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may 29th

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1951 Combined Copenhagen XI (Denmark) Copenhagen Friendly 4 - 2
1957 Alberta All-Stars (Canada) Calgary Friendly 6 - 1
1966 Bologna (Italy) Jersey City Friendly 0 - 1
1968 Apoel (Cyprus) Nicosia Friendly 3 - 0
1974 Feyenoord (Holland) A UEFA Cup Final 2L 0 - 2
1979 Japan A Tokyo Friendly 2 - 0
1984 England XI H Keith Burkinshaw Testimonial 2 - 2
1985 Australia Soccer Federation Melbourne $200,000 Tournament 0 - 1


          Notable Dates

1974 The second leg of the UEFA Cup Final was notable for more than one reason.  It became the first final that Tottenham had ever lost in their history and also the hooliganism on the terraces made sure that it was a game that was not forgotten for a long time.

Chris McGrath had a goal disallowed, but the Feyenoord took the lead in the first half and added a second in the second half to take the UEFA Cup.  Spurs will remember the pleading that Bill Nicholson made to the Spurs fans to stop the trouble at half-time; a great man seeing the club he loved be destroyed by the drunken and mindless few.

Spurs received a UEFA ban from Europe for several years afterwards because of the trouble that night - the first real example of the "English disease" in Europe.  As the club was on the wane at the time, the ban didn't come into force until the 1981-82 season, the next time Spurs qualified for a competition and it had to be rescinded because of the time lapse between the two events.

Information gathered from "Spurs - A Day-To-Day Life" by Graham Betts, Spurs Handbooks, 
"Spurs - A Complete Record" and  "The Spurs Alphabet" both by Bob Goodwin and other sources.

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