We Put Your Questions To Spurs' 4m New Boy

Yesterday we asked you to e-mail us with your burning questions for Tottenham defender Chris Perry. Some of you took the radical step of making your queries football related while others were more interested in his views on the Spice Girls and sheep eyeballs. Perry's answers to all your questions, both serious and sublime, are included below for your perusal.

Was George Graham's reputation for creating rock solid defences a factor in your decision to quit Wimbledon for Spurs? (365 reader Frank Matheson)
"The fact that George was here was a big factor in my decision. With his reputation for bringing on defenders like he did with Tony Adams and Martin Keown at Arsenal and what he achieved at the back with Leeds, I took it as a
big compliment that he wanted to sign me. I came here thinking it's only going to help me develop as a player. I've learnt a lot of new tricks from George and I think I've already become a better player."

Is Graham as fierce as all the newspapers make him out to be or is he just a big softie at heart? (365 reader Nancy Tyler).
"Yes, he can be. He wasn't too happy with us after Sunday's game against Leicester and that's the first time I've seen him go into one since I joined the club. It's not something you'd want to have to be on the end of every day. But it's good in a way because you know where you are with him. He doesn't always shout and I have actually seen him looking quite happy a couple of times!"

Do you fancy Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher as much as the rest of us?  (365 reader Kieron Cay)
"She's alright." (Diplomatic Chris at this point informs 365 that he only got married four months ago and doesn't fancy a divorce just yet - Ed)

Do you hate Arsenal yet? (365 reader Sean Steele)
"I'm not from North London so I'm not really into all that. I hate Crystal Palace."

Did you leave Wimbledon because you thought you'd never get a chance at international level unless you moved to a higher profile club? (365 reader Paul Mulvenney)
"It's difficult when you're at a club like Wimbledon because they are unfashionable and don't get the recognition they perhaps deserve. They don't play the style of football that's played at international level and that's always going to make it difficult to get noticed and it can work against the players. I think players like Carl Cort and Jason Euell should be looking to play for England in the future but whether they'll get the chance is another thing."

What are Spurs aiming to achieve this season? (365 reader Andrew Williams)
"Realistically we should be aiming for top six. If we can get Sol Campbell, Darren Anderton and Les Ferdinand fit and back into the side then we should be looking to get back into Europe through the league and maybe winning one of the cups."

Is it always beers and nightclubs after a game or a cup of horlicks and an early night? (365 reader Adam Gaze)
"Most of the time we've been playing on Sundays because of the UEFA Cup, so it's been straight back home to the missus. I don't get that much chance to go out after the game and with the number of games we are playing this
season at home and in Europe, it's important to get some rest in when you can."

If you were having a dinner party, which of the Spice Girls would be first on your guest list? (365 reader Rob Talbot)
"None of them! No girls, just the boys. I'd get the wife cook a meal and have all my mates around."

Your nickname from your Wimbledon days is 'Rash'. Are you allergic to anything? (365 reader Chris Lowe)

How did the Republican stadium in Moldova for the UEFA Cup game against FC Zimbru compare to playing at Plough Lane? (365 reader Terry Burrows)
"It was much, much worse than Plough Lane. The changing rooms weren't the best and there was a tiny dribble from the showers afterwards. I've definitely been to better places but you just have to accept it as part of the experience of playing in Europe because you can't play in the Nou Camp or Bernebeu every week."

Were you disappointed not to get a call-up for Kevin Keegan's England squad to play Belgium on Sunday? (365 reader Sonny Mahil)
"No. There have been times in the past when the papers have linked my name with the England squad but I try not to worry about it. I definitely don't look at the England squad and think: 'I should be in there'. I'd love to be involved but that's Kevin Keegan's decision, not mine."

You've scored twice already this season. Do you fancy playing up front and solving Spurs' striker crisis? (365 reader Clare Hignett)
"Two goals a season is my limit and I've already got them so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Five for the season would be fantastic but I'd rather leave it to the strikers. I only score because teams think I'm too short and they don't mark me properly at set-pieces!"

Are you looking forward to the North London derby? (365 reader Jez Pearson)
"Yes. I want to see if it's any different from other derbies that I've played in before. I think it'll be an experience I'll savour, to be honest. I like the idea of two teams disliking each other and playing with a lot of passion because that suits my game."

How do you rate the two young Spurs defenders, Ledley King and Alton Thelwell? (365 reader Phil Kelly)
"I haven't seen a lot of Alton Thelwell because he's been with the reserves. Ledley has been training with the first team for a long time now and I played with him in a couple of pre-season friendlies and he's coming on really, really well. He's getting better every week."

You played in the 1-1 draw against Bradford. Do you think the Bantams can stay up? (365 reader Cribby)
"It's obviously going to be very hard for them. I think they can but they need to find more goals from somewhere. If they can find a striker who can score 10-15 goals this season they'll have a chance but at the moment they are struggling. Draws won't be enough for them if they can't win a few more
matches and that means scoring goals."

Do you prefer playing against the big old-fashioned type of striker or the little, continental-style forward? (365 reader Peter Harmon)
"It depends what style of play the opposition are playing. If they're knocking high balls into the box all afternoon, the last person you want to see is 6-foot-6 striker closing in on you but, more often than not, it's the little strikers that give you problems."

Who is your favourite Spurs' teammate and why? (365 reader Rune Henden)
"Probably Steffen Iversen. He's a nice bloke and a good laugh but he's also so stupid!"

Can Spurs win the Premiership within the next five years? (365 reader Jesper  Schwartz)
"Difficult to say. It all depends on who stays at the club and who the manager brings in. If we can strengthen the squad and not lose anyone, then yes. Obviously there's been a lot of speculation about Sol and Darren coming to the end of their contracts but, if we can hold onto them, you never know. We probably need a striker who can get 20-goals plus a season for us."

Did you ever have to eat sheep's eyeballs with Sam Hammam if Wimbledon got beat by five or more goals? I heard that was the punishment if you got stuffed! (365 reader Kris B)
"It was part of the bonus contract that you had to go down to some Lebanese restaurant but it never happened to me, so I didn't actually get to eat sheep's eyes. I was really disappointed because I quite fancied trying them!"

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