway that is enough rambling hope that can persuade other readers into a response.

Joseph Reeve

Ed : - Good points. I think the competition will go the way it started, with the big clubs not entering and then the sponsors will lose interest and then the competition will fold or be restricted to clubs from the lower end of the Premier and lower divisions ...
Shame as the League Cup did serve a purpose back in the 60's to 80's, but now the focus is on Europe.  Just wait and see the rush for teams to be in the InterToto Cup next pre-season !!

Fuelling the England v Scotland debate eh ?? Time will tell, but don't forget that form counts for nothing !!

I have to say how disappointed I am with Spurs over the way they have rearranged the Manchester United fixture.  I live in Ireland and am in a local supporters club.  They organise a trip over to a game once a year or so and this United game was chosen for the event.  What with Spurs getting through to the next round of the UEFA Cup, the match was moved back to Sunday as it was with the first round.  The man who runs the supporters club rang Spurs who replied, 'The Kickoff is definitely on Sunday'. So he goes ahead books tickets for flights into London for Saturday afternoon.  Of course the match is then changed to Saturday and if the flights aren't changed, the match will be missed.  Quite luckily, the flights got changed to Saturday morning with an extra cost of £15.  Five members of the club weren't so lucky as they were taking different flights [Sunday morning I believe] and so they lost at least £40.  It is now up in the air as to whether or not they can get tickets from a different airport.  Why didn't Spurs make sure before changing the fixture?  This sort of attitude really irritates me - I was lucky I didn't lose £180.
It really gives the impression Spurs don't care about their fans.  As well as that, I got the Spurs catalogue today and I was filling in the details for the away shirt and then I got to the postage and packing stage.  £5.50?  Other companies charge about £2 if any.  Spurs are obviously trying to make a profit on the P + P.  You would think all this income would lead to an outlay in the transfer market.  Something doesn't add up there.
***********END OF RANT**************
Dave G.

Ed : - I thought it was their PR that was lacking not their arithmetic, but I know what you mean.  In this case, I think UEFA are also to blame and like our ticket office they seem to have similar problems arranging to get drunk in a distillery.  The information given out by the staff at the ticket office is often contradictory, depending on who you speak to and the free-for-all over Kaiserslautern away tickets with no priority for season ticket holders until the last minute was another example of disinformation.  The delay over announcing the dates of the two legs has caused all sorts of problems, some of the Germans making, but it only makes the fan's life more difficult when the club lead you astray.  I thought the issuing of tickets for the Leicester match for those caught up in the Zimbru fiasco was a move in the right direction.  A case of one step forward, two steps back.


What about putting in a bid for Burchill from Celtic and Scotland? He's looked rather impressive on the international front recently, but at only 19 and with the experienced strikers (Larsson and Viduka)  ahead of him at Celtic park, we could probably offer him more first team football. He looks to be in the Owen and Keane class as far as future potential goes.

Ed : - I think Spurs did look at him last season when his contract was up for renewal and he was dithering over signing up.  An improved offer from Celtic convinced him he should stay at Parkhead - however, with the new management at the club he may want to stay longer.  Worth an offer to see how resilient The Bhoys would be.

Is it only me who thinks that Golden boy is living on borrowed time. When is the boy going to make the sort of saves that Martyn, Walsh, Hedman and Flowers seem to pull off on a regular basis.

He was caught faffing about ( that's the polite way of putting it) on his line instead of coming for Izzey's cross and should most definitely not have been caught out on his near post for Leicester's' winner. I'm fed up with his lack of presence around his area & his general inability to save the game when it matters.

By way of justifying my lack of confidence in him I can recall spending 45 minutes at Bradford low down looking through the net at his 2nd half performance. The defence had no verbal help from him at all, he seemed like a little boy playing in a man's game and afraid to take any chances in case he made a mistake. 

From my season ticket perch way up in the North Upper he looks no better. A small keeper with no apparent confidence. Come on GG give Baardsen his long overdue chance.


Ed : - This is the second mailing in a couple hours about Walker's lack of security.  The consensus here and elsewhere, is to give Espen a shot at the task. His command of the area is good and recently Walker has been punching, which is one of Baardsen's preferred options. Having said Ian hasn't looked safe in the last couple of game sties in with a knee injury he has been carrying, but with the defence not at full strength, you need a strong character in goal to organize and to shut out the opposition if they do get through.

Dear Ed
 There are not many emails incoming at the moment.or are you very selective.
1/    Baardsen in Walker out.
2/    Buy Alan Rodgers from Forest
3/    Buy a striker - who I don't know. I dearly wanted Robbie Keene - lack of foresight on DP & GG's part.
That's it for now.
Steve - Sussex Yid

Ed: - Communications are a bit low at the moment - we tend to post all mailings, but the general theme is to buy a striker. Hopefully one we have heard of and not some unknown 22 year old Swede who has scored twice in Serie A for Bari !! He could turn out to be another Hasselbaink, but for £5.5 million you could get a good English striker - Oh ! How much did Keane go for ?? and how much would David Johnson of Ipswich cost ?? A little more, but someone who is established in this country and had already got a few more than two goals this season. Walker does seem to be letting it slip a bit. Difficult for him as the defence is not the same without Sol there, but Espen might just be itching to have another crack at the big time.  Alan Rodgers ?? Wasn't he going to Liverpool for big bucks ?? Not sure he would be the answer - there are probably better players in his position out there, although I can't think of them at he moment. Oh what about Lizarazu of Bayern Munich ??


        Dear MEHSTG, 
                         I think that the Bradford match illustrated the fact that we definitely need to sign a striker or two.  Letting Chris Sutton and Emile Heskey get away were definitely mistakes, but nothing compared to
Keane. I think Robbie has about as much potential as Michael Owen. There are young British forwards avaliable, we just have to be willing to pay for them .  Heskey,  Beattie,  Kevin Phillips , Clinton Morrsion, Lee Hughes, and especially Craig Bellamy when he is recovered are all worth looking at.  I think GG and Pleat's reasoning for wanting to buy a goal scorer who is proven at the top level is rather silly.  We are not going to contend for the championship this year, neither realistically is there any chance we will be relegated. This means that now is an excellent chance to build for the future. Buy a young striker with a huge amount of potential and give him some significant Premiership experience. 
           Ferdinand is old and can no longer last 90 minutes, he is always getting banged up. Chris Armstrong has never developed into a top quality goal scorer and won't be likely to ever.  Steffen Iversen is pretty good but overrated. He has yet to transfer his performances for Norway ( He scores more often than not) to Spurs. Every one talks about his potential and makes excuses when he misses chances because he is so young and still developing. He is the same age as Robbie Fowler and look how many he puts away. Though I have something of a soft spot for both of them Chris and Les must go, Steffen can stay but unless he vastly improves in a year or two he doesn't belong anywhere better than the bench.  I think Bellamy is our best hope for the future, as many rate him to be Welsh equivalent to Owen and Keane. If he can be half as good as the two of them he will be well worth having.

                                                         Cheers,  Davo

Ed : - Again, there is no arguing with your comments and I hope that one of those ementioned will be on his way to White Hart Lane. My particular favourite for getting the goals would be Hughes. He seems to have the knack of knowing where the goals are. Bellamy, when he gets over his injury would also be a good buy, but he would play in more of an attacking midfield role, coming into the box late to get on the end of things - like Platt in his heyday.


Just wanted to write and air my views on Gerard Houllier after watching how he basically ruined Ginola's life while he was in France, and for what a stray free kick in the Bulgarians half!!! I don't understand quite how Houllier can say that Ginola is a criminal for what he did, what about the other 10 French players who just let them waltz down the pitch almost unchallenged. It's a disgrace and I hope that Liverpool continue to win nothing so he finds out what it's like to have fans and the press attack him. Best of luck to Spurs for the rest of the campaign and lets hope we can add to the silverware of last year.

Joseph Reeve (e-mail)

Ed : - Fully agree Joseph. It's only a game after all and a team game at that. Why single out one person for his criticism and set him up as a target for abuse from all areas of the media and the fans. It seems like a case from deflecting the flak that was coming his way onto one of the players and Ginola fitted the bill, which has blighted his career ever since. I liked what David said about someone answering for what had gone on !! He doesn't seem to be one who will let things go !!

After last seasons Worthington Cup Win and gaining a place in Europe surely Georgieboy should have looked at some quality signings to strengthen for this season.  Unfortunately this has not materialised, we constantly hear speculation that we have been linked with a top star but somebody else always beats us to them, I personally think it is time for Mr Sugar to open his wallet and pay for quality International players instead of mediocre squad players. 

Tottenham at this moment in time need an inspirational figure in the squad, yes, we have Ginola and Anderton, but if these players do not play we look very average.  We also need a forward who will terrorise defenders with skill and pace, ie Heskey or Raul at Real Madrid. Obviously Raul is out of the question as Mr Sugar will only pay up to £5 million and pay only £23,000 a week but it is now time to buy big and get The Spurs fighting in the top three, I personally think George Graham is doing a superb job with what he has but we have only a middle of the table squad, so please please please Mr Sugar get your wad out and make us a major force to be reckoned with and put us ahead of the Mancs scum and the Gooners.

Jason Forster

Fan in Hull

Ed : - Like most fans, we can see where money needs to be spent to "refresh" the side, but why can't the top brass (or isn't there any in their pockets ??). It's frustrating as you don't want GG to spend recklessly, like some of his predecessors, but you have to speculate to accumulate and all we can hope for is that Graham is biding his time to get the man he wants - whoever that may be ??


Dear Editor

I'm writing from Singapore and have been a genuine Spurs fan since the early 80s. I really missed those days with the likes of Glenn Hoddle, Ray Clemence, Clive Allen and later on Lineker and Gazza. We were once feared and won. But looking at the past few years with the exception of the League Cup victory, there's nothing much to cheer about.

With the mediocre new signings, I am afraid it is still the struggling Spurs for the new season and worse still for European matches. To fulfill the ultimate Spurs dream I have to turn to my PC and CM3. I am a big fan of CM3 and in season 99/00 I came in 2nd in the league behind Man Utd, won the FA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup. Right now in season 00/01, I have already won the Charity Shield (against Man U), Super Cup (Man U again), doing really well in Europe and most of all after 20 games in the League, top of the Premier League !

How I got about doing it ? By tearing up the entire Spurs squad and getting quality players. Sold in the first season were Vega, Freund, Armstrong, Edinburg, Trammezani, Walker, Dominquez. Then Sinton, Calderwood, Saib, Segers and Ferdinand were all relegated to reserves and recently, Taricco and Campbell (with regret) were sold.

I do not hope that in real life Spurs would be broken up just like that but I really wish GG would do to Spurs what he did to Arsen*l and Leeds; bring Glory and Success to all deserving Spurs fans. Though I have never been to a live match, but here in Singapore there are a good crowd of Spurs fans huddled before their tellies whenever Spurs play.

Give us a chance to celebrate and not complain or be mocked by the Man Utd fans which are like 80% of the soccer fans' population here.

Best Regards

Water T


Dear Editor,

After the Chelsea match, a general consensus was held that we had much to look forward to in 1999/00. The likes of Heskey and Sutton were rumored transfer targets, and a "European Tour" was about to begin. The defence had improved, but we needed someone to put the ball in the 'onion bag'.
So with the new season fast improving, why has anticipation turned to apathy. I lay the blame at the feet of David Pleat. 12 months ago many players were rumored and linked with Tottenham, and nothing much materialised. Summer of '99 - déjà vu. We cannot blame Gross this year, but I note that Mr. Pleat remains involved. Heskey and Sutton aren't coming. The Bridges and Israeli deals hit snags, and the Perry deal took an age to go through. Does Pleat resent the modern wage demands, or does he infuriate the players through his inability to pronounce their surnames?
The THFC transfer policy seems to be characterized by caution. After yet another scandalous increase in our season ticket prices, we deserve better. Prolific goalscorers do not come cheap either. Instead of sounding out
players at Norwich or Sunderland's reserves, we should be looking to attract big names. Someone to create a buzz around N17. That means breaking the £10m transfer barrier. The 'Big 3' don't think twice about signing such cheques. We don't even entertain it. As long as we shy away from such purchases, we'll never move away from our mid-table position. And this season's "European Tour" will prove to be just a day-trip, and not an annual outing.

Kevin Coaker


Is Gooner George really daft enough to piss Daveeed off so much that he leaves us ?? I can't really believe there is any other explaination for GG subbing Gin with 15 minute to go against the Arse.
GG is nobody's fool but there was never a valid footballing reason for taking Daveeeeeeed off. Both Dixon & Parlour were on yellows & for the only period of the game we were just about competing on equal terms with a very good Arse side. Gooner George then blows it by taking off our most potent threat. Why oh why ? I suppose the conspiracy theory is that he's still a closet Gooner, but I think that is probably a bit over the top. Was GG trying to make a point about Daveeeed's supposed lack of defensive awareness ?? If he was it was a particularly daft time to make the point. Is he trying to get Gin to leave of his own accord so that none of the blame comes his way? Surely not, as most of the praise he's received for improving us would go straight out of the window. With Gooner George consistenty telling us he's building a squad surely he can find room for Daveed.


Ed:- Andy, I fully agree. How did he expect Spurs to get back a goal, when we hardly looked like scoring all night (no surprise there) ? Jose will always be more effective as a sub I'm afraid, but even so, his cross found Anderton the nearest to it and when did he last score with his head ?? David was our best hope of getting them further rattled and our chances did disappear when he went off. I can't believe that GG is trying to engineer a situation that's sees Ginola leave, but who knows what goes on behind the scenes ? Is GG tired of Ginola's increasing wage demands ? Is he envious of the attention David gets, as suggested by one radio phone-in caller ? Is he concerned that after the effective spell that DG had leading up to the FA Cup semi final, that he has now reverted to type and is only playing for himself ? I'm sure that all Spurs fans hope that Ginola will be at White Hart Lane next season, with Tottenham and that there are a number of class reinforcements around him to have a better season than this.


The person who sits next to me at Spurs made an interesting comment at the So'ton game. Whilst it may be good for time wasting and confidence,bringing a player off to a standing ovation very near the end of a game, is it worth doing so when it means that by not fulfilling the full 90 minutes of the game the player misses out on the chance to count the match as one of the five he needs to get an earlier booking removed? Valid point, or is the bloke an idiot?

The Trainers sponge  

Ed: - Dear "Trainers", I think your fellow Spurs fan has a valid point. What in heavens name are the management doing, trying to ensure all our players get suspensions ??? For the sake of a couple of minutes stuck out on the wing, with strict instructions not to touch the ball, one yellow card could be erased fairly easily over the course of five games. On the other hand, the bloke next to you could just be a pedantic fool, who glories in the minutiae of the game !!


Well Andy Sinton went and shoved my comments down my throat on Tuesday night didn't he?  His goal was excellent but it was his desire to cross the ball that I was pleased with, perhaps he'd read my comments in MEHSTG.

I'm writing the morning after it has been confirmed that Tim Sherwood is a Spurs player.  Whilst I think we've paid a little too much for him (as usual) I do think he can offer us 2 or 3 years of good play and he is a worthy addition to the squad.  I am concerned about this whole 'Squad' ethic that we've seen appearing in England for the last couple of years. Whilst Spurs aren't up there with Chelsea or Man Utd yet, we already have too many midfielders and my question is how is GG going to keep them all happy?

Nielsen is in the form of his life and looks to have created a sound partnership with Freund in the middle of the park.  Freund needs half a dozen more games before he really knows what it's all about, but I rate him and would keep him in the middle.  What with Darren Anderton's desire to play centrally and Ginola's licence to roam, who is GG going to make a regular?  I feel that Freund will be the one to move over for Sherwood and I just don't think it's very fair to bring a quality player over from another country and stick him on the bench. 

Surely GG isn't going to play Nielsen, Freund and Sherwood together, so what's going to give?

Mike Catlow - Horsham Spurs.

Ed: - I cannot eat another thing at the moment as I am fully fed on humble pie. Sints turne din anoutstanding performance, among many others, so "Sorry Andy" if you're readin out there. There is no doubt that once David is fit he will return, but it is important to have the kind of player in the squad who can come in to do the business when required. As for the plethora of midfielders at the club - I always thought George collected centre-halves !! With the two incumbents making a good case for retention, I can only assume that GG will use Sherwood to give a more creative option instead of Freund on occasion. Also, with the ball-winner becoming a marked man in terms of cards, the need for quality replacements when injury or suspensions strike is quite valid. There may come a time when someone squeals because they are not playing, but George will not let that bother him, I'm sure.



You may (or probably won't) remember me mailing some months ago asking for your thoughts on whether Shaggy was a spent force and should be sold and if Saib deserved a chance.  No worries if you don't - Saib seems to have shown himself the door anyway.  Of course I was wrong and Dazzling Darren is coming into some form which is good news for Spurs - just show's what I know eh?

My question this time is with reference to GG's options in midfield whilst 'Gin Gin the Magic Man' is sidelined through suspension and injury.  I read that Sinton looks most likely to replace DG on the wing but I cannot see what he offers us by way of a replacement.  OK, it's a hard job for anybody to look half as good as DG at left wing but Sinton doesn't seem able to cross a ball anymore!  He has no pace and seems to lack ambition when taking on men.  He plays with a grimace on his face and doesn't seem to enjoy playing for Spurs anymore.  I thought he looked OK filling in at left back earlier in the season and maybe because he knew it was only temporary, he put in some better performances.  Why can't George give Jose Dominguez a chance?  I think Jose is naturally a right winger but surely he could have a go on the left!  Short of one appearance in the Worthington cup earlier in the season he hasn't had a chance from what I can remember.

With Ginola out of the side we look desperately short of ideas, Anderton aside.  Jose could stake a claim for more involvement in the team given the chance.

What say you?

Mike Catlow

Ed: - Well, you seem to have hit a thorny nail on the head there. The problem being the difficult one of who can replace David ?? Sinton looks like a good squad player at most these days and recent reports that he has refused to sign a new contract may mean he is on his way. As for Jose, I think GG is more likely to prefer Sinton because he gets back to defend more readily and he likes that sort of player. Going forward, I think that Dominguez has the edge over both Sinton and Fox, neither of whom appear to have much confidence taking defenders on any more. Sinton did look OK coming on for Ginola in the semi-final first leg though. It's a tricky one, but I would like to see more of Taricco, who can play the left wing back role. The number of players we have that are able to play wide is many and very few actually play. I know there are benefits of a big squad, but surely not if players are not utilised.

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