steffen freund is a football genius


It is with much joy and excitement that I find my self writing to your website with the purpose of sharing my happiness with Spurs fans world wide.
The story began when a certain miserly Gooner brought in another hard working, 'no skill', not fit to wear the lilywhite and blue shirt player to our already flagging squad.  An ex-European Cup champion and a player who man marked Alan Shearer out of the Euro 96 semi final, Spurs fans may have been forgiven for expecting wonders from our newly acquired ex-German International.  However, Mr. Freund quickly established himself as a player 'not quite' in the same league as the likes of Sherwood, Leonhardsen and probably Saib, Rosenthal or Dozzell had they still been at the club.  Spurs had bought a player with the attacking prowess of a three legged Lion and a man who would struggle to pass wind, let alone a football.  As Graham parted company with London's most glamorous football club, obvious questions were raised about the future of the flagging German.  Spurs fans rejoiced in the fact that thanks to Gilles Grimandi we could not be branded with employing the worst player in the Premiership.  Unfortunately not even Watford seemed interested in receiving yet another hand-me down from their prestigious neighbours and a career in the reserves loomed large for Freund as surely no new manager would be so willing to accommodate such a player?
Enter the Messiah:
As Spurs legend Glenn Hoddle, a man famed for his passing football took control of North London's most famed giants, Ladbroke's offered 1000/1 on that Freund would never don the glorious shirt again.  However, after a few waves of his magic wand, Mr. Hoddle has transformed the once calamitous midfielder into a true Spurs legend.  Freund now has a role, a purpose in life and a family that loves him and his every move!  Sitting in front of the Spurs back three, Sir Freund keeps the ball moving (albeit sideways and backwards) and ably shepherds opponents into safety areas.  Not only can he do this... Oh No...Mr. Freund is also a comedy genius!   Under George Graham, Spurs fans were denied of the trickery that Maradona was once quoted as saying "Steffen does things I could never dream of".  Add such magical powers to the regular surging runs down the right hand side and the bone crunching tackles that are enforced week in week out and we have undeniably one of the greatest players the world has ever seen. 
Just a few questions need to be answered, perhaps other yids would like to comment?:
1.  Is Freund the most influential player in the Premiership?
2.  Is Freund the most ridiculous character in the Premiership?
3.  Will he dye his hair blue and white when we win the Double this season?
4.  What will his celebration be when he finally breaks his goal drought?
Move aside Keane and Vie*a....Steffen Freund's A Football Genius!!!


Rickyslim - Enfield Yid

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