The New Spurs Store

Completed for the start of the 1999-2000 season, this is the new Spurs Store 
at the corner of the High Road and the Park Lane end of the ground.  The modern layout is in sharp contrast to the old store and the increased floor-space means that the store is a bit more comfortable to move around, although it is usually very busy on  matchday.

Just to the left of this photo is Warmington House, the building which used to house the old Spurs Supporters Club and outside which you can buy MEHSTG on a matchday.

This photograph was taken from the corner of the High Road and Church Road.  On the Southern corner (the other side of Church Road), there was a meeting of boys from the local school and the cricket club met in 1882 to decide what to do during the winter.  Out of that meeting, a football club, which came to be known as Tottenham Hotspur, was formed.



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