The Sky Blues have established themselves right up there with Houdini as one of the great escape artists of the 20th Century. 

They are the last minute champions of getting out of relegation trouble having disentangled themselves from the drop on the last day on more occasions than any other side.

But it wasnít always like that. Back in 1883 the club was formed by the men in the choir at a factory in the town and they adopted the name of "Singers FC". Five years later the song faded and they became Coventry City FC, moving into Highfield Road the next year. By 1908, they were in the Southern League and were playing in blue and white quarters and two years later used the excuse of long walks and brine baths for losing in the FA Cup to Forest. It was then that the club went for a No-Briner in future training sessions. It was in 1919 that they were elected into Division Two and their first home game was a resounding 0-5 defeat at the hands of Spurs. That season they took 19 games before they won and used 42 players to do it !!

The first success for the club came in 1934, when they were runners-up in Div. 3 (South), a league they won two years after. Then World War Two came and Hitler got three bombs to hit the Cov pitch fair and square. The stands were untouched, but Jimmy Hill would see to that when he became manager in the 1960ís. He had a Sky Blue dream and everything had to conform. Sky Blue kit was adopted, Sky Blue trains were provided for away travel (although this wasnít always necessary as they started the trend to beam back games to their home ground in 1965), Sky Blue Social Club, Sky Blue Pink, Sky Blue Radio, Sky Blue stand. It went on. Hill also adapted the "Eton Boating Song" to become the clubís anthem

"Letís all sing together, Play up Sky Blues,
While we sing together, We can never choose,
Tottenham or Chelsea, United or anyone,
Who will defeat us, weíll lose after minute one."

Having escaped from Div. 4 in 1959, the 60ís was the most successful era for the club and they won the 1964 Div. 3 championship by 0.175 of a goal (the usual margin they stay up by) and in 1967 the Div. 2 title. Then there was a fire in the main stand which melted the trophy and was made into a set of spoons for the Directorís Room.

The team even earned a European place in the Fairs Cup in 1970, beating Bayern Munich at home, but losing 7-3 on aggregate. The players earned fleeting fame for the Donkey kick perpetrated by Willie Carr and Ernie Hunt in a match against Everton in the 70ís. Carr held the ball at a free kick between his ankles and flicked the ball up for Hunt to volley home. The goal was allowed, but the FA ruled against itís use again as it was deemed to be touching the ball twice (?). It was named in honour of Jeff Blockley - their immobile centre-half. The ground took shape with an electronic scoreboard to flash up the latest scores from other relegation battles and it became the first drive-in stadium in the country when cars were allowed to park behind the goals. It was 1981 before it became the first all-seater ground in England, a move encouraged by the fans because they didnít have too much reason to jump up.

In the 80ís Coventry got to the League Cup semi-final before winning the FA Cup in 1987 as under-dogs. In 1977, they played eight consecutive away games and in 1979 played different keepers in three consecutive matches - none of whom conceded a goal. In 1995, Peter Ndlovu scored a hat-trick at Liverpool and became the first away player to do so for 33 years. Unfortunately he still didnít finish on the winning side !! 

The last gaps ran out in 2001, when the Sky Blues finally succumbed to the trap door and fell into Division One, where, with promises of a new stadium and some crippling debts, the club has struggled to get back near promotion to the top flight.

FAMOUS PLAYERS : - Brian Kilcline, Norman Decline, Bill Glazier, Harry Plumber, David Speedie, Reg Matthews, Matthew Crawl, Roger Rees, Dietmar Bruck.

FAMOUS FANS :- Eddie Jordan (Formula One motor racing owner), David Moorcroft (Athletics chief), Richard Keys (Sky Sports football presenter), Paul King (MTV Presenter formerly lead singer of King), Vince Hill (60ís singer), Geoffrey Robinson MP, Jon Gaunt (Right wing radio shock jock), Brian McFadden (Singer - formerly of Westlife).


Club Records 

Formed 1883
Turned Professional 1893
Became a Limited Company 1907
Former names 1883-98 = Singers FC
Former grounds Binley Road  1883-87
Stoke Road   1887-99
Nickname "The SKY BLUES"
Club Colours HOME : Shirts -Sky blue and dark blue pinstripes with dark blue arms and collar
Shorts - Dark blue
Socks - Sky blue with dark blue turnover

AWAY :  Shirts - White with red central stripe and red trim
Shorts - Red
Socks - White and red vertical halves

Record Premier League Win 5-0  v  Blackburn Rovers
Home       9.12.1995
Record Premier League Defeat 0-5  v  Manchester United
Away      28.12.1992
0-5  v  West Ham United      Away      22.4.2000
Record Football League Win 9-0  v Bristol City
Div. 3S       28.4.1934
Record Football League Defeat 2-10 v   Norwich City
Div. 3S       15.3.1930
Record Cup Win 7-0  Scunthorpe United
FAC R1      24.11.1934
Record Fee Paid £6.5 million to Norwich City for Craig BELLAMY  (August 2000)
Record Fee Received £13 million from Inter Milan for Robbie KEANE (July 2000)
Record Football League Appearances 507 -  Steve OGRIZOVIC  (1984-2000)
Record Premier League Appearances 191 -  Steve OGRIZOVIC  (1992-2000)
Record Premier League goalscorer 62 -  Dion DUBLIN (1992-98)
Record goalscorer in a Premier League season 18 - Dion DUBLIN (1997-98)
Record goalscorer in a League season 49 - Clarrie BOURTON (1931-32)  Div 3 (S)
Record all-time goalscorer 171 -  Clarrie BOURTON (1931-37)
Most goals in a match 5  -  Clarrie BOURTON  v  Bournemouth  Division 3 (South)  17.10.1931
5  -  Arthur BACON  v  Gillingham  Division 3 (South)  30.9.1933
Record Home Attendance (all-time) 51,455 v  Wolverhampton Wanderers
Div. 2        29.4.1967
Record Premier League Attendance 24,410  v  Manchester United 12.4.1993
Record match receipts £375,510   v  Sheffield United   FAC R6   7.3.1998
Record total of goals in a Premier League season 62  -  1992-93,  42 games
Record Premier League points total 56  -  1993-94,  42 games
Record total of goals in a League season 108  -  1931-32, Div 3 (S)
Record League points total 3 points for a win : 63  -  Division 1  1986-87

2 points for a win : 60  -  Division 4  1958-59  and
Division 3  1963-64

Most Capped player while at club Peter NDLOVU  26  (Zimbabwe)

Stadium details 

Address : Highfield Road Stadium, King Richard Street, Coventry CV2 4FW

Telephone : 01203 7623 4000
01203 76 234020  (Ticket Office)
01203 76 234023  (Ticket Office Fax)
  01203 578000 (Credit Card Bookings)
09068 121166 (News)
  Fax : 01203 234099

Capacity : 23,611
Pitch size :  110 yards  x 75 yards

Official website : 
Unofficial website : Let's All Sing Together


Peeping Tom
Twist and Shout
Gary Mabbutt's Knee


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