Letters from Post Box 1998


Doesn't this page ever get updated?!

Here are some new views if it ever does.

1)  Anderton has to play wide, regardless of where he wants to play.
2)  Walker is getting undeserved stick.  He deserves his chance - if he'd made the mistakes Baardsen has made this season, the fans would have broken into his house and beaten him up by now.
3)  Nielsen has been playing well, but is over-rated.  The fans are going way over the top with their praise of him, and I write as someone who always stuck up for him when everyone else was giving him stick.  I always felt he would be a decent grafter and worker in the middle, which he has become, but lets not put pressure on him by talking of him as a cornerstone of a championship challenging team - as letters on other Spurs sites do.  He is OK, but would probably have to make way for someone more talented if we really do start going place (likewise Edinburgh, Armstrong and possibly Iversen).
4)  Freund sounds like a good signing, if he has recovered his pre-injury nightmare form (sound familiar....Darren Anderton?!)

Thats it.

Paul, Muswell Hill

Ed - Sorry, but the page only gets updated when letters come in that can be uploaded. So, thank you for your contribution - it is gratefully received. As for the points you raise, well
1) Fully agree - he should play where he will perform best for the team, not just himself.
2) I think, without wanting to sit on the fence, that it is good news that we have two decent keepers at the club. It should keep them on their toes to know that the other can come in and perform well enough to keep them on the bench. Baardsen has made some mistakes, but only the one against West Ham was costly. He made some fine stops in games Tottenham did well in, but he's still young and hopefully will learn from the gaffes he has made.
3 & 4) Nielsen has often not received the acknowledgement he deserves when the team were not playing well and he seemed the only one who was working hard, but that alone is not enough. I am sure that GG has a place for him in the engine room alongside Fruend, with Anderton moving outside to oust Fox (well that's what I hope anyway). This will give a decent ball-winning combination to provide it on a plate for David and Darren. The manager will have noted who is adequate in the side at the moment and who will be making way should quality players become available. It will be interesting to see what transpires over the next few months.

I am an Ipswich town fan and I am writing to you to talk about Mauricio Tarrico. Everyone at Ipswich was really sad to see Mauricio go, he was an excellent player and a favourite of the fans, I want to wish him every
success at Tottenham. He definately has the quality to succeed in the Premiership and I hope you all realise what a fabulous accquisition you have made ( and at a knock down price as well )

Look after Mauricio and he will serve you well, now he's bought our Argentinian star George Graham better bloody well pick him, good luck Mauricio and good luck tottenham - you are now my adopted premiership club as I really do want Mauricio to enjoy success in his football career.
He was our 1997 fans player of the year, there are not many players who put their heart and soul into their club and Tarrico is one of the last of that dying breed.

Melanie Wright
Gt Cornard Suffolk

Ed - I've had a few similar comments from other Ipswich supporting colleagues and I hope he will be as good for Tottenham as he was for Ipswich. As for getting him on the cheap, well, you stole Jamie Clapham from us and with the transfers of Jason Dozzell, Alan Brazil and Jason Cundy, we must be about square
now !!!

So, how low can the once mighty Lillywhites sink ? Having started this season in a similar vein to the end of the last, Herr Gross is dispatched and the long suffering faithful hold their breath to await Mr. Amstrad's inspired selection of a new manager.
Just to prove how out of touch he really is and how tradition counts for nothing, we read with growing certainty that an ex-filth player famous for his 'title by strangulation' tactics is soon to beat a path to our door. No other names are mentioned and perhaps this really demonstrates just how far we have sunk, as a decade ago there would have been a list of the great and good willing to chew off their right arms to manage the mighty Spurs.
Now it might be nearly 25 years ago, but I think most fans will either remember or will have learned just what happened the last time we appointed a manager who had played for the enemy.  Terry Neill was his name and I for one still have recurring nightmares about the two seasons in which we saw the systematic break-up of a EUFA cup winning side and the beginning of a journey into the (then) second division.
If the worst happens, would someone please explain how Mr.Bung is going to inspire a team with a fair sprinkling of second rate 'foreigners' in order that they might spill blood when we visit Highbury.  I can fully appreciate him doing the reverse in his time at Highbury, but I ask any life long Spurs fan reading this to imagine themself as manager of the filth.  Could any of you honestly say you could give it 110% and gently take Ray Parlour aside, explaining just how you wanted him to put Shaggy into the third row of the stand! (How many out there remember Robbo doing that to Charlie Nicholas?) (Ahhh ....... such happy times)

C'mon you Whites

Pat Stonrode

Ed:- How does that old song go now ? “... And if, you know, your history”. Well, Sugar isn’t looking too closely at those dusty old books and if things go wrong, he will be in the same boat as those predecessors who appointed Neill. The appointment is discussed elsewhere , but a leopard can never really change his spots. Or should that be his red and white shirt ?

Dear Sirs,

I am lucky enough to have a job in the IT industry where I am expected to use the internet to search for and gather relevant information.  I, therefore, see it as essential that I have all Spurs websites bookmarked.  I happened across your quite fantastic "Mine Eye's Have Seen The Glory" a few weeks back, and now check back after every game.
Firstly let me say that your 'Alternative Club Histories' section has armed me with so much ammunition against my Arsenal, Birmingham City and Blackpool loving colleagues, that I am forever in your debt.
Secondly allow me to ask you what you think of the current situation at our beloved club.  I am writing to you just prior to the visit of Leeds and 'you know who' on Saturday.

Am I alone in thinking that Anderton has had long enough to make an impression.  True he was good before his injuries years ago, but then he was playing in a better side back then so maybe he looked better.  As I see it he is the exact opposite of John Barnes.  Barnes was great for his club, and crap for England, Anderton is a reversed mirror image of Barnes.  Many clubs seem keen to secure his services, let's sell him and buy a great player with the 5 or 6 million pounds we are likely to receive for 'Sicknote'.
I know he is injured at the moment (back, I think) but surely Moussa Saib should be given a first team place when fit.  Every time I have seen him play he has looked assured, confident and a very good passer of the ball.  He looks like a Spurs player, he sees openings and delivers the ball through them when they are there, if there is no forward pass on, he will knock a simple ball to another white shirt, retaining possession.  I think our problems at the moment stem from not having enough people who are confident on the ball.  We have and Fox.
One more thing, isn't Ginola going to get pissed off with losing soon and 'Do an Eric'?  I know he keeps saying he's committed to Spurs and won't leave, but surely a man can only take so much!!!
Anyway enough whinging but I'd be interested to hear your views on the above.  Your site is great, long may it continue.

!!!!!!!!  Come On You Spurs !!!!!!

Regards, Mike Catlow, Horsham, West Sussex - Club Member.

Ed: - Well what can you say ? Have ever such a talented bunch of individuals been such a let down collectively ? You are right about Anderton. In the past he has been one of my favourite players, but appears to have gone past his best now. His insistence at playing in the middle of midfield is a nonsense, as he no longer has the fitness or the pace to damage the opposition there. He is still more effective on the wing, although again he has to rely on ability to get around the full-backs, rather than pace.
Ginola is outstanding, but can be so frustrating. The Blackburn game was a good example, because if we had not won it, it would have been because he wouldn't pass to colleagues in the open, as he wanted to score the goal of the season. He will probably stay with the club, although I doubt if he would still be there if we had gone down. I'm not sure who else would have him, as if he ever left Tottenham, it would cast a doubt over his ability at a big club. And Sol will probably be the one to leave because he gets fed up with losing. You only have to look at the expression on his face as another goal goes in to realise that unless there is a difference and soon, that he'll be on his bike. And it will be such a shame as he loves Tottenham - but that doesn't seem to count for much anymore (Howells, Mabbutt). Tramezzani appears to be as hopeless as the rest of the left-backs at the club with every passing week and Berti has been having a bit of a mare this season. Saib hasn't really recaptured the form of last term, with his ability to keep the ball moving being blunted, probably by others not moving to receive the ball. Football is primarily a simple game, but sometimes, we make it look so bloody hard.
    Graham will arrive shortly, or so I'm led to believe. One part of me wants him to tighten up our defence and make Tottenham hard to beat. The other half sees him producing dour, faceless teams with little character. And the third half sees a Gooner coming to manage Tottenham. I only hope he
gets it right if he does come, because, boy, I wouldn't like to be in his shoes if he doesn't. Anyway, a draw is the best we could hope for tomorrow, so here's to a boring 0-0. We'd better get used to it.


Where have all the fans gone ? Is this all we have at home ? How many times will the White Hart Lane ground be full this season ? So far, there is yet to be a sold out game, despite the Ticket Office’s claims that there were no tickets available for the Blackburn game. If so, what were all those blue gaps in the Upper South Stand then ? It means that the club must be missing out on gate money from those empty seats. Perhaps it is time to review the pricing regime at long last. Cheaper prices = more people coming = just as much money through the gate, if not more and a better atmosphere. Some times it sounds like a training session when you can hear the players talking to each other. And talking of low crowds, could you believe the official attendance for the Brentford home game ? Did they got Chris Armstrong to count them when he was seeing double after that bang on the head !!
Yours Forever Spurs,
Peter Gardiner, Winchmore Hill.

Ed:- It seems a bit odd that the ticket office are unaware that seats are available. Surely, it couldn’t be that the ticket holders just didn’t turn up. And the crowd counting at Tottenham has always been a bit difficult, because those people just won’t stay still. Ticket pricing is a thing that is dear to all football fans and one day the ceiling will be reached where even those who can afford to go now won’t be able to any longer. Or won’t want to. It’s bad enough now, can you imagine if Graham comes and introduces his inimitable brand of sterile goal-free football to the Lane ? There have been many cries for the game to be returned to the fans, who, whatever anyone else says, are the lifeblood of the game. What would it be like at home games if the ground had been developed to give an even bigger capacity though ?? Eerie !!


I still think the 3 points earned on Saturday have only masked over some flaws that were still there... I watched the game live and was worried every time Vega, Carr or Tramezzani got near the ball .... especially when Carr was bombing forward with one minute left ... for goodness sake I don't know why he wasn't defending and was in the Everton penalty area.
Poor Everton though ... they've spent 17 million to be in a shambles bigger than we are in ... I can't wait for them to go down ... I've always hated them ... but after that semi (I was there and can't believe how gutless we were) I have wanted them to go down as much as I have Arsenal or Man U.
Gross is out of his depth and we need someone with the name to attract world class players and someone who understands the minds of 20000 pound/wk players ... Klinsmann would be ideal .... or Cruyff or someone like that .... I think Baresi would make a fantastic manger as well ... his tactical knowledge would be second to none




I'm a reluctant convert to the Gross must go fraternity. I was more than prepared to give the guy a chance as I thought he'd done ok to keep us up. I had my reservation as he seemed rather too keen to play Nielsen wide left on too many occasions, when it was obvious that he's a box to box grafter & unsuited to the job given to him.
I saw 2 of the six friendlies & was rather concerned that Pox played in all of them, but I thought it was just a matter of time until Shaggy returned to the wide right position. Having now picked the wrong midfield combination 3 games running, I've run out of patience. If he can't get the obvious things right, what chance of getting right the little things that make the crucial differences between an average (or in our case a below average) team & a better team. It's not a case of play Vega or Calderwood or my Mum instead of Dustbin or Armo over Ferdi, we can all agree to differ on such matters, but when it comes to playing Shaggy in his most effective position & dropping the flatterer to deceive Pox, there is no argument. You'd be very hard pressed to find anyone but Gross who thinks it's the right decision. We all know it leads to a totally unbalanced right side & will cost us dearly. I went up to Everton & whilst it was a fighting performance & a welcome 3 points the facts are that Pox ran like a whirling dervish & contributed nothing meaningful in the 90 minutes, defensively or in attack & Sicknote was caught in possession at least half a dozen times leaving a stretched defence in all sorts of trouble. If Gross was any good he'd have seen it in 18 minutes, never mind 180 minutes.
BTW guess who played wide left on Saturday, yep, you guessed it Nielsen
Sorry but Gross has got to go............and quickly.


Further open letter to Alan Sugar
Since my last letter it appears no notice has been taken at all. Therefore you should go and go now.
Let's briefly examine your record.
- Other than periodically ranting and raving at the media and the fans (it's always someone else's fault isn't it) what have you achieved during your tenure. In short the destruction of a once proud club who in the majority of the last 7 seasons have flirted with relegation, twice only achieving safety on
the penultimate game.
- You've appointed 3 totally incompetent managers and presided over a bizarre transfer policy (don't tell me about the £30m, we've only ever bought from a position of weakness) that in reality is a number of smokescreens (Juninho, De Boers, Kluivert). In reality you only declare your hand when you know there is "not a cat in hells chance of obtaining the players" and then wring your hands pleading that "you tried". Do you really think we are that naive?
- There is no youth coming through, the first team players in the main are "not fit to wear the shirt" either through ability, aptitude or attitude and in some instances these overpaid prima donnas have the audacity to abuse the fans. Probably getting lessons from you there.

The club has a cancer running through it and is rotten to the core.
GO AND GO NOW and whilst you are at it take Herr Gross with you. As his acutely embarrassing interview on Radio 5 proved he is no communicator and it is no wonder it is such a shambles out on the pitch. We don't want more "hard work" we want success and style.

Shelfside Sidney

Date: 17 August 1998 22:29
Subject: Wimbledon 3 Spurs 1

Darren Anderton is not a central midfield player of sufficient quality to control a Premier League game. He has returned from an excellent World Cup where he proved himself to be a first class wing back. Christian Gross has acknowledged recently that Darren is a little fragile and will be looked after in training. So where does he play him in the 1st game of the season ? In the centre of midfield against Wimbledon. Why? He was totally ineffectual in that role and with Nicola Berti alongside him our defence again had no protection. All successful sides in the Premier have central midfield players who protect the back 4 & win the ball. (eg Keane, Butt, Petit, Viera, Ince, Lomas, Lennon, Batty, Hopkin.) We do not have such a player at Spurs and with a defence which includes Vega until we get such a player we will not be successful. Somebody please explain the basics to Gross.
Tramezzani had an interesting debut almost scoring but looking naive defensively. Have you noticed how strangely he runs, almost pigeon-toed. No wonder then that he kept falling over.
Ferdinand and Armstrong were totally ineffectual and did not seem able to cope with the marking in particular by 'The Rash' (Chris Perry). They looked as if they had never played together before. Ferdinand did get a knock early on and although not serious enough to come off, he can probably blame it for his poor, seemingly uninterested performance.
Back to that central midfield problem . Gross actually changed it completely, bringing on Saib & Nielsen, but they are not what is required. Why not try and sign Lennon? My seat was close to the home bench and as soon as Anderton left the field he was laid out in the dugout and underwent a full massage. I hope he has a good season but I have my doubts.   
Eric the Viking  

Ed - I can fully understand your confusion and I would thank you for not using any rude words. I must admit I thought of a few. The team just didn't look interested and the performance was one of a bunch of strangers thrown together for this match. The strength in depth is just not there and when Les went down injured, even though he played badly, I thought who will replace him. And then the answer sprung into my mind...Rory Allen. I just can't reconcile that the side that looked so impressive against St. Albans could crumble so easily against Wimbledon. (Tongue firmly in cheek here). It wasn't the sort of performance you really want one the first day of a season following the one we had last time. It was only three months ago that we stuffed them 6-2. Did the few changes really affect the result that much or does it say more for the attitude of the Spurs players ?? We used to have a player who played in front of the back four, but we let him go to Southampton on a free transfer. Calderwood has been played in that role before, but doesn't seem as comfortable as at centre-half, where currently, Vega is strutting his stuff without much conviction. The problem is attracting the sort of quality we need in those positions who will improve the side. I hope that the team can be strengthened, but it needs doing sooner rather than later.

To do list;

1.  Sack the board.
2.  Sack Christian Gross
3.  Get rid of the players which have made Spurs the laughing stock of English football eg.  Sinton, Edinbrugh etc.
4.  Give Vega a free transfer.  I wouldn't care how much it would cost to terminate his contract, just get rid of him.
5.  Sign a right - back, a central defender, a ball winner and a forward which can all play "The Spurs way".
6.  Employ either Glenn Hoddle or Chris Hughton as Manager.

Only then will Spurs have a half - decent chance of reaching a European competition.

Andrew Vacha

Open letter to Alan Sugar - a plea from the heart

Just what is going on at White Hart Lane?
Having survived the ignominy of relegation by the skin of our teeth, whilst playing some of the most mind numbingly boring football in living memory, I naively thought the penny might have dropped with you.

At the time of writing it's mid June and again we are experiencing another close season of total transfer inactivity whilst Chelsea buy, buy, buy and Arsenal are repeatedly linked with world class stars.

As you still seem to be clueless as to what's required at THFC I thought a little reminder is necessary.

THFC has been in free fall towards terminal decline for the last 10 years. A once proud club is now a laughing stock. It is also no co-incidence that this process has accelerated in the past six years. The period when you have run the show. Too many wrong headed decisions have been made, but the time has come to look forward.

The solutions are not so much difficult as stunningly obvious:

--- clear out the dead wood that has been purchased and allowed to stay at the club. In case you are in any doubt I'll list them for you - Grodas, Austin, Edinburgh, Scales, Vega, Wilson, Sinton, Fox, Neilson, Calderwood and Dominguez.

--- sign up what few genuine stars we do have on lucrative long term contracts and display your ambition to them. We simply cannot countenance the loss of Campbell, Ginola, Anderton or Walker.

--- recognise the need to purchase from positions of strength , not weakness. Virtually all purchases over the past 5 years have been as reactions to crisis rather than pro-active positive moves.

--- buy big and be prepared to pay the going rate. We can't continue to see top names go elsewhere while we settle for second and even third best. If you are not already doing so use the World Cup to
view the best and then buy it. Follow Chelsea's example. If you are in any doubt we are in dire need of two full backs, a central defender, an aggressive. but skillful midfield player and probably another striker.

--- relieve Herr Gross of command and enlist the services of a top drawer coach with a proven track record. We've endured three managers who were clearly not up to managing a club of our stature. Whilst clearly not as woefully inept as Francis, Gross is not the man for the job.

--- increase the ground capacity to 40,000 plus. We'll never be able to compete if our main competitors week on week attract more people through the turnstiles. 36500 capacity is simply not enough unless of course you now see our main rivals as the Wimbledon's and Southampton's of the world rather than the Man.U's and Arsenal's.

I've seen some chinks of light at the end of an exceedingly long tunnel and I welcome the appointment of a Director of Football and a fitness coach along with the establishment of a long overdue Youth academy.

However if we are ever to regain former glories and compete in a European Super League, which will inevitably come about, you must put in place the actions detailed above.

You will no doubt have witnessed the feeling the fans have for this club during the victory at Wimbledon and the following week when Mabbutt sadly departed. Just imagine what 40,000 plus of us would be like cheering on a team chasing trophies rather than having to avoid ignominy.

I've supported Spurs for nearly 40 years and my sons were brought up to do likewise. I've just become a grandfather and want my grandson to follow suit - provide an environment that will make this a reality.

We don't want to become another Man.City (and that's not far fetched if you don't take immediate action) but rather Champions of Europe.

Let's go back to a time when Tottenham provided the media with much to talk about because of our style of play and trophies rather than crisis, scandal, internal strife and "cock ups".

I'm tired of the stick we have to put up with from Arsenal and Chelsea fans who gloat at our discomfort. If you are not prepared to address the cancer that exists within the club perhaps you should consider handing it over to someone with the passion, desire and financial wherewithal to do so.

Shelfside Sidney

ps Given the exorbitant and unjustified hike in season ticket prices (and let's squash this claim that it was to finance the re-building of the North Stand once and for all - you had a rights issue to do that.) can we now assume that we will indeed be seeking to attract top class internationals to the Lane and not the "nobodies" we've been linked with in the media.

pps whilst hopefully I'll be proved wrong, unknown Italians valued at £1.3m is not the sort of player I'm talking about us signing
Dear fellow sufferers,

Greetings from sunny (believe it or not) Toronto where I have been using my friend's PC to browse on matters of the Spurs faith and came across your interesting and devotional stuff. I'm a lifelong fan from S. London and have managed to attend over 600 games despite the fact that a lot of my adult life has been spent working abroad or just wandering the planet. Since the last game I saw live (the 1-0 over West Ham in Jan) I've been following our fortunes round the globe on a path that has taken me to Thailand, OZ, NZ, Fiji and now N. America. "Very nice" you may say and it has been a great trip but of course I've had that gnawing uncertainty about our Premier status as a constant companion and have had to be up at some bloody odd times to tune into my trusty SW radio. I even caught the crucial win at Palace on Sky in NZ. All I can say is that ,after the even more crucial win against Newcastle, things finally look a lot healthier and I hope my imminent return to Blighty and presence at Selhurst Park version II on Sat will coincide with our mathematical safety that a win would bring us. In such a joyful event, or even if we leave it to the last day, let us all then breathe a sigh of relief, whisper a prayer of thanks and enjoy the buds of spring. Let's consign this anxious season to the past, concentrate on what are some positive elements  and keep in sight the fact that 2001 looms ever closer. If Glen actually pulls it off in the summer and there has to be a chance, what else is there to achieve at international level? So the more of us believe in God's return to fashion the 2001 Spurs Odyssey side, the more likely it is that it might just happen! We have to think positive even in these relatively dark times. Thanks for your efforts in keeping the world abreast of affairs of the Lane and may the Spurs march forever on......


Nick Edwards.

Thanks very much for the e-mail. Hope that MEHSTG has been able to keep you in touch with what's been going on lately. I've been a bit busy at work, so haven't had as much time as  I would have liked to update the site, but we get there as soon as we can. It must be great to travel around the world. Sometimes this season, I wished I was thousands of miles away from White Hart Lane !! I hope that Spurs can get the win on Saturday against Wimbledon - it would be too much stress if we needed anything on the last day of the season.   At times it has been unbearably grim. Especially with the other team doing well. It's been galling having to hope that they win certain games to aid our survival. As you said in your e-mail, let's look forward and hope that 2001 (or even sooner) brings more glory to the club. It's good to know that wherever you go you always take Tottenham Hotspur with you.  Keep the faith and we might even see you there on Saturday.


I have been trying for years to find out where the title HOTSPUR comes from.

I have supporter friends in the UK and in Australia, but no-one can tell me about it's origin.

Could you please, help.


Don, (Australia)

According to the Spurs Handbook, the term HOTSPUR is probably linked to the Northumberland family, who were prominent in the area around the ground (now known as Northumberland Park). Henry Percy, the first Earl of Northumberland, had a son who eventually became Sir Henry Percy and his bravery in battle earned him the nickname "Harry Hotspur". This name had been featured in many history books and Shakespeare's "Richard II" and "King Henry IV - Part I". Warden of the Scottish marshes and highly powerful in the North of England, he tried to take on King Henry IV with rebel troops, but he was killed in the battle, in Shrewsbury, in 1403.
    The name appears to have been suggested by L.R.Casey, the club's first treasurer, as the name was synonymous with youth and glory. The cricket club and subsequently the football club(when they were formed in 1882) adopted the name ; one that is unique in English football among all the Citys, Uniteds and Towns that proliferate the League.
    That information comes from a few other sources and I hope it explains the story behind the name.


How long have you been on line? It's a pity our beloved team haven't moved forward quite as fast as technology since I last invested 50p in my monthly MEHSTG.

Anyway for those of us, no doubt an increasing number who hanker after the old days when an all white strip meant it was an FA cup tie, I was wondering whether you would publicise a forthcoming footie match where Enfield Council will take on Spurs ex-pros to raise money for the Mayor's Charity.

This is an annual event with a trophy being presented by Johnson Mathy, a local factory and last year Spurs put out a real team which from memory included Chivers, Falco, Miller, Pratt, Hazard, Brooke, Parks, Galvin. Certainly enough to justify a 50p entrance fee.

This year the game will be held on Sunday 26th of April at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Donkey Lane, Enfield. Probably at midday but the time is subject to confirmation which of course I'll pass on just as soon as I know it.

Changing the subject slightly I was wondering whether you would consider running a bought & sold page for fans to trade programmes & other memorabilia. This is certainly something I've been looking for on the Net for some time?

Best Wishes


ED- Thank you very much for your kind words. We have had a few enquiries about providing a page for buying or selling Spurs stuff and you will find a specially dedicated page very soon. The site is as much about what you want it to be as what we do, so please send ideas, articles, money, anything. It'll be great to see all my childhood heroes again and it will provide a bit of escapism from our current plight. I hope that there is a good turn-out.


Here's a view on the Ticket Office and its famous customer service policy:

  1. Chelsea away - our allocation 1,500 tickets. If you look at CFC's ticket information service on the net, it says that if the away team requests the whole Lower East which is 3,000 tickets, so this area (obviously) won't be available to CFC fans. Chelsea contacts tell me the 'big' clubs have all been allocated the whole area. So it appears THFC has only requested one half of the Lower East. I contacted the THFC ticket office, no one knows 'anything'!
  2. Queued for 2 hours last Monday for Sheff Wed away tickets. Get to the counter to find only 3 of the 4/5 counters open. In fact the queue was little more than 100 yards long.
  3. The Palace away game on 28/3/98 - season ticket holders get first bite. But they'll go on sale at 10:00am before the Liverpool\- game on 14/3/98. So it means leaving 3 hours earlier than usual to queue up for who knows how many hours. With 6 weeks to the game, why couldn't they deal with it by post (like in the old pre computerisation days). Jeeze 6 weeks is long enough to sort out 3,000 tickets. But no, it has to be done at their convenience. The ladies/gents who work there do a good job, but the management is p*** poor, and reflects arrogance towards its captive market. Sorry it has to be a moan, Cheers, Bill

ED - We know what you mean. There seems no rhyme nor reason why and how allocations are calculated to us. It’s still a source of great frustration that the ticket office cannot take credit card payment when you’ve queued for the damn things. It’s nearly t the 21st Century you know. As you imply, what happened to the customer always being right ???


It would be lovely to be able to moan about ticket allocations. That, unfortunately, is the lot of the English (London?) fan who doesn't know how lucky he or she is.

Many of those of us who live in the colonies ( New Zealand etc) may never see Spurs play live. Those who don't have Sky TV will never have seen them play on television. Oh! that we could moan about ticket allocations. If we have the internet we can at least get a good dose of football news, good or bad (and I realise its only bad at the moment). I know a good moan helps you Prisoners of Mother England get through the foul winter but spare a thought for the true fan. I'm born and bred in NZ, was made to feel like a leper at school because I didn't play rugby, and have only been able to get to England regularly in the past five years because I happen to have very generous clients.

Yes, I have managed to watch a couple of Spurs games live (1993 v Manchester City at WHL and 1994 v Southampton at WHL) and I am privileged enough to have Sky and the internet. But please spare us the continual bleating about seat allocations and lets concentrate of football. Its the only thing that makes living worthwhile in a country with endless sunny days, full employment, a stable government and cold lager on tap at every corner.

Keep up the goodwork everyone.

Rhys Mathias (Hamilton, NZ)

ED - Well, Rhys. The dedication of the long-distance supporter is something that us “locals” can never match. I have a mate who flies in from South Africa to see the Spurs, but for those who do go to all the matches, ticket allocations are a big bone of contention. If tickets cannot be obtained to see the team, it will feel like we’re in the same situation as you. And like you say, us Whingeing Poms like nothing more to moan and have Spurs fans got plenty to moan about at the moment !! Anyway, keep the faith and we’ll try to keep you in touch with what’s going on.

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