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            Car Number Plates






I'm after a set of Hummel 87-89 home shorts, size small or medium.




I'm after the 85-6 spurs shirt, either the home or light blue away. any size between small and large considered. please email if you want me to make an offer.



I have attended a private signing with seven of the legendary 1961 Spurs Double winning team. I have for sale some 1961 replica Cup Final shirts signed by the following:

Dave Mackay, Cliff Jones, Peter Baker, Les Allen, Terry Dyson, Bobby Smith, Maurice Norman

These shirts are a very sought after item and would enhance any collection.  They also have excellent potential for any fundraising events you may hold, for example, auctions or raffles.

The price per shirt is 125.00 plus postage and packing.  Each shirt will include a photograph of each player signing it as proof of authenticity

Would you kindly circulate this information to your members

NB.  If you would like to see a photograph of the shirt, please e-mail me and I will send you a picture

Richard Pinch





Reduced Spurs home programmes for sale

Are you interested in buying Spurs home programmes ?
We have the following home programmes for sale (price reflects condition - 50p programmes have some water damage)

Date Opponent Competition  
29.11.2007 Aalborg UEFA Cup 1.50
18.08.1993 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
02.01.1995 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
28.12.1997 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
05.05.1999 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
18.12.2000 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
18.12.2000 Arsenal Premier League 0.50
29.10.2005 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
24.01.2007 Arsenal * League Cup Semi-Final First leg 2.00
21.04.2007 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
15.09.2007 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
22.01.2008 Arsenal League Cup Semi-Final Second leg 1.50
08.02.2009 Arsenal Premier League 1.00
28.04.2001 Aston Villa Premier League 1.00
18.08.2001 Aston Villa Premier League 1.00
21.01.2006 Aston Villa Premier League 1.00
26.12.2006 Aston Villa Premier League 1.00
31.10.2000 Birmingham City League Cup Third Round 1.00
28.08.2004 Birmingham City Premier League 1.00
28.10.2007 Birmingham City Premier League 1.00
10.05.2007 Blackburn Rovers Premier League 1.00
02.12.2007 Blackburn Rovers Premier League 1.00
11.12.2001 Bolton Wanderers League Cup Fifth Round 1.00
26.01.2002 Bolton Wanderers FA Cup Fourth Round (postponed) 1.50
05.02.2002 Bolton Wanderers FA Cup Fourth Round 1.00
05.02.2002 Bolton Wanderers FA Cup Fourth Round 0.50
30.04.2006 Bolton Wanderers Premier League 1.00
25.02.2007 Bolton Wanderers Premier League 1.00
10.04.2001 Bradford City Premier League 1.00
26.09.2000 Brentford League Cup Second Round Second Leg 1.00
24.10.1981 Brighton & Hove Albion Division One 1.00
08.01.2005 Brighton & Hove Albion FA Cup Third Round 1.00
26.09.2009 Burnley Premier League 1.00
07.08.2004 Cagliari Friendly 1.00
01.10.2002 Cardiff City League Cup Second Round 1.00
17.01.2007 Cardiff City FA Cup Third Round 1.00
17.01.2007 Cardiff City * FA Cup Third Round 1.50
03.02.2001 Charlton Athletic Premier League 1.00
18.03.2002 Charlton Athletic Premier League 1.00
06.11.2004 Charlton Athletic Premier League 1.00
05.02.2006 Charlton Athletic Premier League 1.00
09.12.2006 Charlton Athletic Premier League 1.00
22.08.1987 Chelsea Division One 1.00
17.04.2001 Chelsea Premier League 1.00
16.09.2001 Chelsea Premier League 1.00
10.03.2002 Chelsea FA Cup Sixth Round 1.00
03.11.2002 Chelsea Premier League 1.00
27.08.2005 Chelsea Premier League 1.00
05.11.2006 Chelsea Premier League 1.00
15.11.1986 Coventry City Division One 1.00
11.05.1997 Coventry City Premier League 1.00
17.03.2001 Coventry City Premier League 1.00
17.03.2001 Coventry City Premier League 0.50
03.03.1990 Crystal Palace Division One 1.00
28.12.2004 Crystal Palace Premier League 1.00
15.08.2001 Derby County Premier League 1.00
18.08.2007 Derby County Premier League 1.00
14.12.2006 Dinamo Bucharest Premier League 1.50
05.05.1979 Everton Division One 1.00
19.01.2002 Everton Premier League 1.00
01.01.2005 Everton Premier League 1.00
15.10.2005 Everton Premier League 1.00
26.08.2006 Everton Premier League 1.00
14.08.2007 Everton Premier League 1.00
30.11.2008 Everton Premier League 1.00
26.09.2005 Fulham Premier League 1.00
17.09.2006 Fulham Premier League 1.00
26.12.2007 Fulham Premier League 1.00
26.01.2010 Fulham Premier League 1.00
01.01.2011 Fulham Premier League 1.00
07.08.2002 Glasgow Celtic Friendly 1.00
02.10.1991 Hajduk Split European Cup Winners Cup Round 1 Leg 2 1.00
16.01.2010 Hull City Premier League 1.00
17.12.1980 Ipswich Town Division One 1.00
19.08.2000 Ipswich Town Premier League 1.00
22.12.2001 Ipswich Town Premier League 1.00
11.08.2002 SS Lazio Friendly 1.00
01.11.1997 Leeds United Premier League 1.00
24.02.2001 Leeds United Premier League 1.00
01.04.2002 Leeds United Premier League 1.00
24.11.2002 Leeds United Premier League 1.00
09.02.2002 Leicester City Premier League 1.00
25.11.2002 Leicester City Premier League 1.00
21.08.1982 Liverpool Charity Shield 2.00
01.12.2004 Liverpool * Premier League 1.50
10.09.2005 Liverpool Premier League 1.00
30.12.2006 Liverpool Premier League 1.00
11.05.2008 Liverpool Premier League 1.00
01.11.2008 Liverpool Premier League 1.00
16.08.2009 Liverpool Premier League 1.00
16.11.1991 Luton Town Division One 1.00
21.01.1995 Manchester City Premier League 1.00
23.09.2000 Manchester City Premier League 1.00
19.03.2005 Manchester City Premier League 1.00
08.04.2006 Manchester City Premier League 1.00
13.05.2007 Manchester City Premier League 1.00
09.12.2007 Manchester City Premier League 1.00
29.08.1979 Manchester United League Cup Second Round First leg 1.00
28.09.1991 Manchester United Division One 1.00
15.01.1994 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
27.08.1994 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
01.01.1996 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
19.05.2001 Manchester United Premier League 0.50
19.05.2001 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
29.09.2001 Manchester United Premier League 2.00
25.09.2004 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
17.04.2006 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
04.02.2007 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
02.02.2008 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
13.12.2008 Manchester United Premier League 1.00
23.12.2000 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
28.09.2002 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
28.11.2004 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
20.08.2005 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
05.12.2006 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
26.09.2007 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
04.03.2009 Middlesbrough Premier League 1.00
02.01.2001 Newcastle United Premier League 1.00
14.01.2007 Newcastle United Premier League 1.00
30.03.2008 Newcastle United Premier League 1.00
07.03.1979 Norwich City Division One 1.00
18.04.1981 Norwich City Division One 1.00
28.01.1984 Norwich City FA Cup Fourth Round 1.00
04.02.1990 Norwich City Division One 1.00
30.03.2008 Nottingham Forest Premier League 1.00
07.12.1991 Notts County Division One 1.00
02.01.2010 Peterborough United FA Cup Third Round 1.00
08.11.2006 Port Vale * League Cup Fourth Round 1.50
08.11.2006 Port Vale League Cup Fourth Round 1.00
05.02.2005 FC Porto European Cup Winners Cup Round 2 Leg 1 1.00
05.02.2005 Portsmouth Premier League 1.00
01.10.2006 Portsmouth Premier League 1.00
22.05.1982 QPR FA Cup Final 2.00
14.09.1991 QPR Division One 1.00
01.04.2007 Reading Premier League 1.00
29.12.2007 Reading Premier League 1.00
05.01.2008 Reading * FA Cup Third Round 2.00
05.01.2008 Reading FA Cup Third Round 1.00
10.08.2008 AS Roma Friendly 1.00
28.09.2006 Slavia Prague UEFA Cup 1.50
23.11.1991 Sheffield United Division One 1.00
22.08.2006 Sheffield United Premier League 1.00
26.12.1996 Southampton Premier League 1.00
20.01.2001 Southampton Premier League 1.00
31.08.2002 Southampton Premier League 1.00
18.12.2004 Southampton Premier League 1.00
20.12.2006 Southend United * League Cup Fifth Round 2.00
27.01.2007 Southend United * FA Cup Fourth Round 2.00
11.03.1981 Stoke City Division One 1.00
10.10.1981 Stoke City Division One 1.00
24.10.2009 Stoke City Premier League 1.00
09.10.1991 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
04.11.2000 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
02.03.2002 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
03.12.2005 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
23.08.2008 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
19.01.2008 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
07.11.2009 Sunderland Premier League 1.00
13.09.2001 Swansea City League Cup Second Round Second Leg 1.00
17.02.2002 Tranmere Rovers FA Cup Fifth Round 1.00
02.01.1999 Watford FA Cup Third Round 1.00
14.05.1979 West Bromwich Albion Division One 1.00
08.12.2002 West Bromwich Albion Premier League 1.00
12.02.2005 West Bromwich Albion * * Premier League 3.00
22.10.2006 West Ham United Premier League 1.00
09.03.2008 West Ham United Premier League 1.00
11.09.2000 West Ham United Premier League 1.00
13.04.2002 West Ham United Premier League 1.00
15.09.2002 West Ham United Premier League 1.00
11.04.2009 West Ham United Premier League 1.00
26.11.2006 Wigan Athletic Premier League 1.00
11.11.2007 Wigan Athletic Premier League 1.00

*  Indicates with match ticket 

If you are interested, please contact MEHSTG at for details of postage and packing.


The following programmes, magazines and fixture cards wanted - good prices paid. Please contact Steve at

Away Programmes
73/74 Dynamo Tbilisi,

71/72 Keflavik, Nantes,

62/63 Slovan Bratislava, OFK Belgrade

61/62 Gornik

Spurs Monthly
July 2003
November 2000

THFC Fixture Cards
77/78, 81/82 & 85/86


Can anyone help me obtain the following programmes, which I need to complete seasons in my collection.

1983/4  Hadjuk Split v Spurs                         UEFA S/Final
1973/4  Grasshoppers v Spurs                     UEFA Cup
1973/4  Dinamo Tbilisi v Spurs                      UEFA Cup
1972/3  Olympiakos Piraeus v Spurs            UEFA Cup
1962/3  Slovan Bratislava v Spurs                 Cup Winners Cup
1962/3  OFK Belgrade v Spurs                     Cup Winners Cup
1960/1  Spurs v Army                                     Friendly
1954/5  Spurs v Finchley                                 Friendly
1951/2  Spurs v Newcastle                             Charity Shield

Please contact me at

Collectors of programmes from all matches played at White Hart Lane ...

Anyone requiring a copy of the Tottenham Hotspur Ladies FC v RAF match at White Hart Lane on Sunday 16th May 2004 can purchase them through the Tottenham Hotspur Ladies FC club.
Price 0.50 plus p&p.
To order please contact

Need a programme to complete a collection or maybe to replace a lost or damaged one ??   Many Spurs programmes from all periods can be obtained from BRENTSIDE PROGRAMMES.  
Tottenham books, handbooks, match tickets, etc are also available.


Home Spurs Programmes (season 1998/99) for sale at reduced price :
Newcastle United (Prem.) 24 October 1998 1.50
Everton (Prem.) 28 December 1998 1.50
Watford (FA Cup 3rd Round) 2 January 1999 1.50
Wimbledon (Prem.) 16 January 1999 1.50
Wimbledon (Worthington Cup Semi-final 1st leg) 27 January 1999 1.75
Wimbledon (FA Cup 4th Round replay) 2 February 1999 1.50
Coventry City (Prem.) 6 February 1999 1.50
Leeds United (FA Cup 5th Round replay) 24 February 1999 1.50
Derby County (Prem.) 27 February 1999 1.50
Southampton (Prem.) 3 March 1999 1.50
Aston Villa (Prem.) 13 March 1999 1.50

Postage and Packing extra. Please e-mail us at for details.



We are Cole’s Books, an independent book shop in Oxfordshire. We specialise in Signed Editions and have a growing number of titles signed by professional footballers.

We have two signed titles which I thought might be of interest to Spurs Fans:

And Still Ricky Villa – My Autobiography by Ricky Villa

Big Chiv – My Goals in Life by Martin Chivers

All our books are supplied directly from publishers and are hand signed directly to the title page by the author. We sell our books for cover price, no premium is added for the autograph. Both the above books are priced at 18.99 and we have multiple copies of each. We charge 3 for postage and packing for one book and a maximum of 5 for two books and over. Our packaging and shipping is of the highest quality with all UK shipments being sent via ‘APC Courier’ or ‘Royal Mail Signed For’.

The links above are for our secure Online Web Shop where you will also find our full range of Signed Edition books. If you would like to be added to our eMailing list, here is a link on our homepage where you can subscribe -

Available to buy now on ebay at half price (3).
Your complete checklist of all Tottenham's home programmes from 1946 up to the end of last season in League, FA Cup, League Cup, European competition, Friendlies, Testimonials, Benefits, etc.

Includes all those programmes the history books don't tell you about and those hard to get postponed and abandoned matches throughout the years.

Andrew Caulfield.




Fantastic signed prints of Spurs legends - Dave Mackay scragging Billy Bremner (25), Jimmy Greaves (25), the Spurs 1967 FA Cup winners, signed by Mackay, Greaves and Jennings (40), and very special print of PAUL GASCOIGNE scoring that free kick in the semi-final of 1991 against Ar**nal (35).

All hand signed and limited to 500 copies, each print is beautifully wrapped in a bigbluetube with a certificate of authenticity and delivered to your door, a must for all fans to have on the wall!

Contact the bigbluetube on 0151 709 4111 to order or for a catalogue, visit or email


For a large selection of Tottenham Photos both signed and unsigned and framed or unframed including both colour and B&W , players from the sixties through to the modern day also signed shirts and with all signed stock coming with a certificate of authenticity and members of the UACC. Please visit
Free game and newsletter on the site as well.
































MEHSTG Back Issues are available from
Some copies of the following editions are available :


Issue 4 (August 1990) - Fans view of 1972-79; Blanchflower Benefit game; Poll Results; Reserves; Haircuts; Spurs links with Gillingham; A - Z of the Filth; Swindon's demotion.
Issue 12 (January 1992) Arsenal Euro flop; 1991 AGM; Cup replays; Gazza; Who Spurs could have signed; Gazza's Lazio move; MEHSTG awards; Defending free-kicks; True Supporter; 91 FA Cup Final remembered.
Issue 15 (October 1992) Durie's Headbutt; Exports to Italy; Half-time entertainment; 1978-79 season; Satelitte TV coverage; Transfer funds; Coventry (Home)
Christmas Special (December 1992) Anderton; Ruddock; Spurs in South Africa 196 ; Durie's Headbutt; Waddle ;Videos; Spurs in the Press; Ipswich (Away); Gillingham (League Cup 1982 away); Wimbledon; Shreeves; Poll Results.
Issue 17 (March 1993) Nicknames; Footballers making records; ScreenSport Supercup; Barmby; Premier League; Gazza's Manners; Bobby Moore; Lazio & Slough.
Issue 19 (August 1993) Kits; True Faith; Boro & Arsenal (Away); Spurs v Arsenal at Tennis!!; Kirin Cup; Makita Cup and Fiorucci Tournament; Sugar; Ex-Spurs Return; Summer's comings and goings; Pre-season matches.
Issue 20 (October 1993) Foul Play; Poll Results; Sittingbourne v Spurs XI; Squad Size; Singing; Collectables; Venables; Ruddock; Numbers; 1987-88 season; British League.


Issue 1 (August 1998) World Cup 98; Season 1983-84 (Part 1); Safety on the pitch; Totenham's Transfer Tribulations; Pre-season Friendly Round-up.
Issue 2 (September 1998) MEHSTG's 10 Point Plan to Improve Football; Ginola; Who's the next Boss?; Len Doddle's World Cup Notebook; Christian Gross; Reserves v Colchester (away); Sticker collections; Alan Sugar; Ginola; Bendind the Rules; Season 1983-84 (Part 2)
Issue 3 (November 1998) George Graham - For and Against; TV Takeovers; Howells & Mabbutt; Create the Space; Noseclips; Nicknames; Crazy World of David Pleat; Season 1983-84 (Part 3)
Christmas Issue 4 (December 1998) Cheating; Cost of Loyalty; Footballing Religions; Shinpads; Crazy World of John Hartson; Tottenham Hotspur plc AGM; TV Overkill ?; season 1983-84 (Part 4).
Issue 5
Club colours; League Cup semi-finals of the past; refereeing; Listing from Tottenham Hotspur's own TV channel; half time entertainment; those who left the Lane; Mike England; George Graham and the Euro; season 1983-84 (Part 5).
Issue 6
Wimbledon,Wimbledon,Wimbledon; Who is Tottenham's best ever striker ?; Why support Spurs?; Play it again, Arsenal; Following Spurs from afar; Season 1983-84 (Part 6).
Issue 7
Wembley write-ups; Players on the way out; Italian sports journalism; Being a Steward; Johnny Metgod; The Carling Masters 6-a-side tournament.
Issue 8
Ramsey; Premier Preview; Mimms; FA Cup Opt-out; Football newspapers; 1999 FA Cup semi; Glory years; 98/99 reviewed.
Issue 9  An English Spurs fan In New York; Carling Optrex index; Richard gough; Customer Don't Care; Clive Allen; Arsenal's Anelka problem; The Drive-By Shooting of Tim Sherwood.
Issue 10  1995-96; Ian Moores; Players Wages; Chisinau away;  A Bucketful of Saccharine; Mickie Bowen's Soccer Skills; Focus on John Hartson; Spurs v Leicester City; Spurs Under-19's; Greaves - The Ultimate Predator.
Issue 11  Kaiserslautern Away; Peter Beadle; Arse Syndrome; Luciano Marangon; FA Premier League Hall of Fame; Why we hate - Martin Keown; Garth Crooks; Arsenal Home; Shareholder Value; Alexander Young.
Issue 12  Spurs all-time goalscorers; Peterborough youngsters join Spurs; Pat Jennings; George Graham - one year on; Pantomime special; Newcastle Cup defeat; The Ivermiss Files;  Shop Horror; Tottenham's 20th Century men; Barry Daines; Half Term Report.
Issue 13  Dissent; Young players in English football; Why we hate - David Beckham; Cheating; Hereford United away  FA Cup R3 1996;  Danny Blanchflower; Spurs Under-17's; Leeds Brawl; Spurs' bogey teams; Spurs v Forest 1983.
Issue 14  ScreenSport Super Cup; Player Abuse; Hartson Transfer collapse; Schoolboy errors; Steve Perryman; Mascots; Bribery in Italy; White Hart Lane Atmosphere;  Cliff Jones; Anderton; Spurs' transfer policy.
Issue 15  Why we hate - England; Mark Falco; Wyart Lane's Guide to the premier League 2000/1; Transfer fees; Mark Falco; Best and Worst; Goon Squad; Poll Results; Fans hit back; Bobby Smith; Sergei Rebrov; Spurs Handbook 1950-51; Player's summertime; GG - How's he doing ?
Issue 16  (September 2000)   Tony Galvin; THFC Football in the Community; Anderton and Sol - will they go ?; English football - Simply the Best ?; Ruel Fox; Spurs Hall of Fame; The Ballad of Willie K(orsten); GG - splits the fans; Arsenal players contract; Ray Clemence; Moaners; Pires - "Games too tough";  Maurice Norman; Nasty Premier players; Worst Tottenham XI; Betting on the year ending in '1'. 
Issue 17  (November 2000)  Player power; Reserve report; Eddie Baily; A Spoonful of Saccharine; 1985-86 season; Doing it in style; Footballers in the Olympics; Spurs 93 FA Cup Semi-final mascot; Graham's tenure so far; Conspiracy theories; Nicola Berti; State of the Game (Part 1);  Superstition; Spending money; Spurs on Match of the Day; What sort of players we need.
Issue 18  (January 2001)  Big Club or Sleeping Giant;  FA Youth Cup 3rd Round; Jose Dominguez; AGM 2000; Derby Matches; Dome Roamin' (from Greenwich to Tottenham);  Transitional seasons; 1901 FA Cup Final; Fan's Forum; Alfie Conn; State of the Game (Part 2); Bill Brown. 
Issue 19  (February 2001)   Wembley and Picketts Lock; Young Spurs; Gudni Bersson; Spending policy;  Tottenham Supporters Trust; Lost Boys (Youth players past); Knight Bill Nick; Injury and video evidence; Arsene Embarrassed; ENIC; League sponsorship; Sugar Night on TV; Terry Dyson; Reserve update; What the Hell is Going on at Tottenham Hotspur ?; The Chelsea Whine List; Who is THE RAT ??
Issue 20  (April 2001)  Graham Roberts; That's Stats - Goal Statistics (Part Two); By George, He's Gone !; My Darkest Secret (a supporter confesses); George Graham's Guide to Success; Transfer Deadline Day; Spurs on the Net; A good squad or a God squad ? (quality); Ron Henry; Management School (former Spurs who went on to be bosses); Panel Game (new FA innovations); Seeing Red;  Glenn Hoddle - Player, Manager; Dirty Laundry; George Graham - What did he ever do for us ? 
Issue 21  (August 2001)  The Leaving of S.Cumball ; That's Stats - Premier Lives; Alan Gilzean; Anderton's Contract conditions; Spurs shirts through the years; Bible Class - Spurs a Religion ??; Pre-season friendlies; S. Cumball Railways timetable; Arsenal's intervention with Spurs;  Wyart Lane's Premiership 2001-02 preview; Worthless contracts; Scum Wars - Episode Five - A New Hope; New squad - new season. 
Issue 22  (September 2001)  Why We Hate - TV Football Adverts; Three Lions and a Little Cockerel; Surveys; John White; Spurs fans on TV Quiz show; FA Cup Semi-final v Forest 1967; Spurs fans' songs; Will Spurs Pick The Lock (new ground); Fiorentina (Bill Nicholson's Testimonial); I'm Fed Up With Waiting; Jimmy Robertson.  
Issue 23  (November 2001)  Boo Who ?? (Freund's backlash); Injury curse; Peter Baker;  Youth Development; Soccer coaching courses; Steve Archibald; Under-19 latest; Steffen Freund; The Case for the Defence (Dean Richards); Man. United (home 31.1.1968); Steve Sedgley; Tickets - Ordering and touting; Willem Korsten's retirement; Frank Saul.
Issue 24  (December 2001)  Nicola Berti - Party Man; S.Cumball reaction; You know you are Rupert Lowe when ... ; Member, Season Ticket holder or Non-Member - the debate; Phil Beal; 2 Much 2 Young (young players); Spurs' penalty history; Under-17 latest; Paul Stewart; Why I Hate The Champions League; "It's Only A Game" ... No !! It's Not !!; Team Spirit; Dennis Bond; History Repeating (FA Cup ties).  
Issue 25  (February 2002)  Weakened teams; Why I Hate Referees; Les Allen; Striking Differences; Match Commentators; Singing with the Enemy; Quotes; Port Vale (away 1988); An Evening With Jimmy Greaves; Football & music; Pride & prejudice (Bowyer and Woodgate).
Issue 26
(April 2002)  League Cups past; The Unluckiest Team Ever ?; Booze Hounds; Knight Bill Nick; Fool-Backs; Joe Kinnear; Draw Fix ?; Why We Hate Graeme Le Saux; World Cup 2002 Guide; Youth Cup; Lowest of the (Rupert) Lowe; How the New Arsenal ground might look; John Duncan; Monsters Inc (Big clubs cash crisis); Why We Hate Crying fans.
Issue 27  (August 2002)  MEHSTG's Premier Predictions; Soccer's "Weakest Link" show; Fantasy Spurs Player sponsorship; Spurs' Bad Press; Dave Mackay; Spurs - A Big Club ?; Offside decisions;  Winter Break; Benfica - 40 years on; What a Myth (mythical footballers); Spurs XI away at Billericay; Transfer inactivity; Gica Popescu; You Are Da Boss; Spurs on Animal Farm; Chris Armstrong.
Issue 28  (September 2002)  David Pleat; Shares; Film 2002; David Jenkins; How Football Used to be; Autobiographies; Webcasts; Ossie Ardiles; Daniel Levy's Kung Fu adventure; The Transfer window; Oyvind Leonhardsen; Topping the table; Robbie Keane; What a Myth - Part 2; Tony Marchi..  
Issue 29  (November 2002)  Opta Stats; Oh, Mr. Songwriter (Crowd songs); Venables - Messiah or Pariah ?; Hoddle's media manipulation; John Chiedozie; Impossible comebacks; Crossing the ball; Arsene Wenger - The Seer; Hoddle - Faith, Blind faith or True belief; Cyril Knowles; Academy and new ground; The Spurpranos; Doing a Bosman.
Issue 30  (December 2002)  Fixture mix-up; Ian Moores; Mike England; Reserves latest; Hoddle and the Press; The A-Z of Spurs 2002; Eintracht Frankfurt (away - 1982); Stamping; Simon Davies; You Are The Ref; Archibald & Crooks; Moussa Saib; Bad weather watching; In the Bond Age; All Out of Luck 
Issue 31  (February 2003)  Steffen Freund; Transfer targets; Tic Tac Tactics; Following Spurs from Australia; Paolo Tramezzani; Football phone-in talk shows; Late night Spurs on TV; Singing with the Enemy (One year on); Allan Nielsen; Ground development/move; North London football; Terry Naylor.
Issue 32  (April 2003)  Klinsmann; Out Came the Leather Boots (Memories of an ex-Spur); Sack Hoddle; Home ground (move ??); Slabba; Worst Time to be a Spurs fan ?; John Lacy; Fantasy Sponsors; Divers; MEHSTG's relegation predictions; Hoddle as manager - Still The King of White Hart Lane ?; Transfer window inaction; Amortisation; Micky Hazard.
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