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2006 - 2008            forward

FULL NAME :  Terry Noel Dixon

Born on 15th January 1990 in Archway, North London, England.


Height : -  1.8m  (6' 1")

Weight : -  76 kgs  (12st 0lb)

A young forward, who made early progress in being included in the Republic of Ireland squad by manager Steve Staunton at the age of 16 and was on the bench as a substitute against Chile in a friendly international in May 2006.  Indeed, Terry was awarded the Republic of Ireland's Under-17 Player of the Year 2006 trophy.

Born of an Irish mother from County Cavan and a father born in Wood Green, who allegedly played for both Arsenal and Spurs' junior teams at the age of 15, Terry was invited to play for local kids side Alexandra Palace by former Spurs player Garry Brooke, but at the age of eight, he was taken to Tottenham by Brooke, where Dixon worked his way through the junior teams at the club.

Had his first serious knee injury at the age of 14 and worked through his injury at the club, who nurtured him through his recovery.  A strapping young man at 16, who played 11 games in the Under-18 side in 2005-06 after joining the club as an Academy player on 1st July 2006 and was signed as a professional when he reached the age of 17 in January 2007.

In August 2006, he suffered a dislocated knee that wiped out that season for the youngster, but he returned to training before the end of the season with the hope that he would be ready for the 2007-08 campaign.  However, another dislocation of his knee cap in an Academy game in September 2007 set him back, just when Charlton Athletic wee considering a loan move for him. 

After extensive discussions with his family and all parties involved, Dixon was sadly released by Spurs in March 2008 with those injuries preventing him making the progress at the club that was hoping for the talented young striker, who had been compared to Wayne Rooney in terms of style and ability.

Some unaccredited comments, supposedly from the Dublin Evening Herald, would indicate that his contract may have been paid up at the end of February and with Dixon feeling that Spurs might have done better by him, he was mulling over the options of other clubs expressing an interest to see him through his rehabilitation that he hoped would see him play as a professional again.

In February 2009, after working with a Belgian knee specialist, Dixon signed a three year deal with West Ham United.  After featuring in eight reserve games, the striker had his contract cancelled by mutual consent in April 2010 and he next turned up playing for newly promoted League Two side Stevenage, with whom he played on non-contract terms initially.  however, with injuries still bugging him, Stevenage released him in January 2011, allowing him to join nearby non-league side Ware, staying until March, when he missed some training sessions and departed for Tooting & Mitcham. and then

There were rumours that he might join MLS side Colorado Rapids, but the August 2011 transfer window saw Dixon sign for Bradford City, but he was immediately loaned out to AFC Halifax.  On his return to the Bantams, having only played on reserve match and three youth matches, Terry asked to go on loan again and he was off South to Dover Athletic.  Enjoying his spell there, he did not wish to return and his loan move was made permanent in  2011. 

Suffered with depression and was drinking heavily and this lead to him dropping down the football pyramid, but was part of Dunstable Town's promotion winning team, before playing further down the ladder while working nights for a tunnelling company.

Career Record
Club Signed Fee Debut Apps Goals
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (Academy) July 2006 - 0 0
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR (professional) January 2007 - 0 0
West Ham United 11th February 2009 Free - 0 0
Stevenage 11th February 2009 Free - 1 0
Ware February 2011 Free - 2 0
Tooting & Mitcham March 2011 Free - 5 1
Bradford City 30th August 2011 Free - 0 0
AFC Halifax 31st August 2011 Loan - 4 1
Dover Athletic - Loan - 18 1
Dover Athletic December 2011 Free - 9 0
Hitchin Town 2013 Free - 6 3
Dunstable Town 2013 Free - 37 7
Berkhamsted 2014 Free - 2 0
Aylesbury 2014 Free - 24 1
Berkhamsted 2016 Free - 7 1
The 61 (Luton) 2018 Free - 4 0
Berkhamsted 2018 Free - 1 0
Tring Athletic 2019 Free - 12 3
Walthamstow FC 7th February 2020 Free - - -
- - - - - -

Republic of Ireland international
?? Under-21 caps; ?? goals
?? Youth caps; ?? goals


What they said about Terry Dixon
Steve Staunton (Republic of Ireland manager) ... on Dixon's call-up to the senior squad  12.05.2006 (BBC)

"He is a very talented boy with good ability and he is highly thought of at Spurs.  I feel he is a special talent and if he progresses nicely, we will see the benefits in a couple of years.  It will be good to take him along to the camp and show him what we are about. I said to Sean (McCaffrey) and Don (Givens) that I would like to reward at least one player for doing well and I have decided to bring him."

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What Terry Dixon said about ...
... his call-up to the senior squad ... 12.05.2006 (BBC)

"I was called on Monday with the news and I was absolutely over the moon.  It is a big step up and I did not expect it, but I will go there and enjoy it.  I met Steve Staunton at the European Championships and he told me well done, but I did not expect this.

I am sure it will be a great experience - just training with the squad will be unbelievable. It will give me confident going into next season and I will be able to take tips off the likes of Robbie (Keane), that will be fantastic."

... on his release from THFC ...  .03.2008 (Irish newspaper)

"People knew that I'd had injury problems for the last while. People within football knew that I had left Tottenham so word got around that I had finished, I had retired, but that's not the case.  There are no guarantees and I have a bit of a way to go, but I do hope that I will be able to play football again. At what level, and with any success, I don't know, no one knows that now. I had a real high in my career, in my life, when I was in the Ireland squad and on the bench for a game at Lansdowne Road. If that was the high, this is the real low at the moment, leaving Tottenham. But I do have a real hope that I will be able to play football, at least earn a living from football and see where it takes me after that.

I went to see a specialist a while back and he gave me a bit of hope, he said it's possible that I can play again and be a professional. At this stage it's only a possible and there are no guarantees, but I am strong in my own mind and I am determined to get back playing again.  I am finished with Spurs now, but I have had clubs in touch with me. A couple of teams have said they want me to come there so I can do my rehab and get back training. If I get my fitness up and can show them that I'm able to play without any problems, then I will have a chance of signing. I will see how I am feeling in the next few weeks but I hope to be able to go to a club soon enough and start doing some more work.

At the moment I can do some jogging and some work with leg weights, I have done a bit of passing and some ball work so that was good for me, to work with a ball again. There's a long road ahead of me and if I do get back, it will be next season. Spurs paid up my contract. They said that they couldn't take any more chances on me and my fitness, they said that they didn't see it happening for me there. It was hard to leave, I had been there for ten years and to be honest I'd hoped they would treat me better.

There are clubs interested in me and that's a boost for me. I have a good family and friends around me but it's good to know that people in football are also interested and want to sign me. I will try and get fit and give it a go with some club. This could be my last chance, so I have no reason not to try.

I haven't achieved anything in football really, I haven't played a club game and I haven't played for Ireland, I want to do both of them so hopefully the knee can clear up, I can get fit and achieve my goals. If I can't play again and if I have to quit, at least I know that I tried, and I will do something else. I have been doing coaching courses and I want to stay in the game so I'll see what the future holds for me."

on his injury issues as a youngster ...  08.02.2020 (football.london)

"It was wear and tear under my kneecap. They were quite worried about it. It was from playing so much football from such a young age.  I was playing football at school, after school. Even before school while I was waiting for my mate to get ready I was playing football up and down the street on the concrete, hard concrete.  It was non-stop football. I had a ball at my feet at all times. It was wear and tear and I don't think I was born with great knees to be honest."

"I had near enough two years out from that point. It was only keyhole surgery that I had at 14 but they said they wanted to see how my body developed, how it grew and how my bones grew just to see how it happened. They were very worried about it.
You go from playing every minute of the day to watching out of the physio room window at everyone else playing football. It's just horrible. It's the worst thing in the world."

"I was only allowed to train about three times a week because of my knee. I'd go in around two hours earlier to do leg and power work even before I was ready to go out and train.  They would just throw me in (to training with the first team squad) and it was such a good experience.  Martin Jol would talk to me and he wouldn't mollycoddle you. He was geeing you up. When you were running, he would be shouting at you 'come on, come on'. He wanted the best for you."

"I was playing with stars like Robbie Keane and Ledley King, who was class. It was a good bunch.  I used to clean Keano's boots at Spurs Lodge when I was a YTS boy, then one day I was in the gym with the fitness coach Nathan Gardiner doing my knee exercises and Keano suddenly walked in and gave me 300 cash for cleaning his boots.  I was buzzing. I was only on 90 a week through YTS. It was just before Christmas as well. I was made up. He's a legend."

"Edgar (Davids) used to come down to us at the U18s. When he finished training with the first team he would come down and join in with us. He would train just as hard as he would with the first team. He would make sure that it wasn't any different. He would train full-on, and I mean full-on, and that's why he was one of the best."

about the knee injury itself ...  08.02.2020 (football.london)

"It was just about wear and tear. It would swell up and you'd feel all the crackling under the kneecap where there was a bit of cartilage floating about in there. They'd go in and clean it up and I'd be fine.

"A ball came in (playing in an U18s match against Norwich).  I'd dropped deep to come and get it, I flicked it off with the outside of my right foot out to the winger.  The guy was so late coming in, that by the time I had my right leg standing, he's come straight into the side of me.  So my leg has gone inwards and my kneecap has gone on the outside, it was facing the outside of my leg. It had snapped everything, all the ligaments. Everything you can think of in there, I snapped it. It was the worst pain I'd ever had in my life."

on the recurrence of his knee injury ...  08.02.2020 (football.london)

"I was out for almost exactly year to the day. I did my knee on September 8 and then on September 9 I came back and was playing against West Ham in my third academy match back.  I was running down the line and crossed the ball for a goal and my right boot got stuck in the ground a bit. My kneecap subluxed again. It didn't fully come out this time but it was just sat on the edge.  It had happened again. I certainly never wanted to play in September ever again. It's not a good month for me."

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