The Cestrians, as they are always known, were formed in 1884 when the players of Chester Rovers and King’s School Old Boys joined together to form a new team. It was a long wait for anything of note to happen and in 1931, the club was elected to Division Three (North). In one season around this time. they took their league by storm and scored 170 goals, of which 73 were by schoolteacher Arthur Gale. We are not sure if he was a Head master.

In 1958, the club were elected into the Fourth Division, but have always been in and around the bottom two divisions. Their best finish being in 1935-6 when they were Div. 3(N) runners-up. The only reason they failed to go further was a third minute broken knee for Frank Cresswell, who had been a major factor in them scoring over 100 goals that season. It was a crippling blow to the club’s ambitions. Tragedy seems to strike the players when least needed. On New Years Day 1966, both Bryn Jones and Ray Jones (no relation), the two Chester full-backs, broke their legs in the same game.

The halcyon days for Chester were the sixties when Gary Talbot scored three goals in three minutes against Crewe Alexandra in a 1964 FA Cup tie and the following season when four players each scored more than 20 goals. The production of players who have gone on to greater things began then too, with Ron Davies proceeding to play for Southampton and Wales. He was followed by Ian Rush, whose rapid run of success started as a 17 year old and after scoring 14 goals in 34 games dashed off to Liverpool for £300,000.

The club had been known as The Seals for some time, originating from the wax attachments to the scrolls at the King’s School. Originally, showing off their skills at the Old Showground, in 1904 they moved onto Whipcord Lane, where the rain used to lash down. In 1990, the club moved away from their home at Sealand Road to Bumpers Lane and the new Deva Stadium, which straddles the English/Welsh border, causing all nature of confusion about nationality and Welsh deva-lution. The club had won three Welsh Cups in 1908, 1933 and 1947, but were ruled out of entering anymore, which is a bit strange when you consider that half their ground is in that Principality. Chester also won the Debenhams Cup in 1977, but this appears to be something that was left over after the January sales and not a trophy after all.

The League Cup provided some excitement for the City fans in 1975, when they reached the semi-finals, but the last few seasons have been pretty grim for the club as battles to stay solvent have plagued them. Terry Smith, an American grid-iron player has taken control of the club and has just relinquished management of the team, but they seek stability to establish themselves as a going concern.  Have been perilously close to the bottom of the Third Division all season, they had a brief revival under new manager Ian Atkins, but they dropped out of the League on the last day of the season on goal difference (by just two goals).

Since then American football chairman Terry Smith has presided over some unhappy times and fans have had to take action to try and restore some sanity to the set-up.

They would give a great amount for their records of seasons 1995/6 and 96/7, when they ended up with identical results of Won 18, Drawn 16, Lost 12 Points 70. The feat was even more amazing as they played the same players in each corresponding game in each of the seasons too.

Under the management of former Liverpool and England defender Mark Wright, the club regained their League status by winning the 2003-04 Conference title, but on the eve of their return to League Two (as it is now known), the boss and his assistant resigned for non-footballing reasons.  It's never a dull moment with Chester City !!  Especially when former player Ian Rush was appointed as the new boss.

FAMOUS PLAYERS : - Ray Gill, Dick Yates, Barry Quart, Bill Lewis, Ian Rush, Harry Dawdle, Arthur Gale, Matt Tempest.

FAMOUS FANS : - Hugh Lloyd (Comedian/Actor), Lucy Meacock (Granada Television News Report presenter)


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Full results history of Spurs v Chester City (Spurs score first)

Date Venue Competition Score Spurs Scorers Attendance
4.10.1995 A League Cup R2 2L 3 - 1 Sheringham 2, Howells 5,372
20.9.1995 H League Cup R2 1L 4 - 0 Rosenthal, Sheringham, Armstrong 2 17,645

Breakdown by competition

Second  Division :

  Played Won Drawn Lost For Against
Home 0 0 0 0 0 0
Away 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 0 0 0 0 0 0

FA Cup :

  Played Won Drawn Lost For Against
Home 0 0 0 0 0 0
Away 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 0 0 0 0 0 0

League Cup :

  Played Won Drawn Lost For Against
Home 1 1 0 0 4 0
Away 1 1 0 0 3 1
Total 2 2 0 0 7 1


Transfers from Tottenham to Chester City

Name Date Fee
Harry SKITT July 1931  
Edwin HEROD July 1931  


Transfers from Chester City to Tottenham

Name Date Fee
Foster HEDLEY September 1933  



Spurs v Chester City Match Reports


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