almost there - wyart lane sees the new ground almost ready



Nearly six months after my last visit to White Hart Lane great strides have been made in the completion of the ground which is nearly finished.

With the test events just a week and a bit away, I visited the ground to see how much it has come on since October and despite one of the workers letting me know that he will be on site until December, the stadium looks nearly there.  There are some obvious bits of finishing off that need doing (the floor inside the main entrance door is not complete and some landscape planting around the stadium needs to be done, but the main structure looks pretty sound from outside.  We will just have to hope that the turnstiles work inside !

On a sunny morning, the ground looks stunning.  It's panels on the wrap around the structure giving it a modern and stylish look, with the incorporation of the Spurs logo around the site making the identification with the club clear and not too obtrusive.  On Friday (15.03.2019) when I visited, it was very windy and the wind was producing a high pitched whistle as it blew through the cladding panels making the site an eerie place with few people about.  The number of workers was much reduced from six months ago, when the High Road was a bustling hi-viz workplace.  Now the area is opened up with a wide pavement outside the ground on the West side, there is a feeling of more space and the there are clear views of stadium that does still look a bit out of place against the other side of the road, but the incorporation of Warmington House (which will house the Spurs Museum) has been tastefully incorporated into the design. 

Visiting during the day, the stadium looked fantastic, but at night, it might look even better with the LED lighting colouring the wrap.  Some of the lights were on inside the ground, visible through the gaps that allowed a view of the roof.  There were also evacuation announcements being made inside the stadium, as the test continue and there were plenty of security and stewards around the ground to help and advise visitors, along with matrix signs advising on where entrances were and about the bag policy.  Workers were cleaning the windows inside the South Stand with the rake of the seating clearly visible to display the huge bank of seating that will provide our big stand behind the Park Lane goal.  The Park Lane Square area was not open and some of the entrance points were still being worked on, but staircases were open outside the ground and there appears to be more space around the ground than previously.

Works will continue after we have moved back into White Hart Lane and some houses in Worcester Avenue are boarded and rumoured to be ready for demolition to make way for a car park.  Further afield, there are improvements to aid the removal of 62,062 fans from the stadium on match-days and that is the only worry for the early days in the new White Hart Lane.  Hopefully, the other agencies will be able to do their bit (like having trains serving the stations around the ground on days when it is in use).

Minor works will improve things around the stadium even more, but, although the main project has been a bit longer coming to fruition, it is almost there.  I just can't wait to see inside now !


Here are few pictures from around the stadium taken on the day.


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