Letters April to July 2002


I'm really not looking forward to this season at all.  Just for a change their seems to be disquiet amongst the board and management. Then the inevitable cry to the tabloids from an overpaid so-called 'Spurs star' who if anything is adding to the problems (high wage, average player in twilight of his career).

Why do we not have any money to spend. A club with ambition would go hell for leather in attracting players like Robbie Keane (bags of pace, talented and young). How else can we expect to get into a European berth without speculating to accumulate. Times are tough, but it makes you wonder who's benefiting from the clubs new sponsorship deals! The 9m price tag for Robbie makes Deano's 8m price tag look laughable.

If only we could for once have some real ambition at board level instead of the dreamers we always get. Another season of mediocrity languishing behind the likes of Charlton & West Ham is just too much to stomach. 

Oh and thanks to Mr. Levy for putting up the price of the season tickets and cancelling the discount structure and the club shop. Ingenious!

See you there!


Ed : - The two taking the bulk of the kit and shirt sponsorship money are those two named in the response below I imagine.  The season ticket increase might be bearable if there was some money going on players.  I echo your comments about Keane.  Not an out and out goalscorer perhaps, but one who will definitely be better than what we have and surely that is the least you should be looking for in new recruits.

Richards transfer fee was overblown, but then that is what happens when you buy players from big clubs.  Sherwood might have been trying to engineer his way out, but like Leo and Les, who would take them on with their wage demands ?  Perhaps we should offer them at 10% discount seeing as how we don't get it in the shop these days !!

Dear mehstg,
I am a lifelong Spurs fan and quite frankly am sick of the way the various boards have run the club. Each year we are the laughing stock of the Premiership for one reason or another.

We have the basis of a good squad capable of creating numerous chances every match.  However, we are missing that vital ingredient called a striker, who can net the goals we need to take us into Europe.  Now we are told we have to sell Anderton to finance any deals, what a kick in the teeth that is.  Not only do we have some of the most expensive seats in the Prem. we have just got a new sponsorship deal plus the fact we were 10M up in profits.  Surely we must be able to scrape together 7-8 M to buy someone who could effectively put us into Europe and make us money.  This money is an investment into the future of Spurs who at the moment are looking at another season of mid table obscurity.

Commercially I would hate to think of the number of younger fans with Spurs parents who have adopted Arsenal & Chelsea as their team.  How can it be possible that a team like Middlesbrough spanks a fair whack on transfers every season without fail, and here we are literally begging the board to make just one decent signing.

This is an absolute disgrace.
Mark Sanglikar

Ed : - The amount of money available after trading last year was a 2 million loss I think (but stand to be corrected), so the cash clinking around in the club pockets is probably not as much as you might think.  With the sponsorship and kit money spent on wages for Acimovic and Redknapp, the funds are further reduced.  But there is a little from the increased season ticket income and I am sure they would be able to scrape together a few million to speculate.  In the current football financial atmosphere though, very few are spending big money.  Gibson at Boro shells out of his own pocket and I don't think you will get that from an investment company like ENIC.

Yes, I agree, Tottenham should be spending money on class players, but it ain't gonna happen until at least we get into Europe and maybe might have to wait until we get Champions League football ... and that could be a while.


With all the transfer merry-go-round in full swing, Spurs do not seem to be dipping into the market as much as we would like.  Obviously we need a top boy up front to convert the countless chances we create. Iversen is not up to the job, Ferdinand will only go one more season and Ted can't keep carrying them forever.

But I would say we need a real 'Midfield Enforcer' too. Someone who will put the boot when the going gets tough and not go missing with the heat is on.  Someone who will stand up and be counted when others go missing. Remember Chelsea in the FA Cup, they walked through our midfield like it wasn't there. Bowyer would have been great ... but he wouldn't come to us as we're not in Europe.  

I think Glenn should look to Ledley King ... he was outstanding in midfield under George Graham (excuse my language) He is quick, strong, calm on the ball, good in the air and strong in the tackle.  When ever he steps out with the ball he looks class.  Freund, for all his many good qualities, is not the answer and Sherwood legs ain't up to a whole season in that role.  

We are well covered at the back with Perry, Gary D, Gardener, Bunje and let's hope we see a more confident Deano this season.


Ed : - I think the abundance of central defenders we have who can bring the ball out might persuade Hod to move one of them forward a bit into midfield.  Not sure who, maybe Bunjy, but the enforcer role will still probably be Freund's when he is fit again.  There's no-one else that can do it, although Ledley might in time.  The real concern is up front at the minute ... and those minutes are running out !!


After reading in the newspapers about certain strikers being linked to us, I am surprised that GH hasn't made an approached for Dwight Yorke, after hearing in several papers that Yorke wasn't in Ferguson's plans for the future and that Glenn was interested in him why doesn't he make an offer for him ?  I can't see Kevin Phillips coming to us especially as he is a Gooner anyway, and what happened about the Eto'o deal that was so highly put about, that just seemed to go quiet.  I feel that Yorke although he might be getting on a bit he still has the ability to hold in own in the Premiership and would prove to be a perfect foil for Teddy or  Steffen.

I find it disturbing that apart from Redknapp and Acimovic that we haven't signed a quality centre-half yet, I don't mean to be disrespectful to Ledley and Deano but if you put somebody who has a yard of pace against them they ain't exactly Linford Christie are they? 

I think GH and DP should be looking for a ball-playing centre-half with a bit of pace, I am sure between them they must know of somebody who fits that bill, if we are going to become title contenders in the next few years then I suggest he has a good look round to build a team/squad worthy of rivaling the so called top 5.

Lee Hunter

Ed : - The forward section of the team is far from being resolved.  Armo on his way out and Rebrov out of favour means it leaves Ted, Les and Ivo.  If the money is not there, then Phillips, Eto'o or anyone else who costs a bit won't be arriving, but then GH should be looking for alternatives.  Zamora is unproven, but there must be players out there at a reasonable price that the coaches at the club can make something of ?

As for centre-half, I think we are pretty well served, with a mix of talents there.  Deano is big and strong and hopefully, will do better this season.  Ledley reads it well and can bring the ball out well and if it is pace you want, then Anthony Gardner has bags of it.  Realistically, if Hoddle is looking anywhere, it should be upfront that we get a 20-25 goals a season man.

I was shocked to read Mr. Levy's comments regarding the amount of spending the club have decided NOT to commit to this close season.  "Academy and youth is the answer" said a straight faced Mr. Levy, "We shall not have an open cheque book for signings". 
This is clearly a smoke screen for the lack of ambition Mr. Levy and his fellow ENIC colleges are going to show the club.  Without a half decent striker amongst the ranks, I fear the worse for the imminent season and wonder where my 595 goes following my season ticket renewal.
Talk Sport were bombarded with disillusioned Spurs fans calling in to say how bad things are, and how much worse they are likely to be....I agree with them all, even Mr. Mike Parry who foresees "Major problems for Spurs next season".
Its not as if we ask for too much (or do we?).  We badly need a YOUNG, injury free striker to help the aging Teddy and Les and a flair type midfielder who will not be in a BUPA Hospital following a collision with a blade of grass ..... How about Massimo Macarrone, he sounds like an exciting striker !!!???  No thanks said Mr. Hoddle, No way said Mr. Levy, How much !?
I don't think I've ever dreaded a new season like this before ..... I sure I'm not the only one.  I would be grateful if you would publish, print my views.  
Dave Scarlett 
Spurs Season Ticket Holder....Shelf Side

Ed : - Dave, pleased to air your views.  You are not alone and the main thrust of your argument surrounds how the club intend to push forward.  While others (notably Man. City so far) spend money on recruits, so far we have two free signings (not bad business) and a young talent for the future from Belgium.  Not designed to strike fear into the heart of Man U and Arsenal, is it ??  Well, the club do need to spend some money ... not recklessly, but to bring in at least one big name to show that the pulling power is still there and that we are intent on going places.

With regard to Mr. Parry, I would take his comments with a pinch of salt and hope that those Spurs fans who rung in are not too representative of those who jump to the "XXXX Out" chants too soon.  There is still the worry about the team tiring at Christmas again, but with some more reinforcements in the midfield area, Hoddle looks like he is trying to cover that vital area.

Now it's up front he needs to bolster the squad. 



Do you (or anyone else) have any inkling over these KP rumours? If I was Peter Reid (thank mother of mercy I am not) I wouldn't find the Phillips or Keane dilemma a very difficult one to resolve. Only one of them is a young athletic forward with a bright international future ahead of him and good value for money. Do you think Hoddle finds this decision so straight forward? Will I be eating my words? Will anything ever actually happen?

God bless Les, by the way, for placing those heart warming 'I'm raring to go comments' on the website. He can still be a valuable support player for us (read same for Ted) but flog him to death and his legs will pay the price.

Best wishes,
Alex Macdonaldo

Ed : - Fully agree that Keane would be a better buy than Phillips.  More suited to the role we want him to play, used to playing international football and would do well in Europe, more years in the locker and at a more reasonable price (surely the most important factor for the club at the moment).  I just wish we would sign a forward soon, albeit one who was more likely than not to score 20 goals a season !!


Hi there.

I find S.Cumball's inclusion in FIFA's All Star World Cup 11 ridiculous. If there were any doubt that FIFA were 'way out there', surely this is confirmation.

This is not just a Spurs backlash against Campbell, but an honest view.

During the World Cup we took to calling him 'NASA' due to his propensity to launch the ball at every available opportunity - a trait instilled by GG no doubt in his last seasons at the Lane.

There was a time when NASA had a sense of class about him but that had long gone by the time he left.  He remains 'solid', but his fear of the ball and a faltering aura of composure spreads nervousness around the team in both his defending and distribution.

In my view he is not worthy of his place in FIFA's 11 and ought to be replaced by a more confident footballer in the England side - e.g. Ledley or even one of the jailbird set.

Phew. That's off my chest!!



Ed : - When you said NASA, I thought you were going to say that he was never near an opponent, so constantly looked "lost in space" !!  I can't understand how they left Rio Ferdinand out of the side, as I have been very impressed by him in this tournament.  Hopefully, he and Ledley will pair up, before Anthony Gardner takes the Leeds man's place to have a Tottenham pairing in the middle of the national defence.

As for FIFA, they went AWOL a long time ago.  Linesmen from the Maldives ... purrrlease !!

Dear Wyart
So, England have been eliminated with a below par performance against Brazil, and Ronaldinho has joined the ranks of Paul Gascoigne (1991 FA Cup semi-final) and Nayim (1995 Cup-Winners Cup Final) by catching David Come (off his line) woefully out of position and embarrassingly flailing at his shot.  Disappointing, but as all the newspapers are already saying, we've got the 2004 European Championships and the 2006 World Cup in the bag already.  Well, I have to say, B******S!  To win a major championship England have to put at least six consecutive quality performances together, and that has not happened in any situation be it friendlies or competitions since 1966.
Still, at least that means that we can now go back to hating Messrs Seaman, Campbell and Cole.  It was tough work putting up with them and even cheering them for the last three weeks, but now life can return to normal !  I have to say I cheered Judas when he notched against Sweden (although I must also say until he scored his performance was absolutely terrible!) and will continue to support any scum players when representing England, but that stops when the international scene is over.  And as a way to go out of the World Cup that was fine by me.
Back to the important subject then - the Mighty Spurs.  So far we have signed Milenko Acimovic and Jamie Redknapp on free transfers, which are two reasonable signings - Acimovic scored a goal at the World Cup with a little help from the opposition keeper, and looked promising, and Redknapp is a quality player if he can keep fit - we certainly remember him down here in Bournemouth.
These signings have put us seventh favourites for the Premiership title behind ManUre, Arseholes, Liverpool, Leeds, Chelsea and Newcastle. But there is a big gap in the odds, meaning we are simply top of the second layer of the Premiership.  Whilst this is an improvement on recent years we need to spend a bit of money to try and gatecrash this top six.  We are in no worse a position than Newcastle were this time last year; they signed Bellamy, Cort, Lua-Lua, Robert and others and won themselves a Champions League place.

There is no reason why we cannot do the same.  Some names I've heard us linked with during the World Cup include Hasan Sas of Turkey, Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon, Gabriel Batistuta of Argentina (again!), a couple of South Koreans, and at least three other players who I cannot currently remember.  In my view the only one of these players we should go for is Sas; he has looked an excellent player.  What we need is a class striker and I think we should be looking outside the World Cup.  Anyone there will have increased their transfer value (with the exception of Hakan Sukur!) and we need to look closer to home.  In the lower leagues there are decent strikers; Bobby Zamora is the obvious, Lee Hughes and Jermaine Defoe are the other two I would like to see Spurs going for although Defoe could already be out of our price range.  The one other player I'd like us to sign would be Inamoto from the scum on a free; after his performances at the World Cup it would be amusing to see him doing well for us next season...
What players do you think we should go for Wyart, and come to that what do other browsers think?  I'm sure Spurs officials keep an eye on this website, so give them some ideas.  If you are a Spurs fan from abroad, let us know about some underrated players so that the scouts and so on can investigate.  I'll start off with some names gleaned from Championship Manager (which is very good for spotting young players from abroad) - how about Tonton Mokouko, Stefan Ishizaki, Peter Holm, Christian Wilhelmsson, Juan, Johann Vogel and Sherbel Touma (if anyone knows if these players are actually any good that would be interesting!!).
Anyway, whatever happens the overriding thought must always be....COME ON YOU SPURS!!
Phil Drummond

Ed : - I am not sure that Spurs could afford some of the players you mention from the World Cup now, as you said, their prices will have shot up.  Not sure that the players you mention from CM are real are they ??  As for supporting the Arsenal players in the World Cup, well, I couldn't get up the enthusiasm to get behind them.  Cumball had a dreadful time, I thought and only salvaged a mare against Sweden with his goal.  And we will never win anything with Ashley Cole at left back.

As for arrivals at Spurs, I feel they will be at the cheaper end of the market.  Zamora is the most likely, along with a cheap foreign import in midfield.  The only real money we will shell out will be on a forward and my guess is Eto'o.  He seems keen to come here and hopefully, his pace will add a different dimension to our attacking play.


Hi, my names Nick Baynham.  I'm 17 years old and have followed Spurs passionately since 1989. I love the club and watch as many games as I can, but the ticket prices are ludicrous.  So much so that I may not be able to afford to watch more than 5 games next year.

Also I'm sick and tired of seeing the club down the road from N17 win everything when we lose the mickey mouse cup to Blackburn.

I think its time we bought the glory days back to the lane with sir Glenn at the realm.

I heard that Paul Gascoigne was returning as a coach.


I think its about time Glennda got some quality at the club. Redknapp's a good start but don't you think Sergei deserves a chance, if Levy coughs up the money soon Spurs and we could have the pacy goal machine upfront with Sergei that they so deserve. The name Saviola springs to mind.

Thanks for your time Nick Baynham
spurs through and through

Ed : - Nick, your raise a good point about |Rebrov and I think if they could find a good partner for him, he could shine.  There is not one at the club at the moment, so they would have to buy one in ... Saviola being unlikely ... but anyone coming in would have to be funded by Rebrov's sale.  A bit of a Catch 22 !!

Not sure Gazza would come back as a coach, as he fell out with Hoddle big time before the 1998 World Cup.



Dear Sol,
Having watched you cavorting merrily around Old Trafford last night, grinning like a Cheshire cat at all those spotty Gooners, it struck me how right you were.  All those trophy-less seasons at WHL and now you have Championship and FA Cup winners medals to show for all your hard work.  As Richard Kaufmann said on TalkSport today, it seems to prove your point to us bitter Lilywhites.   Shame on us all for roundly criticizing you for leaving a club who have again won nothing.

So, having given it some thought, it dawned on me that Arsenal have a fair chance of doing the same again next year and you couldn't rule out the Champions League either.  So I decided that after 32 years of supporting an under-acheiving club, it's time to switch allegiances - next season I could support the Arse and I could say that my team won this or that for a change.

Now Sol me old mate, unlike you, I have a little problem with this ....... it won't work because I love Spurs.  Real fans cannot just change clubs like overpaid hypocrites like you.  I could not enjoy any part of seeing Arsenal win anything, and if you had ever really supported Spurs (as you always claimed) then neither could you.

So enjoy your hard earned success at the Arse. Unlike many Spurs fans, I still think that you are a great centre half and that you have played well this season.  Just don't ever pretend that you were ever a great Spurs fan  -  your face last night proved otherwise. 

Yours truly
The Dazzler

Ok, so I'm a bit slow off the mark with this one...but here goes anyway...
Why doesn't Glenn sign David Seaman, Duncan Ferguson, Kieron Dyer, Ronny Johnsen Graeme Le Saux, Francis Jeffers and re-sign Chris Armstrong.   We could then play
1.     Seaman
2.     Carr
3.     Le Saux
4.     Jonnsen
5.     Bunjevcevic
6.     Redknapp
7.     Anderton
8.     Dyer
9.     Ferguson
10.   Ferdinand
11.   Jefffers
12.     Iversen
13.     Armstrong
14.     Doherty
15      Gardiner
16      Any other Spurs crock
We wouldn't win anything but it would sure allow our  'academy' players a chance to impress - they'd be called on every week.
Having the most injury prone Premiership club in history is one thing, but signing Redknapp for four years had me in hysterics.  If Redknapp and Anderton ever play more than 10 games together, I'll eat my trilby!!   
The Dazzler

I don't know whether ten pints of Belgian lager were playing tricks with my eyes, but when leaving Sugar Reef (poncy place)  myself and a couple of friends managed to come across who we all thought was Mr. Iversen. The only other reason for me not believing my eyes was because he was involved in quite an exciting little brawl. I have never seen 'twinkle-toes' ever throw his weight about as much as that before on the pitch. I really don't know if this story ever managed to come out in the press as I'm a student shut off from the world of reality and don't come across newspapers that often.
Again I cannot believe my eyes after watching Clemence against Liverpool (I was sober this time due to stupid Premiership KO times). The man who somehow managed to get contracts from previous managers, showed exactly why with a performance that must only have been seen before in training.

David Masters

Ed : - I know he was a striker, but the thought of Iversen in a fight is something that I had never contemplated.  If it was him, then obviously he didn't do well enough to make the papers and the idea that someone is going around dressing up as Steffen is one too sad to imagine.

As for Clemence, he did really well against the Reds and will be a useful squad player to bring in when required.

I have just discovered your website, great stuff!  I'm a season ticket holder in the Paxton and just thought I'd jot down my views on another disappointing season.

It all started well enough, some of the early season stuff was superb, almost as good as when Hod was playing!  For the first time since 1987 I was watching my team play the way that made me love them.  Arsenal came, we got the vilification of a former player out of our systems and as an aside, in my opinion, played the better stuff and were more than worth our late, late equaliser.  Then, slowly, it started to go belly up.  It's hard to put one's finger on the reason, injuries, confidence, ageing players, luck, but after the demolition of Chelsea the beautiful football just wasn't clicking anymore.  When I arrived in the Millennium stadium for the Cup final and heard the team selected by Hoddle, I couldn't believe there was no place for Simon Davies.  In my opinion, after watching the first half, he should have brought Davies on at half-time, but he seems to wait until it is too late before bringing on his subs doesn't he?  I have to admit, I was well pissed off about it for ages afterwards and it seemed to me that that applied to the players too!  The "beautiful" football seemed to go out of the window, a lot more hoofing was indulged in and it became almost painful to watch ...

Well, now another season has almost drawn to a close and we start to look forward with hope (Again) to another one.  Will we sign the top quality striker we need?  Kevin Phillips' name has been linked with ours for ages, I'd love to see him join, but I cannot help but feel that yet again we will shy away from spending the money.  When I read Hoddle saying how brilliant Iversen can be it just makes me sigh and wonder what the excuse will be next year (Am I the only one who thinks he misses too many easy chances and is therefore CRAP)?
But hey!  We all live in hope, that's what makes this game and following Spurs in particular, so addictive!  Maybe we will sign a top striker, maybe our players will have an injury free season.  Maybe the manager will have learnt a few lessons ... Maybe the board will give him some dough and stop milking the loyalty of the supporters.  

By the way, I couldn't give a toss what colour the bloody logo is.  How far down that particular road will some fans go?  We all hate Arsenal, that goes without saying, but get a life or get an away shirt guys!

So, COME ON YOU SPURS! See you next season.

Brandon Burge

Ed : - That just about sums up the season I reckon.  One of being so close, but it all running out of steam at just the wrong time.  With the summer coming up it will need some clever dealing in the transfer market to bolster the squad and players will need to realise that they will not play every game.  We've heard Phillips is a certainty, but will only believe it when we see it.  There needs to be some reduction in the wage bill, so expect some movement out of the club too. 

Just a thought - how about Darren Anderton and Jamie Rednapp job-sharing?  At least then we've got a chance of having a midfielder who's not injured!  Spurs can lead the way in the equal opportunities market. 

Ed : - How very PC of you !!  It is a thought and might allow some rotation on the treatment table too !!


I'd just like to say congrats to all the spurs fans
who couldn't get tickets for Saturday, but made it to
the Paxton Road end to watch the game. - it was ram jam packed full, and when Ted scored, the place erupted.  But the biggest cheer of the day was for super Ted, when he kicked that dirty arse(nal player) sol in the face.  

I'm suffering from after match alcohol. got to go to bed. I hate arsenal, and that's a good thing. I hate that idiot Freddie lunge burg with the red hair most of all.

Matt Q

Ed : - While the alcohol might ease the pain, you will still wake up to the sight of the pink haired one in the papers scoring one of the goals that condemned us to defeat.  There is little to take form the game, but you have just about summed that up.


Just read about Stephen Carr.

Well, that's another successful season for the Spurs medical team .... Not!!!

What a record:
Two players out all season (Carr and Armstrong)
One lost forever (Korsten)
One who had to seek his own doctors before he got better (Tarrico)
One who had a fractured cheekbone only to never be seen or heard of again (Bunjecevic)
One who disappeared almost as soon as he got here (Ferguson)
Plus a whole host of others who seemed to disappear for weeks on end without us knowing why or how nor when or if we were ever going to see them again.

This is without the genuine injuries to Docherty and Clemence which I guess were unfortunate.  But you can't help wonder if they are getting the right treatment can you?

Personally, I believe the whole medical team should be cleared out and new ones appointed.  In my opinion their record is abysmal.  We get the same problem year after year after year.  I know of no other club who suffer like we do.  When is Glenn going to do something about it?  I'd like to think he is asking questions and putting them under pressure and that there are actions being taken to improve the situation, but we hear nothing.  They don't even keep the web site up to date so we never know what's happening. 

I know some things can't be made public but even so....

Then to cap it all we shoot ourselves in the foot yet again when our star striker - who after several years has finally started looking and playing the part - goes and breaks his own wrist in the safe confines of his own home!  You couldn't read about it or make it up could you?!  Not since Alan Mullery ricked his back while cleaning his teeth have I heard one like this - and he was a Spurs man too!  Like I say, no other club makes an idiot of itself like ours.

I really do feel strongly about the medical team though.  I feel cheated.  All that money for  a season ticket and I haven't seen our best player once and we've never had a first choice 11 on show.   If the club won't sack them I can't understand why they don't resign given their what I consider to be pitiful and shameful record.

Don't know if you are in a position to put some of this to the club but if you are I'd sure appreciate some feedback.

Steve Gediking

Ed : - Unfortunately, we do not have the ear of the Board.  They would not take kindly to us telling them how to run their club ... and besides, I wouldn't know the first thing about medical issues.  So, perhaps I am the prime candidate for the job !!

The injuries do seem to have plagued us since Gerry Francis' days.  His hard running Tuesdays did knacker a few players in more way than one.  But why it has continued, who knows.  Too few players meaning that those carrying injuries have had to turn out ?  Too many games with to little time to recover between ?  Goodness only knows what would happen if we had European football on top of what we play now !!  I think they need to do some Feng Shui in the treatment room ... that or dock some wages of those who spend the most time in there.  No other business would stand it.

I certainly don't think Hoddle should be sacked, he needs to be given money, enough to buy at least 5/6 top quality players of his own choice.  If he then cannot transform Spurs into a title challenging team within 3 years, then I'd say he should be sacked.

People say he hasn't made subs in games at the right time, but who the hell can he bring on ??  Too many so called BIG name players haven't produced enough for the team.  Our central midfield is a JOKE, we need some quality and pace in there for the start of next season, without a doubt.  Another striker, 20+ a season man, and another top quality central defender??  

But will Hoddle be given the amount of cash needed to bring in this type of quality, 'cos it won't come CHEAP.  A manager can only work with the players he's got at his disposal and the ones Hoddle have aren't good enough.  

By the way, do we need a goalkeeper as well? Hoddle's made some mistakes this season, lets hope he learns from them.

Damian Butcher

Ed : - The question of money available will be the burning one of the summer.  We've heard about the interest in Redknapp and Effenberg, who will cost nothing to buy, but a lot in wages.  The real crunch will come when we need to pay out for a player in whatever position he may play.


I have been trying to think of what to say to all you Hoddle doubters since the Charlton defeat.   Then I open the postbox on the website and see the comments of Phil Drummond of Bournemouth (29/3).  Never were truer words said.  What do Spurs fans expect ?

So called supporters calling for Hoddle's head make me sick and I can only assume that they are Prawn Sandwich lovers who couldn't tell the off side law from the (not unsubstantial) back of Jimmy Floyd's arse.

Sometimes I get so depressed listening to the horse manure that I hear coming out of some mouths at The Lane.   The man has been in charge a year and he's had us playing some of the best footie I've seen us play in years, got us to a cup final, and has us handily placed for a top 8 finish. 

OK, so things went pear shaped for a while and I'm sure that they will again.   Think back to the drab old crap we had under GG or the millions wasted by Francis and Ardiles (remember Dozzell!!).  Glenn  spent wisely but they simply ran out of steam when it mattered.  Give him some money ENIC!!!!!

Finally, if the comments recently attributed to Matthew Etherington are true, he should be told to shut the hell up.  I cannot believe some of these kids. He comes to one of the biggest clubs in Britain from Peterborough, spends a few minutes here and starts issuing ultimatums.  No matter how promising he is, he should take a leaf out of Simon Davies's book, knuckle down and earn his place in the side - young whippersnapper!! 

Let's do the Arsenal and give the Scousers the title ... I know it's a dream, but please God .....

The Dazzler

Ed : - You hit the nail on the head when you say give him the money to do the job.  Winning the League Cup might have covered up the cracks like it did in 1999.  At least we know now that the side needs strengthening to get into and stay in Europe.  As long as Hoddle is given the time, I think he can improve the side, but he still has some things to learn as a manager too.


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