The Home Dug-out

The area where the manager, coach, physio, kit man, substitutes 
and subbed players sit.
The strange thing about the two dugouts at Tottenham is that there 
is a bit of psychology involved in their placement.  The home dug-out provides 
a perfect view of the pitch, but the away bench is somewhat lower and to 
get a decent view of the match, you have to stand up.  Oooh, that's nasty !!
They are neither very tall, so you have to be careful if you jump up to 
celebrate a goal - you might knock yourself out !!

Situated behind the home dug-out are the press seats, where newspaper and 
radio reporters do their work during the match. (In the bottom right corner 
of the photo, you can just see the tip up tables for the reporters to lean on).

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