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Ronnie Dix Started in the Rovers team as a 15 year old in 1927-28 and later joined Spurs in 1939, until he left for Reading in 1947-48.
Gary Mabbutt -

debuts against bristol rovers

John Barlow 21.10.1901
Colin Lee 22.10.1977
Chris Carrick 25.09.1905
John Shackleton 25.09.1905
James Gray 16.10.1907


last game for the club - played against bristol rovers

Frank Berry 22.04.1901
John Burton 29.04.1905
David Copeland 29.04.1905
John Kirwan 29.04.1905
William McCurdy 29.04.1905
Chris Carrick 19.03.1906
Peter Kyle 19.03.1906
Alf Whyman 21.03.1908


first goal for the club - scored against bristol rovers

Leon Hyde 24.02.1900
John George 29.04.1905
Wally Eames 08.09.1906
Arthur Pickett 05.01.1907
Colin Lee 22.10.1977


last goal for the club - scored against bristol rovers

John George 29.04.1905
Alex "Sandy" Tait 14.10.1905
Ian Moores 22.10.1977
Neil McNab 18.03.1978





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