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Those nice people at Seat Booker have informed us that now Non-members can purchase tickets on-line as well as Season\Members.  To find out more go to or



BT are looking for Spurs fans to give their views on what Tottenham's 2013-14 season holds.

They need people to be available from 16:00 on Monday afternoon and to be able to get to N London/Stoke Newington area.

If you are interested contact Fraser by email


My name is Tommy Francis and I am a third year photography student studying in London.  I am contacting you looking for your help, in my recent work I have been travelling around the UK documenting and studying the idea of a home advantage and hierarchy in football, most recently documenting stadiums and grounds. I know wish to create a series of photographs that look soley at the fans of football, therefore I am looking at finding one person from each club in the football league to put towards the eventual final outcome of a book and a number of them to be exhibited. This email to you is asking for your help in finding people from your club that may be interested in representing their club and be photographed, and by contacting you I feel I will find the perfect candidate if you could help me, by posting a message on facebook with my email address or tweet with @tommyfrancis91 linked, explaining what I am doing this would be a huge help !

Below is a link to some of the work I have been working on, and I hope to hear back from you!


Tommy Francis


MEHSTG recently received the below communication ...

I recently met a man who claims to have been born in the 'shelf' area of the ground during a game in 1948. Apparently his parents were both T H F C fans and although she was due to give birth she went to the game and her waters broke and she gave birth there and then. The man I met said he has a lifelong ticket availability and can go to any game for free.

Has anyone ever heard of this before ??
If so, then let us know at


I have just found out that I am adopted. My real dad played for the Tottenham Hotspur supporters club 11 aside team in the season 59-60. During a match he took an injury to his head from which he later died in early 1961 and because of that it must have been a talking point back in the day. I appreciate this is a way long shot but would you know where to find records of the teams or him???

I am a life long Spurs fan as all my family came from Edmonton and my Real dad, cousins and uncles all went along to watch both Spurs and then the supporters club 11-a-side.

I thank you in advance.

I am looking for a True Spurs hero here guys so please, please try to assist if you can.

Very best regards






Can anyone help I am trying to get in touch with the following ex Spurs Players.

Bobby Almond Ron Gibson Brian Parkinson
Gary Anderson Alan J. Grubb Jimmy Pearce
Gary Bacon Tom Heffernan Joe Peck
Paul Bowgett Phil Holder Terry Reardon
Tony Chambers Phil Holyoak Paul Shoemark
Shaun Close Chris Jones Stuart Skeet
Danny Clapton Eddie Jones Ian Smith
Pat Corbett Johnny W. Jordan Tony Smith
Alan Dennis Paul Mahorn Brian Turner
Les Dicker Billy Mail Jimmy Walker
Bill C. Dodge Giorgio Mazzon Bobby Wiles
Bill Edwards John Oliver Roy Woolcott
Ian Fusedale   Alexander Wright

Thank you


I am looking to get in touch with the following players, as I would like to obtain their autographs.  If anyone can put me in touch with them I would appreciate the help.

Andy Bish Gary Hyams Alan J. Reed
Roy Bowles Ernie Johnson Neville Shaw
Lee Bowman Johnny W. Jordan R. Shrickland
Steve Cavanagh John A. Laurel Stuart C. Skeet
Tony Colbert John E. Lovell William Spencer
Derek Crossman Terry Lloyd Roger Wade
Bill C. Dodge Bob Lumley Jimmy Walker
Andy Edmonds Gary O'Brien Ron H. Ward
Brian Fittock Joe Nixon Harold S. White
Joe Flemming John Oliver John Whitecross
Alan J. Grubb Barry Pace Brian Winterborn

I'd appreciate any information on their whereabouts or their most recent movements.
Yours faithfully

We are looking for players to play in the Tottenham Hotspur Ladies teams.  

The only qualifications would be that players need to preferably (although not necessarily) have some previous experience of playing the game.

All our teams will be playing their games at Frederick Knight's Sports Ground in Willoughby Lane, Tottenham this season, except for the first team, who will play at Harlow Town FC.

If you would like to contact me please do at
or see the Tottenham Hotspur Ladies FC website at







Looking for Spurs fan Bill Clark - formerly of Hackney, but last known of in the Hertford area around early 1980's.  Now believed to be living in Kent.

If you or anyone you know knows of Bill's whereabouts are reading, please contact mehstg



Hi.  I am a Spurs fan who lives in Halesowen, West Midlands.

I am looking for someone to travel to some games with.  It would be great to hear from anyone who can help.




                  Click here to find a list of officially recognised Spurs Supporters Clubs. 


I moved to Castleford September 2012 and was hoping there would be a Spurs supporters club up here somewhere.

I've seen plenty of Spurs shirts being worn in and around this area but can't see any supporters clubs for West Yorks.

If anyone knows of one or is thinking of starting one please let me know.


Hi there, we are trying to set up a supporters club for the North West (i.e Lancs & Greater Manchester & Liverpool) area, so anyone that is interested in joining, please contact
Up the Lillywhites!

Anyone interested in joining a Scottish supporters club? If so contact me at or visit -




Please continue to support us by telling as many people as possible about our campaign and encourage them to both become a member and sign our petition; this is vital as the more members we have the more weight Stand Up Sit Down will carry.


    (MEHSTG has no knowledge of the premises advertised and you visit them at your own risk)

My pub operates for away fans only for matches played at Villa Park.
We are not close enough to be rammed and don't normally open weekends,  but we are two minutes walk from the nearest train station that is only one stop away from Villa Park.  We have no locals and no trouble, we are tucked away on an industrial estate, even the police and locals  haven't heard of us !!  But I use this to my benefit. 

We recently had the semi final crowd from your neighbours in at 8.30 in the morning before their game with Man U, but not many turned up after the event to drown there sorrows !! 

Anyways , I'm looking for some independent travel clubs who would like to park their coaches outside.  

We can be found on the web with the following address - Midland Tavern, Erskine Street, Nechells, Birmingham B7 4RU


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