Letters October 2001 to March 2002


A couple of points, if you will indulge me.
Firstly, Mr. Goddard is absolutely right. Taricco is being sh*t on by pretty much everyone at the moment. Admittedly over the last few games he has been dodgy discipline-wise, but over the season he has replaced Steve Carr very well. Let's hope the current problems and lengthy ban will not get him down; he is a player well worth having.
Secondly, I find it very hard to believe that there are Spurs fans out there who want Hoddle's head. His previous managerial record speaks for itself; he performed wonders at Swindon, turned Chelsea into the top six team they are now (they have not really improved since he left), he had an excellent record as England manager and was sacked only for off-the-field problems, and he actually managed to turn SCBC into a decent team, quite a major achievement!!
He has been at the Lane a year now, and while it has not been the most successful year in our history, it has not been bad. One final, one quarter-final, and hopefully our first top-half finish in five years; I would not complain at that.
Remember a chap called Alex Ferguson at Man U in the last ten years? Who doesn't. Remember a chap called Alex Ferguson at Man U in the late 80's? Not many do. He'd been there four years, not won anything, struggled in the League and then got beat 5-1 by Man City. The Man U board kept faith with him, and as we all know that turned out to be probably the single best decision ever made by a football club board.
Now I'm not saying I'm expecting three titles in a row twice in the next twelve years, but I do think Hoddle needs at least another three years. It's about time we stopped sacking managers without giving them a decent chance, or we'll end up like Everton. He has improved things already, and anyone who disagrees has only been watching selected highlights of our season, edited by a Gooner. Hoddle was the greatest player; let's give him a chance to be the greatest manager.
Thirdly; as we all know our season has gone somewhat to pot over the last few weeks; is it just me or does this slump seem to coincide with Steffen Freund getting injured? Hurry back Steffen, we need you (no offence Tim if you're reading!)
Phil Drummond, Bournemouth

Ed : - Phil, they are all good points.  Whatever happens with Hoddle, if we do sack him, where do we go from here ?  Ex-Spurs hero, Tottenham style football, ENIC's master stroke.  It was supposed to be the definitive answer to the Sugar years and to give fans their Tottenham back.  The best option is to stick with him for a while and try and get some stability back at the club like Man U did with Fergie.  Not saying we will have the same success, but it might help rather than chopping and changing managers every couple of seasons.

As for Taricco, he will be a better player for cutting out some of the nonsense he puts into his game.  Concentrate on the football Taz, that's what it's all about.

Like you, I feel that after the initial burst that Sherwood had when he came back, we seem to be missing Freund more now than previously.  He would have provided a better defensive foil for the young defence.  Not sure what the summer will bring in terms of signings, but Hoddle should be aware that Stef still has much to offer.

I know this player (Taricco) is not flavour of the month at the moment, but I am sick to death of other so called players and there supporters sl*gging him off.

And of course it doesn't take a genius to figure out he has had an awful day at the office over the last month or so, but he is not on his own by a long shot, his downfall is his over-commitment by being sent off, which we know is unprofessional.

The thing I hate the most is the way other clubs players are putting the boot in (literally) because he don't mind getting a foot in (pardon the pun), after all that is his nature and in South American football, now and again you have to take a kick.

What the hell is wrong with that. The English game used to be famous for it, now we are sl*gging off some Latino for doing in some cases, what, a few years back, we were brought up on.

But I think the real issue here is probably the racism factor brought up by Beckham and company due to his Argentinian nationality and the poor sod is not even a full international player at the moment, so what is the Engerland going to do when they come up against a bit of world class ?

Also as far as some Spurs fans go they are ready to jump on his back as an example to what has gone wrong with our team over the last month because of his sendings off and no I don't condone what he has done, but I'm not going to criticise him for his commitment, however wrong it looks, because at the end of the day, he is one of our own and we need all the points we can muster now and until the end of the season.

When you think he has been in the side for most of the season and has played well and improved by his standards and if by chance had Carr had been fit mid-way he would have not walked into the side overnight by his reputation alone.


Ed : - Not sure if we would have won at Man U or Chelsea, but with the score at 0-1 when he was sent off on both occasions, he let his team-mates down.  Yes, he is the first choice in that position, but he is getting a reputation that will not help him or Spurs if he carries it on.  Hoddle said in the Everton match that his challenge on Gravesen was uncalled for.  I agree that there are plenty of players who have let everyone down in the last month, but the only way that will be resolved is by getting goals on the pitch.  We will see how England cope with Argentina in the World Cup, but it is interesting that Ferguson is saying that rumours spread about Vern are designed to upset him for the World Cup.  Looks like Taz is not the only on being targeted. 


Well what now? I can't say.  Well I know we wont get n European football drop Sulli, Les, Taz, put Anderton back on wing, he's no good in midfield. or well be in bottom four at the end of season. No big stars will come to us we haven't got the money, only a good manager GH.

Stephen Gregoire

Ed : - It looks bad, but the season hasn't been a disaster.  Realistically, we were not going to get European football this season and the fact we lost it in the Worthington Cup Final makes it frustrating, but the signs are there that something good is happening.  Maybe next season, depending on the investmen tin the summer


I have heard rumors that Carr is joining Arsenal and that they are already contributing to his wages, can this be true ? If so why was Luke Young sold ?

JS Bennett

Ed : - Rumours are circulating that Carr wants out and that Arsenal are one of the clubs interested.  Carr was always a strong Sol supporter and maybe he was paving his way out of the club.  The one saving grace is that he is under contract and we should get a healthy fee for him if he goes.  The only thing is, who would buy a player who has been out all season and has broken down on his way back to fitness.  He would need to play to prove that he can still cut it.

I think Hoddle should revert back to the 4-4-2 formation, we don't look solid playing 5-3-2, our 3 central defenders are all over the place, Chelsea could have had 6 or 7 the other night, had their finishing not been like ours.

I watched the Tranmere game, which we won 4-0 and they had several very good chances, but didn't take them.  I'm no manager, but after being beaten 4-0 at Old Trafford, then at home to Chelsea 4-0, I would have had a long serious look at what I was doing.

To lose a third game 4-0 to a team who's just beaten you 4-0, doesn't make me believe Hoddle is a good manager.  Too often this season when we have been behind or playing poorly, he has refused to bring on a sub or two and try to change things. Rebrov gets 10-15 minutes maximum.  No player can get into a game in that short space of time and especially not a striker.  A striker needs a run of games, a few goals under his belt. People who say Rebrov is rubbish, just look at how many our two main strikers have scored?  

Hoddle was my hero, one of the most talented players this country has ever produced, but do we have another Ardiles in charge?  Over the history of the League, it's usually the teams who conceded the least amount of goals, who will eventually win the title, not the team who's scored the most (although that does help).  At the start of every season, I want to see Spurs up there in the top 5, but to be honest, I really doubt we will ever be a top 5 side again.

I really hope i'm wrong.

Damian Butcher

Ed : - 4-4-2 is the preferred system for many side sin the league and it is my view that Hoddle wanted to play something different that made his team more attacking.  The system Hod wanted was (or should have been flexible enough to revert to 4-4-2 when required and earlier in the season did so.  Some of his decisions have been questionable, but managers always have their favourites and he has probably felt that he has to stick with some of the players he has brought to the club. 

Maybe Rebrov will get a run now, as Les and Teddy both look knackered.  And I think that has been the problem Hoddle has had ... too many old players running out of steam together.


Hi Wyart,

Please disregard my earlier e-mail containing any element of hope for our chances for a decent league finish.  I have now had my medication and am back in my nice warm cosy (padded) room. 

The men in white coats have taken me away ........  

Maybe there is a record for a run of consecutive 4 - 0 drubbings that Glenn has his eye on.  As for Taricco, he can't start his bans soon enough.  Wake me up when the nightmare ends ....... 

Dean Fenner

Ed : - Not sure what Taricco is on ??  Needs a good rest cure for his red mist-disease, I think.

Is it the Weather ?
It's 25 degrees here, blue skies and late suntans. {Mountain River, Tasmania, Australia} Yes, I realise not quite that in a London near Spring.
Is it onfield Performance ? {Last 3 games}
In part yes ... not the latest and greatest.
BUT !!!
What a depressing lot of mail mostly.
Just think if one followed most {not all of the rest of the league} ... how even more depressing/suicidal the world of football could be.
We follow a Cup Final side, a Q/F Cup side, a side lying eighth, challenging still for a spot in Europe {the fire has not gone out yet}.
We may not yet make it, but the rollercoaster ride continues ... the test match is into it's 5th day ... 331 to get ... always hard ... but they made it {unlucky S. Africa?  Roll on Australia ... not forgetting a 6 off  the last ball to get his 100  by Ponting  ... {Talent and character always count }.
Sorry about the cricket analogy, but the Opera ain't over ... the Tottenham Express is always worth the roller coaster fare.
 Yours, Very Optimistically
Greg Meyer ... 10 ... C'mon You Spurs.

Ed : - The view from a distance can often be misleading Greg.  For the team are looking tired, uncoordinated and vulnerable.  For those reasons, the season will not end with the European place that we crave.  Too many games now will slip away from Spurs with little chance of improving (or even holding onto) the 8th place we are always in.  Not saying that the season has been a failure, as we have had some memorable games, but if Hoddle is to be judged on results, then those in the big games have let him down.

It's never dull watching Spurs, but not always in the way you want !!


Hi Wyart,

Just a quick note.

We must all get behind Chelsea to win the cup as, if they do and they finish out of the top four, this will open a place to Europe to the club finishing 7th.

I know pigs may fly, but having being so gutted since the worthy cup defeat and then the debacle on Sunday, all is not yet lost. Yes....I can see those hands clutching at straws and the barrel being well and truly scraped with the quality left in our squad, but without this blind hope we might as well pack it in for another season.

One last thing, although a season tickets holder, I do use my membership card for occasional games for the empty seat by us which was previously held by our mates season ticket. (gone to Oz). I have just used the new Spurs on line booking site and would have to say what a fantastic option this is. I booked this one seat with total ease for the West Ham game which would have taken days to get through by switchboard.

Cheers, keep up the grand work you folks.


Dean Fenner

Ed : - Nice to know something works at Tottenham.  That's what happens when you take some staff out of the loop, I suppose.  

As for Europe, perhaps it might be better left for another year, as the team would not get far as they are.  Desperate need for some fresh blood to help out the old boys, me thinks.

I was listening to TalkSport on my way home from work on Monday, and happened to catch a Gooner ringing in saying about a Spurs supporter who rang in hoping that Man U would win, not to lose any ground against the Goons, I think people take the Arsen*L thing a bit to far to the point of being obsessed with them losing more than Tottenham winning.  

It's time to get behind Glenn and forget about the Nomads down the road, otherwise we will always be cannon fodder for radio shows and journalists with those sort of comments.

John Chapman

Ed : - You are right John.  I learned from coming home from Cardiff that phoning up radio shows, you just cannot win.  either you sound like a raving loony or if you have a valid point, they are in control of the mike and can cut you off if you are too clever for them.  Leave the whingeing on the airwaves to the Gooners.  They are better than us at it !!



I'm writing at nearly 2 a.m. on Sunday morning and getting quite nervous about the Final. But I know we've got the players to do it, and after all Blackburn aren't that great - c'mon they only beat the scum 4-0!!  Although I'm nervous, I'm predicting a landslide victory for the Spurs, my guess is 6-0, but that may be a touch optimistic!
I'm hearing reports that Spurs are in for Djibril Cisse, a French U-21 international who's apparently sh*t-hot! But do you know anything about him - that's pretty much all I've heard.  At the reported 18million he'd better be quite useful!!
Finally, why the hell was Arse-Sol presenting an award on the Brits? And why was the previously semi-respected Frank Skinner such a kiss-ass?
Phil Drummond

Ed : - Phil, I know little of Cisse although Manchester United were supposedly keen on him, as were Liverpool, so he must be reasonably good.

As for tomorrow, I think it will be a bit closer than that.  But Spurs have the ability to win, if they take their chances.

S.Cumball made a bit of a dick of himself I thought and Skinner went down in my esteem as well.  Being hit by the Gooner must be like having a sting from a butterfly (to misquote a great man).


This sad under achieving Gallic twat's latest  belief that the UEFA Cup is better off without the League Cup winners is total sulk !

If it's so easy to win why have'nt they won it lately ? Then again what have they won for years ?

Let's measure their success, but then again why waste a good two minutes !

Let's examine the so called 'Champions League', how many of the participants are champs ? Certainly not Arse's group of red card gatherers; surprised that he actually recognises any of his squad due to the amount of each game he claims he misses.

Isn't it funny when he is under pressure he attacks a rival, did it for ages with Alex Ferguson and Man U for one thing or another, now he's having a go at us ... makes me think he's a little worried about us. So carry on worrying Arse, here we come !


PS Carry on getting your red cards and carry on justifying it as professionalism,  we know better !

Ed : - His little rant is designed to try and wind us up before our final.  Petty and small-minded are two terms which spring to mind, but short sighted (another failing of the old Frenchie) is the most obvious one.  Secure of a place in Europe by February is one thing he would love, but then I am sure he takes the league a whole lot more seriously than any other competition.  Shame they are no good at it.

I'm just writing to wish the lads the very best of luck for the Final.  Lets bring the worthy cup back to the Lane were it belongs.

We thoroughly deserved to get to the Final, especially after the fantastic 5-1 hammering of Chelsea and hassle-cheat.

On our day we can beat anyone.  Although Blackburn will be a stern test.  And that Guv'nor (off teletext) bloke ... where do I begin I think he's a Gooner in disguise and to all the Arsenal fans, we have got Ledley at the back.  Sol who? 

So come on Teddy and the boys, bring the first European place this season back to the Lane. Let's get right behind the team for the Final, because there's a bright future for T.H.F.C.   

Matthew Gamble

Ed : - Here Here !!



As much as I find him exciting to watch, does anyone really believe that Rebrov is the answer to our long-term striker problem ?

He seems to flash in and out of the games he plays in and has never really grabbed the chances that he's been given.  For me, he misses too many gilt edged chances and (West Ham in the FA Cup last year aside), he rarely seems to score vital goals.  His goals tend to arrive when the game is already over.  

People who complain about Hoddle not picking him need to look at the facts - Ferdinand has been class this year, Sheri picks himself for my money and Iversen has been more effective when he has been given the chance.  

Rebrov may well complain about not being picked but he should know that every forward is measured by his goals - Sergei hasn't scored many for us.  

I've long been his staunchest defender when arguing with Gooner colleagues but the Emperor's new clothes are looking mighty thin to me.   

The Dazzler

Ed : - Rebrov looks like a fish out of water.  He didn't get much better service when he played in GG's side, but he did manage to score a few as he had more on-pitch time.

I don't believe we have seen the best of Sergei as we have not played to his strengths.  When Hod took over, there were hopes that the new style would fit him better, but Glenn doesn't seem to rate him.  If he was given the right balls, I think he could do well for us and at the moment his confidence looks shot to pieces.  With all the off-field rumours coming from his agent, he is probably also unsettled about what is going to happen to him in the future.

If we let him go, we could live to regret it, as Les won't go on for ever and Iversen goes through spells of not scoring as much as he goes through ones when he does.  And Rebrov's first touch is infinitely better than the Norwegian's.


I will keep this one short - am I the only person who thinks that buying an unproven Englishman who has failed to score on several internationals and is likely to cost Spurs in the region of 12m makes good business sense, when we already have a guy who holds the Champions League record number of goals scored ?  I honestly believe that given the right service and a decent run in the team Rebrov could be as good as his price tag suggests.

Philips is a good Premier League player and will always score goals, no matter which team he plays in. I have my doubts if he has the extra quality to score in European football. Rebrov has already proved he can. 

Look at our ageing forward line and with the greatest respect to Chris Armstrong and Iversen, who no doubt are fine men and good footballers, they are not going to trouble Real Madrid or Bayern.

If we can get to Europe next year great.  But as we all know it is short term in the extreme to rely upon Sir Les, King Teddy and  Gus 'The Don' Poyet.

Let us keep Rebrov, and persuade THFC to spend some 's, and bring in a bit of class, rather than trying to bring in new blood by going to - stretchers.

PS  What is this I read about Shevchenko going  up  for sale ?  Or am I just dreaming about Spurs buying a world class player. 

Ed : - You are not alone.  I was only talking to a friend yesterday along the same lines saying that as a bread and butter League player, Phillips will get you 20-30 goals per season, but when it comes to Europe, you need players who can make that step up.  I do not believe that Phillips is that player.  While prices have jumped up over the last few years, I am glad Spurs paid 11 million for Rebrov rather than Heskey and I would be a bit outraged if they splashed out 12 million on Phillips.  For that money we need to buy someone who can take us to where we want to go and that must be Europe.  While Phillips might help us step up the League as to achieve that we need a poacher style scorer, Rebrov could unlock defences in European competition, if we get there.

While Shevchenko is for sale and he would be the ideal foil for Rebrov, Tottenham do not have that sort of cash to buy players of his standing.


Well, what can I say about Sergei Rebrov ?  Well, firstly, what a waste of 11m !!  All GG did was sit him on the bench, so why did he bring him in ?  I know he's an ex-Gooner, but surely there's no need to try and bankrupt us.  I can understand that Sergei might not be Hoddle's type of player, but for the sake of keeping hold of a player who has a lot of honours in the Ukraine, please give him a chance.  I mean c'mon, he don't earn the honours he's got for nothing.  

Sergei, my heart goes out to you, but all I can say is that if you have to leave then don't do a Sol Campbell on us, cos, as you well know, he isn't very popular at the Lane.  Hoddle - try the bloke, he could be as good, if not better, as the likes of van Nistelrooy, Owen, Fowler, etc., etc.  Just don't make a huge mistake - he has big potential.

Mark Bennett

Ed : - Sergei is a bit of an enigma.  Firstly he is rumoured to have said all these things to the Press and then his agent comes out with a story denying everything.  Once, you can understand that something might have got lost in the translation, but after a few times, you wonder what games they are playing.  Arsenal weren't interested when he left Dynamo Kiev and although Luzhny is trying to get him to Highbury, there does not appear to be much hope of them selling both Kanu and Wiltord to buy Rebrov.

He looks like he can be a good player, but he is not the 25 goals a season player we need at the moment.  He could take over from Teddy in the long run, as long as there is someone who he can team up with in the forward line.


We will never win the league, we just don't have what it takes.  It just sums up Tottenham sides, we destroy Chelsea 5-1 play some brilliant football, then play like a Sunday league side and lose away to derby.  Also you MUST spend big if you wanna bring in proven quality players, although Rebrov cost 11m and is quality.  Finally we will never have a Defence capable of keeping clean sheets from one week to the next, we have always conceded stupid goals far too easily and far too often.  

Great CUP TEAM, very average League side (as history will prove).


Ed : - There is much in what you say.  The team have never been consistent enough to win the League since the early Sixties and consistency is the key.  Money helps form a side that can be consistent.  If it is well spent.  Look at Leeds, Aston Villa and Chelsea.  They prove the point that you can't buy the League.  Hoddle is working towards that aim, but will the money be there for him to achieve it and will he be given enough time ?  Only ENIC know the answers to those questions.


I've always thought that Sulli would make a good James Bond - he's got that smoooth unruffled look (even if he does make the odd pig's ear of things).

On the subject of footballing look-a-likes, how does Danny Murphy manage to balance his football commitments with his role as lead singer of Travis ?

Our attempts at trying to create chances at Derby were woeful.  80 minutes of possession and we never looked like scoring. 

When is Hod going to buy a creator and a poacher ? 

There are more questions than answers.

The Dazzler

Ed : - With Danny Murphy, being on Top of the Pops on TV takes pounds off him !!  And Sulli as James Bond ... "Licensed to keep a clean sheet" hopefully.

There is a desperate need to bring in a poacher.  Even against Bolton we could have done with someone with the innate ability to stick the ball in the net, then we might have had a scoreline that reflected our superiority !!


Does anyone else think Sulli looks like Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story 2)? I do.

Alex  Mac

Ed : - Yes, Alex, he certainly does bear a striking resemblance to our Scottish keeper ... or should that be the other way around ?


I have been a supporter for 54 years and I can honestly say that Wednesday's result and the demolition job that we did on that Chelsea mob rates very highly in my list of the top 10 greatest nights that I have experienced.  
Thank you god (Glenn Hoddle) for that.

 Barry, Princetown in Devon

Ed : - That was one of the best 90 minutes I have seen from a Spurs side too ... and for it to be rewarded with a win over Chelsea made it even better !!  The odds have been against us so far in this competition. Having to overcome Chelsea - our very big bogey team - and now being put in the "unlucky" end at Cardiff and having to change our kit, but then who cares !!  It's lucky for Spurs when the year starts and ends in the same number !!

Hi Ed,

It looks as if the glory days may be showing their face again.  Not doing bad in the League and in the final of the Worthy Cup.  What is puzzling me though is the treatment of Rebrov when we have such an old strike force.  

Why don't they rotate them more - Rebrov and Iversen (when fully recovered) are the future so let's start looking towards it.  The youngsters coming through are first class too - Davies, King and Gardener were outstanding last night.  My main reason for writing is that as I'm from Stoke on Trent and getting tickets for matches is a bit hit and miss.  Me and my brother would love to go to see the lads in the Final.  We have only been able to see them twice so far this season and would love if you could tell us of reputable sources from which to gain these as we only want match tickets not travel any help would be gladly received.

Simon Fowlds, Stoke on Trent

Ed : - Simon, I fear that you will be in the same boat as a lot of other fans.  There are 30,000 tickets available, but with 20,000 season ticket holders, there will be few left over for all the supporters who want to go.  However, some will make their way into "corporate" packages or even to West End ticket agencies.  How reliable they are, who knows.  If anyone has any ideas to help Simon out, then mail us and we will pass them on.


I'm sure I share the concerns of the majority of Spurs fans in my disbelief at the way Sergei has been treated under King Hod.  Don't get me wrong, I think we've made an encouraging start under the Messiah, but surely there is a place in our team for everyone's favourite Ukrainian. 

There can be no argument against his quality and it would seem that he actually cares about the club as well (a pre-requisite for any of our players as far as I'm concerned), yet he only plays when Les is out.  I'm obviously aware that Les is our top scorer this season, but to consistently leave out someone of Sergei's ability is criminal.  His goal against Newcastle last season was one of the best I've ever seen at the Lane and considering the dross that surrounded him (Deadwood, Leo, Clemence, Booth and Judas), he did pretty well in a mind-numbingly average side.  

Before I go I would just like to put forward my views on Judas.  I'm sorry, but I will never forget or forgive him for the way he conducted himself, I personally believe he deserves the vitriol of abuse that we have given him and long may it continue.  It still winds me up every time I see him in that evil shirt and my feelings are so strong on the matter that I will find it very difficult to get behind him if he does make it into the World Cup XI.

Maggie Nichols

Ed : - The Rebrov situation is one that needs to be sorted.  I cannot believe that we would be able to bring in anyone with a similar pedigree if he was sold.  Phillips has not cut it at international level and has not had the chance to play in Europe, so although he is a good Premiership goalscorer, that does not mean it will necessarily translate to a higher level.  Les and Teddy will not go on for ever and we need to retain someone of his standing in the game.

As for S.Cumball, he will never be forgiven by the majority of Spurs fans.

Has anyone noticed the sports pages, especially The Sun, is like a Gooner programme ... every day, even when they have no game there are stories about them.  Someone must be on a drink to get them all this publicity.

I know some of it is what might be called bad publicity, but none the less it's still one of those shirts spread across the pages, they were even quoting a Gooner player from a French newspaper a few weeks back just to just to get them in the papers again. 

THFC should look into this and get some Spurs shirts in the papers on daily basis, that lot are getting all this free publicity.

I might be wrong, but just get The Sun for a few weeks and see.  Now one of those is saying that he gets something sexual when he hears the crowd sing his name !!  This crap is in the sports pages and that shirt getting more publicity. Has anyone else noticed ?

Ed : - Unfortunately, around Christmas there is little news around ... in sport as well as any other area of news ... so a lot of silly season stories make their way into the Press.  

However, I know what you mean as the Evening Standard seems to have to in for Tottenham on a regular basis.  So not all news is good news.

Spurs have done their bit by donating Spurs shirts to the cast of in the West End show "Umoja"and this has been widely reported in the Press and on the radio/web.  These sort of stories counter the bad press Tottenham usually get.

Personally, I would prefer to let the Gooners do all their talking in the papers, while ours is done on the pitch (hopefully).



I've just been watching Sky Sports, with all their stats, and apparently we are bottom of the Premiership in terms of shot on target - 37%. This shows that we need a quality striker. Fowler would have been ideal, but he's gone to Leeds, and there aren't many available. Bobby Zamora is a possible, but he's unproven, and my view is that we should try and raid the Spanish League before other clubs do. I'd love to see Diego Tristan at the Lane, but I think more realistically Raul Tamudo at Espanyol is a good bet.
Don't get me wrong, I do love Les, but this kind of stat only proves that he's a little past it against the top clubs.
We need a quality striker Glenn, not another injury-prone midfielder like Redknapp....sort it out NOW!
Phil Drummond

Ed: - The need for a creative midfielder is there, as the stats show that we might be creating chances but the strikers are not hitting the target (so what you say about Les is verified).  The more chances we create, the higher the percentage on the goal.  Glenn will look for a  midfielder who can pass, as he has with the other players he has brought in.  Despite that we have scored a fair amount of goals, but in games like Liverpool, Ipswich and SCBC, the fact that we failed to get a goal from all of our possession means a lot.

We do need a poacher, as Les is not that type of player.  The rumours of Rebrov going means we will be even lighter in the striking department if Sergei does leave.  The two players who you mention would score goals almost anywhere, but the Spanish transfer window means Spurs will have to move fast if they are going to do anything.


You must be gutted.

Norf London muppets.


Dave SFC

Ed : - Au contraire mon ami.  If you know anything about Tottenham, you can be sure that we will donate three points to the down at heel and needy clubs in the Premiership.  SCBC do not fall into this category I know, but then Rupert "The Bear" Lowe, will never say no to a handout from Tottenham. By the way, it appears that your e-mail should have been sent to rather than to MEHSTG.



The most recent pieces on the letters page seem to relate to a chap we are no longer going to mention, if we have any sense. It's gone....who cares. Let's leave it at that (except that we now have five defenders with the potential to be better than that sad whinging scumbag - sorry, got caught up in the hype).
Spurs fans seem to be getting a bad press at the moment. Sorry, did I say at the moment? When was the last time we got a fair deal from the notepad-wielding tosspots?? To be honest, we shouldn't give a flying Gooner about that either. 

Spurs are currently one of the two teams in the country that seem to have a chance of impinging on the big five's dominance (the other is Newcastle.) We have to admit that ManUre, Liver-wreckers, the Scum (much as I hate to say it), Leeds (nuff said) and the jammy blues from the Bridge are currently ahead of us, but with Sir Glenn at the helm the gap is closing all the time. 
Glenn is my favourite all time player and I have to say he seems to be doing at Spurs what he tried to do at Chelsea. There, he got in quality players with vast experience (Vialli, Zola et al) and would have gone on to match them with impressive youth had he not been called up by England. At the time that was one of the only two jobs that would have pried him from Chelsea, but since he's done England and currently has the other one that ain't gonna happen at the Lane. 
He's doing the same thing at Spurs. Sheringham, Poyet, Ziege and Ferdinand may be getting on a bit but they are class players (I mean Sheringham is the reigning double Player of the Year, for Christ's sake!) and the likes of King, Davies, and even Gardner and Etherington look like extremely promising guys.
I reckon this style of management will lead us into Europe this season. the way things are going it could even be the Champions League, but whatever happens this season it will not be long before Spurs are at the forefront of British football where they deserve to be. 
So long as ENIC allow Glenn the financial backing he deserves and needs, we will be among the forefront of European football once again, and the likes of S.Cumball will be completely forgotten once and for all.
We have a bright future ahead of us, and we should start looking at that rather than dwelling on the past. 
Phil Drummond
P.S. Having said that, the big w**ker deserved everything he got in that game in November (but that should be IT! We have our self-respect!).
Everyone in the press and football in general seems to have deliberately missed the point of Spurs' fans anger aimed at C***bell.  Admittedly some of the things that happened on the 17th  were OTT, but to accuse Spurs fans of being thugs and racist smacks of a media/football conspiracy against us.
I don't want to sound like I've developed a Ferguson tendency to siege mentality, but reporters like Ian Wooldridge have spouted utter b******s to gain some kind of lefty, self righteous, right-on credibility.  Wooldridge's tirade is typical of so many people trying to prove that they are  sooo PC, with uninformed and inaccurate knowledge of the Spurs fans problem with C***bell.
We dislike him because he's a mercenary of the worst kind.  Nothing else.  As a club that is open to the worst kind of racist abuse because of our so called Jewish heritage (another misnomer: Arsenal and West Ham for starters, have just as bigger Jewish following) we have been subjected to racist crap as much as anyone.  Leeds and Chelscum have regularly sung songs about it in the past.  That doesn't get reported, yet Wooldridge concludes we are having a go a   C***bell because he's black.  Do me a favour!!!  We've had scores of black players over the years and suddenly we're racist toward C***bell?  He was OUR captain and he went behind enemy lines.  For whatever reason he did it, we are not going to forgive him.  It's a Spurs v Arsenal thing.    
Terry Venables also gave us a bollocking which really pissed me off as he as much as anyone  should understand how betrayed we feel.  I think that people in football, like him, have criticised us,  because they are just trying to exercise players rights to move on to anyone, regardless of fans feelings, to their own ends.  They are trying to disperse the theory that players should have some loyalty to a particular club because of the money they can make by moving.
In the meantime, I hope Woolridge's application to the 'Hampstead Labour Club' is rescinded.  W**ker.

Ed : -  The Press in general seem to have made light of the fact that the captain of our club did not feel himself able to tell the truth to the fans until he was announced as the rivals latest signing.  Money makes the man move and money will be the motivating factor for anyone in the game to do anything they want.  That is what the Press understand and that is what the game has become.  As I said in the piece about the reaction to the game, it is not that easy for the journos, as they do not feel like fans do and they cannot understand that we might only be having a go at him because of the colour of his shirt.


I think Sol deserved the demonstrations, balloons and boos. He was our captain and he had said how much he loved the club, but if you do, you don't sign for Arsenal !

But, the club and us as supporters should move on. Sol has gone. We've now got King and Richards who are better players and Gardner, Bunje and Doherty who could become excellent players for us too.

When Sol returns next season, he should be treated like any other Gooner, not as a special case.

Lets now use all our energy to get behind the team and hope that we can continue to make progress under Glenn, so that in a year or so we can be playing in The Champions league and challenging for the Premiership.

Dave Regan : Stafford

Ed : - Dave, the amount of press column inches dedicated to his reception show that the effect on the media was large.  Not any of it has been properly explained and all has put Spurs fans in a bad light.  Therefore, we should move on, as I think that our club is in the ascendancy, while his is not.  

He is wrong in thinking it is now over and done with.  That sort of behaviour cannot be swept aside and he will have to live with it for the rest of his life.


Are you aware of the inaccurate and offensive article in the Daily Mail, dated 14/11/01 concerning Spurs supporters ?  I have complained to the Daily Mail and the Press Complaints Commission etc like many other supporters. Maybe you would like to complain too. I am a regular visitor to your site. 

Thank you. 
Daniel Head.

Ed :  -  Daniel, we did hear about it and saw it.  On the face of it there is little defence for what the writer wrote.  I know that many Spurs fans have made formal complaints and that the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust have also registered their disgust at the piece.  I understand that the author advertises his e-mail address as a way of getting feedback to his articles too. 


I thought those of your readers and website visitors who do not take the Times Education Supplement might be interested to know that our former player, C. Lose-Ball M.P was recently interviewed for the publication's 'My favourite teacher' feature. Unsurprisingly, in view of the sums he tried to screw out of Spurs and ended up settling for at 'the other place', his favourite was a Maths teacher!
It's a great pity he didn't spend more time concentrating on history and geography!
Best wishes
John Edrich

Don't know about you boys but I'm getting a bit fed up with constant negative press reports about all aspects of Spurs.

These reached new heights however, with Ian Wooldridge of the Mail missing all the salient points in the Scumbal affair, and accusing us of being racist, and homing in on the dummy's effigy  being hanged out side the Lane, (not something I agree with however), and comparing Spurs fan   who will be involved in any protest as having KKK sympathies. I feel deeply offended as I thought the whole club's ethos was now very anti racist and may he be reminded that a name sung on the terraces is that of Ledley King, all our hopes for the future, who is not the paragon of  white Anglo-Saxon Presbetarynism. Is this something  you think the rest of the media will hack into ?


Ed : - I have been of heavy heart over the media coverage that Spurs fans and the club in general have received over the last few years.  Their treatment of Gross, who whatever you thought of him, was a dignified man.  Just because he spoke differently to us and nobody had heard of him, this was open season for the Press to make a joke out of him.

Almost anything that the club or supporters does is now leapt on as a "juicy" story.  I suppose we should be grateful that we are so newsworthy !!  However, the potential for them to mis-read the situation on Saturday is not one they will miss.  I am disappointed that a highly regarded journo lie Woolridge is spouting such nonsense.  However, without wanting to tar all readers of the mail with the same brush, this might be what they want to read.

While not to everyone's taste, this is the very reason why we are supporting the Minute of Contempt.  A non-abusive way of showing him how we feel.  Apart from that the best way to show your contempt for him is to ignore him completely and get behind our team and, as you rightly state, our young stars, who are our future ... not our past ... regardless of colour, creed or sexual persuasion. 


With no Premiership football this weekend there wasn't much to smile about.  However, that soon changed when I opened page 36 of The Daily Mail (Sat 10th Nov) and read that Osama Bin Laden is a Gooner.  How apt that his middle name corresponds with that rubbish down the road.


Ed : - I saw that too.  LoL !!  Let's hope he's not planning on turning up next Saturday though !!

It's Saturday 17th Nov 2001 and instead of being in Sydney I'm in the High Rd, Tottenham. Actually the Hotspur Grill finishing a great bacon and egg lunch when all of a sudden there's a commotion outside. The fans have poured out of the Cockerel Bar and are rocking the coach that contains the Scum players. At the front Wenger is complaining and at the back sits S. Cumpbell. He knows what awaits. The coach escapes driving into the West Stand Car Park where unbelievably S. Cumpbell is abused further by the 'wealthy ones'. 

The M of C works perfectly and the scum supporters even shut up. No.23 is shitting himself. The minute finishes and the whole ground erupts in song behind the lads. 

The games is played at pace and crunching tackles inevitably lead to a skirmish involving Vieira who lifts his hands and sees red! Freund hits a speculative drive which takes a deflection and nestles in the corner of the net. When Teddy makes it 2 and bows in front of the scum fans we all go wild. Henri misses a penalty and a minute later Ledley King hits the 3rd. "You can stick your S.C. up your... "commences. 5 mins. from the end they fluke one back and the ground stands up to sing 'we beat the scum 3-1'.
 Martin, Sydney Spurs

Ed : - Martin, we are all with you on that one.  We will put in a big one for you at the match and let's hope that the Ledley King song will be ringing around the ground at 4.53 p.m.


I'm in support of the Minute Of Contempt although I think that we should then confine this sorry matter to history books.  Ledley King's a far better proposition in my book anyway. 

As for Campbell - I'll be astonished if he plays at WHL.  He'll have a niggling hamstring or a sore toe or something. 

How's Steve Ferguson playing in the reserves? Has he a bright future ?

The Dazzler

Ed : - Agree about Ledley and there will be plenty of time to give air to your praise for him after the MoC.  As for Ferguson, there has been little news and we assume he is injured, as he is not playing and Sutton and Barnard have stepped up from the Under-19s.  When he has played, Steven looks a fine player; fast, incisive and knows where to be for a goal-scorer.  We hope that he will maintain his progress when he is back playing.


Finally Spurs are starting to play the way Glenn Hoddle used when he was wearing a spurs shirt.  Ferdinand finding his form after 6 years and Anderton back to his best, Sven has to pick him for the world cup, who else can we link up the defence and the attack with ?

Ed : - I agree that Darren is playing a lot better, but his pace has gone and that is such a vital part of international football.  Despite that I think SGE will give him a go in one of the friendlies coming up, just to have a look at him.  Dazza did alright against France in the friendly out there before his last bad injury, so might feature in the World Cup build-up.


What's eating old Dave Jackson.  What a grumpy chap. 

How can anyone in the Paxton be so miserable when it is clear that we are moving swiftly into the great renaissance.  I hate to say I told you so but I wrote to MEHSTG on the week he was appointed and predicted that Hod would be our saviour.  

Such beautiful football AND 3 wins in a row - I'm starting to have wet dreams.  

This can't be real, please don't wake me up! Just get  Daniel Levy to agree 20 million for a midfield maestro and a decent YOUNG striker and we'll all be laughing.

The Dazzler


I've just read your coloumn on teletext and i've gotta admit i pissed myself when i read that u knew all the time fans were calling for freund to shoot. 

dont take the piss u thought they were booing him and thats why u had a go at us last week. at least have the balls to admit u were completely wrong instead of using a shity cover up. at the end of the day u aint a hard core fan unlike some and u can only base your reportson live matches or the highlights u see on the box. so admit that u had the complete wrong end of the stick in your next teletext coloumn to try and claim some dignity back! 


It is a joke we have used before and if you have read our Teletext column before or our fanzine or website, you will  know we went right back to the days of Nayim being "booed" by Spurs fans.

Why would I have thought the Spurs fans were booing him, when our match report made him man of the match.  Not the view of someone who wasn't at the game surely ;-)

Lighten up.  It's only a game.

Best Wishes, Wyart Lane

R u trying to say i werent at the game? unlike u im a season ticket in the paxtons along with theother REAL FANS. i dont care if u gave FREUND your poxy man of the match award. At theend of the day your report tried to make the Yids have a bad name for 'booing' one of our own. and if it werent for other Yids along with myself voicing our dis apporval of you stupid remarks thats exactly how we would be seen by other fans. therefore forthe sake of the REAL FANS i feel you should use the teletext coloumns to write an apology to us!!!!!

Dave Jackson


We might not be title contenders, yet, but, we sure do play pretty. 

Who am I talking about?  I'm talking about the team that is bringing a fresh waft of Mediterranean like jasmine through the acrid stench of the premiership, for decades dominated by powerful players and muscle bound midfielders.  I am talking about Tottenham Hotspur.  Glenn Hoddle has given the lovers of football, disciples of the 'beautiful game' (Pele) and sexy soccer (Cruyff), hope in the hearts and minds to the very few nearly extinct football lovers, that this once pure art form is not dead. 

Under decades of brutal bottom lines, as football fans, we have resigned ourselves to thinking, "well, at least we got a point out of it", irrespective of how we got it.  A point is a point, and that's the main objective of playing the game.  Don't get me wrong, I said playing, not watching.  Let's be clear, two different things we're talking about.  Watching the game ain't about getting the point, watching the game is about enjoying the delights of the minds at work, a team of men using the tool of the ball and plush turf to create an art.  What have I been smoking?  Nothing, just high on the fact that there is a small corner of the football planet, at White Hart Lane, that still believes that football is still the beautiful game. 

Zaidoon A. Al-Zubaidy;
Montreal, Canada

Ed :  - Zaidoon, that is what keeps us all Spurs fans through the bad times.  It is the knowledge that whatever the situation at the Lane, that the game is about Glory, as Danny Blanchflower used to say.  Now that style of football is coming home, we all feel that Spurs can go places.  Man U have proved that you can have success playing attacking football (although it is back-firing at the minute) and Spurs are picking up that one and running with it.  As our editorial always says - "Keep The Faith".


Hi Wyart
What do you make of the Club's latest financial report ?
It looks to me cynically, like they are saying "No Big Name Signings for Us".  I'm all for investing in youth and our youth policy, if not comparable to Man U and Leeds, fares very well against everyone else.  But if we really want to get into the Champions League in the next two seasons, which, financially, is a must, once again I reiterate, ENIC must speculate to accumulate.  As you're at pains to comment, they are an investment company, but surely, that is the first rule of investment and if Spurs are going to go forward Glenn must be given money to buy until we are producing the players in sufficient quantity to achieve that.
That said, Glenn's revolution has produced the best football I've seen at the Lane for 10 years. I hope the idiots who slated Ted's return are now choking on their stupid words pre-season.  Gus has been a revelation and Ziege has proved me wrong for presuming he was after one last big pay day.  I think Deano will be a better centre half than C***bell will ever be.
Outside of the obvious top five, the rest of the Premiership is pretty ordinary and Spurs with one to two more decent signings will be top 6.  Lets break the bank, show real investment and sign Kevin Phillips and De la Pena.

Ed : - The need to buy quality remains.  There are still areas of the team that need strengthening and now that ENIC have come out and said that there will be no more money for big signings, this does cause concern.  The Phillips deal being quoted as a New Year swoop indicates that we have to wait until the Italian transfer window is open to sell Sergei before buying the Sunderland man.  The crux of the matter is increasing revenue streams into the club and the way that it is done.  Spurs have been slow to take up the media companies money, saying they didn't want to sell off the family silver on the cheap.  Leave it any later and they won't be able to give it away !!  The same for merchandising.  We lost the opportunity to surge ahead there when we let Edward Freedman go to Man U when the club refused to listen to him.  One thing I hope will change is the lack of openness in listening to others by the new regime, but so far, they appear to not want to hear things that may be to their benefit.


I have just checked in to MEHSTG for the first time in too long, and am interested in one story in particular. Wayne Bridge in my opinion is a cracking full back and would be a good acquisition from SCBC; however we don't want to go over the top else we'll end up being as crap as they were at their best last season (which obviously isn't great.) That has to be enough, or we'll be signing Fatt Le Tissier!!
Best of luck to Willem Korsten for the future if you could pass that on for me,
Phil Drummond

Ed : - We don't have much direct contact with the club, but I am sure that we all send our best wishes to Willem, even though we never saw the true side of him in his limited appearances.  However, I do agree that if we sign Bridge then that should be the end of it with SCBC.  We should have taken enough of their staff then to doom them to relegation !!  Let's hope we don't go after Le Tissier as Rupert Lowe-Self Esteem will have us paying for him by the pound !!


What can you say about the game on Saturday?

Let's start with a the first half. I can't remember us looking so accomplished for a long time. Anderton was making tackles and the whole level of off the ball running, people making themselves available for each other, was brilliant. 

Remember this too: we are still missing some key players. Can you imagine how good this side could become with Carr going down one flank and Ziege - who, granted, at times looks a bit lazy when he is being attacked - also running full pelt?

Sheri and Anderton combine well, Sheri's neat lay offs giving Anderton someone who is always available. I am a bit sad that Sergei is not getting a game. I hope he does not get too disillusioned. We have not seen the best of him and it's a shame because he is a really good footballer. 

But it is a long season and you have to wonder how long Ferdinand and Sheringham will last. Anyway, the pair have done well so far this season, although at times they do look a bit predictable when they combine. 

Then the middle of the park. Freund is still annoying to watch, just because there are times where my Gran could do better, but at least he is committed and he gives us a bit of bite (or threatens to anyway.) 

Anderton has had a good start. I thought he passed the ball well on Saturday, but the best thing Hoddle has got out of him - apart from two games on the trot - is his tackling. He was going in on people the other day that just was not like Darren Anderton. He was making well timed challenges, winning the ball then pushing it off. 

Poyet looks a good signing as well. It was a shame he had that lay-off but give him a few more games and he will be a asset. 

Defence wise, nice to see Dean Richards here at last. We still have got Bunji and Doherty to come back, but Perry - for all his sins - also had a good first half. 

I am feeling more excited than I have about where we are going for a long time. There was a good atmosphere and we need to get behind this team. Remember who is in charge. 

Glenn Hoddle cannot - must not - fail at Tottenham, and it is our job to get behind him. 

Second Half? What Second Half? I went down the pub at half  time to celebrate and missed the rest of it.

All in all, I am looking forward to the Arsenal match. I think we have seen three and a half good performances against Chelsea, Sunderland, Liverpool and Man Utd.  I know we only got three points, but we are moving in the right direction and I reckon we are going to thrash Derby. It is about time we really battered a team.

Sorry for my rant. Come on you Spurs. See you at the game on Monday. 

Dan Carrier

Ed : - The games that we have played recently have been hard ones - we all expected that, but the manner in which we have played has given us hope.  The need for points in the coming handful of games is that much more pressing now, but the teams are ones we should be able to defeat.  Some of the new players will take time to fit in and those who are playing tend to get a bit leg-heavy in the second half, so Hod will have to have some in reserve to bring on when required.  Many a time we have seen Spurs give away the lead, but this was something else and I think United were the only side that could have done that to us in this era.

We should take comfort from the good things and work on resolving the bad things.  Our day will come.


At the start of the season I was optimistic of much better quality football, but still hesitant about finishing high up in the table.  We ARE playing some good football, but struggling with our league position.  

Somehow the balance needs to be put in place (a bit of George Graham's dourness would have come in handy after half-time Saturday).  And Hoddle should have made three substitutions after they came back to 3-2 as a few of the players were losing heart.

Rebrov is being wasted on the bench and will go if not given a run.  We are in need of a good striker - Ziege is top scorer and he is a back! 

Good wishes to you all.  


Ed : -  Not sure why there was no change when Man U started coming back.  Maybe Hoddle hoped the players would sus it out, but by then it was too late ... the damage was done.  The Rebrov situation is worrying and I hope that Sergei can be fitted into the pattern of the team as we need someone up front who can take the chances we are creating.  Les has cost us a few points this season, because the build-up is good, but the finishing is not there.



In response to the snippet about Benfica's proposed stadium move on today's White Hot Lines (30.9.2001), there's more to that story. This month's World Soccer has a piece about the club and the proposed move, and it's not universally popular. 

The Portuguese giants have a property developer as their chairman and there's a school of thought which sees the stadium move as a ploy for him to make a sackload of money. The fact that the new ground will be smaller than the Stadium of Light, with a capacity of 70,000, is just one of the reasons why many of the club's fans, including its 120,000 members, may yet scupper the move. It all goes to prove that dodgy chairmen possibly looking to line their own pockets isn't an entirely British phenomenon.

Martin Cloake

Ed : - Martin, you are better informed than me and it will be interesting to see how far the members get in stopping the move.  Of course, as members they may well have a better chance of influencing a decision.  At Spurs there are rumoured to be fans representatives involved in the working party looking at the move away from White Hart Lane, but what sway they will hold is questionable.  Maybe the Trust will have to cut it's teeth on this important issue.


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