spurs v bradford city notes


debuts against bradford city

Alex Steel 29.10.1910
John Pearson 12.09.1914
Jimmy Smailes 14.03.1931
Joe Allen 08.04.1933


last game for the club - against bradford city

Alex Steel 29.01.1910
Tom Mason 27.04.1912
John Curtis 26.04.1913
Jimmy Smy 08.11.1930
Joe Allen 08.04.1933
Ernie Phypers 10.03.1937
Ramon Vega 09.12.2000


first goal scored for the club - scored against bradford city

Jimmy Smailes 14.03.1931
Walter "Darkie" Tull 18.09.1909
Joe Allen 08.04.1933
Ralph Ward 31.10.1936


last goal scored for the club - scored against bradford city

Vivian Woodward 24.04.1909
Willie Evans 19.09.1936



29.01.1910 Only occasion that all three Steel brothers played for Spurs in the same team.
30.10.1990 Tottenham's 75th tie in the League Cup competition.
16.04.1921 Tottenham's 100th League home win.


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